Now, that we’ve discovered more about how our charts fit us and secondly, how we can especially self-develop ourselves through our charts, in this Section we’re going to discuss how we can apply this great knowledge and wisdom, to literally all aspects of life. I’ve divided all aspects of life into 7 Main areas.

Family Life

These include family life which consists of the inherent, special relationship between the father and mother. It also includes how to do great parenting as well as child rearing. In many ways the most important time of life is before school when all of our family members are affecting us the most.

Therefore, first we’ll talk about what parents can do to be the ‘best’ parents imaginable. Then, we’ll talk about what they can do to help their children discover who they are and what their literal purpose in life is. Parents already know that part of their primary goal is to help their children discover who they are and especially what their strengths or weaknesses are.

Purpose of Education

Then, after a few short years most people find themselves in public education. So, it’s equally as important to discover how Astrology can help us all take maximum advantage of this time as well. All teachers should know just enough Astrology, that they too, can quickly understand what their student’s human situations are all about. Education of course is also supposed to be about preparing us for a very successful and fulfilling adult life.

Now, that we know how to deeply ‘read’ what each person’s individual life purpose is all about, people in the educational field will be able to take this great knowledge and develop the educational experience so that all receive the best knowledge and wisdom that they need to get ready.


Some individuals have important health concerns and weaknesses that are an extremely important part of their ‘life-upbringing’ as well. Though everyone too should take important classes on how to create profound and vital good health. The ‘key’ to good health, however, is different for each person’s chart. Some can work harder than others. Some need much more rest than others. There are a number of extremely important health configurations that will be vital for each person to know about themselves.

Career Success

One we discover what our lives are supposed to be about, and especially what our internal strengths and weaknesses are, each person too will have a life in career that is meant to be very satisfying and rewarding. The word “Life purpose” or Dharma often comes to mind when people have their charts ‘read’. Always people ask: “What is my ideal career?” Most people know that they’re supposed to have a very positive experience at work.

How many millions and even billions of people go through meaningless days and years at work, not really living ‘that’ career life that they were born to live. In side our charts is the most clear and wonderful description of our best and most ideal career and occupation. Though many admit that for most, the careers that we will be involved with have not even been created yet!

But, if we first come to understand the general strokes of our ideal career life than we will be much more likely to either recognize it when it does appear or how we can literally create that by ourselves. It is so satisfying and so fulfilling to do that which you were born to do!

Making Money

Another very important part of our lives is making a sufficient amount of money to live, progress and accomplish our life goals. In Astrology, the areas of the chart that are concerned with making money are different than career, health or education. We therefore need to understand those particulars that are in our charts especially related to making plenty of money.

Relationships & Marriage

Most people focus on relationships and especially romantic relations, and including marriage very early. But, it would be much more ideal to first discover who we are and then, knowing what we’re supposed to be doing in this life, it will be more clear what type of person will fit that life.

In our Astrology one can see how successful one is in oneself. One can also see how much skill one has with any and all relationships. Strangers are a type of relationship. All our friends and family members too represent relationships. Obviously, inter-personal and romantic relations is a type of relationship as well. Once we know who we are then we can focus on how to work well with all relationships.

Becoming especially competent in our most intimate types of relations is an extremely important aspect of our Astrology as well. There are two main aspects to success in relationships. Number one is Compatibility. The second is Skill. Some people spontaneous find themselves with compatible people only to suffer due to a lack of relationship skill.

Some people may be adequate in skill only to suffer because they don’t know how to attract the right type of person for themselves. How much struggle and grief could be avoided in life if we could understand better how to be more successful in this all-important area of relationships.

Spiritual Accomplishments

Once we’ve grown up with a great early life experience with our families, and had the best possible educational preparation for our life and learned especially how to develop good health and move toward that type of work that we were born to live, and even live with better types of partners, our lives will finally turn to the area of spirituality.

Though for some spiritual issues, concerns and ponderings come early and dominate even many of the early stages of life, for all discovering how to be more successful in this highest aspect of life, too, is extremely satisfying.

Inside our charts is a complete description of the spiritual life. We can see right away how spiritual each person is starting out. We can also see the specific and precise hurdles or obstacles to the spiritual life that each person will be facing. We can even discover the exact times in life when these issues will tend to manifest.

We can also discover the exact and most ideal path of spirituality that we’re each on. In every way, all aspects of Spirituality can be found in our charts as well. Discovering the spiritual components of our Astrology will give us great help in fulfilling any and all of our spiritual goals, in life.


Every single aspect of our lives can easily and effortlessly be found in some or another aspect of our Astrology. How easy or difficult that area will be, and especially what we need to take more advantage of these ‘classic’ times, too are all right there in our star’s stories as well.

Though we can say that the ultimate, real purpose of life is our soul growth or development, in truth, all will find themselves at some point going through all these particulars of each of these main areas of the life.

Learning then, how to take maximum advantage of each stage of life will totally transform our experiences from frustrating, and disappointing to ever increasing experiences of ease, joy and spontaneous fulfillment.