Some have said that “the purpose of life is to grow.” Certainly human self- development plays an all-important, pivotal role in everything that we do and seek to accomplish in life. Astrology not only is able to describe where we’re ‘at’ coming to this earth, how strong and well-developed each and every aspect of our human personalities are at. Astrology also contains a rather profound and complete understanding as to how we can self-improve.

We first learn how the planets describe how well developed we are in all the various aspects of our individual lives. The Sun represents our self-confidence while the Moon represents our emotional maturity and intuitive self-development. But, the exact Planetary Configurations in our chart, describe exactly where we now, came in to improve, get stronger and self-develop!

Our charts then are literally a technology of our human self-development.

The key to all success in life depends on having strong, well-developed, virile, bright and evolved interior planets. Those who were born with the most positive and healthy functioning planets automatically are the most successful and happy. For the rest of us, it’s crucial then that we learn how to self-develop our weaker or less developed planets. If we don’t do this than problems, difficulties and frustrations in life will continue.

However if we do spend a few minutes each day on our interior, planetary, self-growth then this will have the most profound influence of literally, every aspect of our lives. Whether we want to be more successful at work, on within our family life, improve our health or even make more money, the key is that we have strong and powerful planets within.

Especially if our primary goal is self-development, Astrology can be the most amazing self-improvement tool and technology for our subjective, consciousness growth and self-actualization.

Holistic & Specific Techniques

There are two types of techniques of self-development that are possible for all individuals. Number One are those types of technologies or strategies which can be called Holistic in nature. These are things we can do, that will literally influence and benefit our complete personality and as a result each and every one of our interior planets.

Then, there are those Specific techniques that can be practiced for literally self-improving each one of our interior planets. On this page we’re going to discuss the Philosophy of Self-Development in these Holistic & Specific terms. Then, in other pages you can read more about these various kinds of Holistic and Specific techniques.

We wake up every day and we find ourselves spontaneously living our present level of human development. Some say that human beings use only 5-10% of their full potential. That means that 90-95% of our full potential is there waiting for us to unfold. How we each experience that 5-10% of our human development depends on our planets.

Astrology has long known how to classify and identify which of our planets are well-developed and which ones are needing more self-improvement. We’ve already discussed how to become aware of which ones are strong and which ones needing self-development. Now, we’ll discuss the various ‘ways’ in which we can strengthen or develop our interior planets or unfold our full potential.

Holistic Techniques

Meditation #1

There are two primary techniques that have a completely holistic and nourishing influence on literally every aspect of ourselves and therefore, each of our planets. The number one I always recommend is meditation. Meditation, especially today’s meditation techniques are extremely competent for enlivening and even, unfolding more and more of our full potential.

Though meditation is done in the mind and is in fact a mental technique, its influences will be felt in literally every aspect of our human natures. As a result, it is a good example of a Holistic practice and one that will literally strengthen and unfold more of the latent potential of each of our individual planets.

#2 Rest

The second technique that I have found has also an extremely powerful and pervasive influence on every aspect of ourselves, is Äzmply to Rest! Rest too, zÄ a universal formula that influences each and every part of us. When we rest, not only do our bodies feel refreshed but so do our hearts and minds.

What do doctors say to us, no matter what illness or health complaint we’re experiencing? They always say, “Go home,.and take .” this or that, but always include “get more rest!” Rest is the second holistic technique that will strengthen and work on self-improving anything and everything that ails or frustrates us.

Though rest is not nearly as powerful as meditation. Because rest only deals within the present level of consciousness that we’re enjoying, meditation on the other hand literally begins to unfold deeper and deeper levels of our full potential.

Specific Techniques

Once we’ve begun meditating and we’re practicing the most profound technology of our entire self-development there still are very important and profound ‘Specific’ techniques we can practice as well.

Each of these techniques will have an extremely vital complementary influence to our holistic practices. Each of these tends to be the most effective in terms of the functioning of each planet.

These techniques can be practiced in general terms for all people. For example, all can practice specific techniques that will strengthen the Sun – Self part of us inside. Though each person also should learn how to understand and then practice ‘the’ specific techniques of each planet that are indicated in each person’s individual’s chart.

For example, everyone may benefit by general ‘Specific’ techniques of the Moon. Though the particular needs and therefore suggestions for each person’s Moon will be different and important to include as well.

There is nothing more satisfying in life than learning how to become a more dynamic, self-endowed, self-actualized, self-developed person. All good comes from becoming a more virile, vibrant, happy and more mature person. Each of our planets, indicates the exact areas and ways in which we each, are best meant to self-improve.

Unfolding the path of our human self-development will be the best thing we’ve ever learned to do!

All success in life depends on having very vibrant, positive and well- developed, interior planets. In fact, all problems in life, depend exclusively on having weaker, undeveloped or dysfunctional, malefic planets.

All Problems

All problems in life depend on human weakness. Even when we’ve just gotten a good night’s sleep we go to work and that same person that normally bugs us, suddenly, today does not! This is because we are stronger, from within. We are more well-rested, calmer and cooler, within. Barbs from the outside, then, just roll off our backs!

All problems in life reside, only in internal, human self-weakness. The stronger we become the more all of life’s difficult challenges, cease to overwhelm or frustrate us. Imagine for a moment that all problems are physical in nature. Like picking up rocks of various weight.

If we’re tired, sick and very weak, even a 1 # rock seems like a mountain. We go to pick it up and we can’t do it! We feel like ‘it’ is the problem, when in truth, it is our own physical lack of strength that is the culprit. So, we become well, we become full of energy and natural strength.

Then, that same 1# rock is no problem at all. We easily pick it up, move it about and it no longer is a problem and in fact, an opportunity of future accomplishments and achievements.

Imagine for a moment that everything in life has a rock weight!

We therefore only need to develop the accompanying physical strength to handle them all. Therefore, we should work on ourselves. Every day now, when we get up, make our self-development a higher priority. We can each afford to spend a few minutes each day in the service of our human self-improvement.

Saying we don’t have time is like saying: “I don’t have time to go to the bank!” Though everything in our day depends on first going to the bank, forgetting to go is a big mistake. As you put more and more attention on your self- development you will find that automatically you are a stronger, more healthy, vibrant and well endowed human person.

If it is indeed now possible to unfold more and more of our human potential, than learning how to self-actualize 20-30% and then, 40-50% will change your life. You will not only find that you handle all of life’s frustrations better, you will also discover how to accomplish the greatest goal in life which is our Self, or soul development. In this section we’ll talk about all those specific techniques and practices that will literally unfold our full potential.

Then, in the next section on “Success in the 7-Main Areas of Life” we will discover how this self-growth allows us to easily and effortless rise to the top in each and every imaginable human area.