By Mark Kincaid

Natal Readings

The basic natal or life-reading is the first one I’d recommend if you don’t yet understand your own, personal astrology. These readings will help you understand your own personal chart better.

a) 2 Hour Reading The way I love to do these most basic and fundamental life readings is to help YOU experience and thereby really learn more about your own chart. This is different than many kinds of astrology readings because you will actually experience for yourself your chart! I can’t tell you how often I’ve done people’s charts who’ve told me they’ve had previous readings but they don’t remember anything really, about them!

In the beginning I like to focus on your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, because these three configurations are the three most important Fundamentals of your chart! These describe your unique human astrological personality most clearly. I also like to touch base on your most important Benefic or Positive Planets and your most important Malefic or Weaker functioning planets. Because all our success in life depends on these exact positive and negative planets YOU need to learn the difference between these two. Cost: $200.00
2 Hour Reading Holiday Sale Price: $150

b) One Hour reading For those whose finances are more limited, I’ve also created shorter readings. These will still give us great insight and better understanding of our astrological natures, which can still change our lives! Cost: $100.00

c) Half Hour reading Even thirty minutes is enough to gain deep insight and better understanding. Cost: $50.00

d) 15 minute – Questions & Answers For those who would like especially to have 1 or 2 important questions answered, this 15 minute reading can be very profound. Cost: $25.00

Discover Your Benefic vs. Malefic Planets

Since success and life depends literally on how many benefic planets we have, the first most important goal of astrology is to discover which of your planets are functioning positively and which ones are not. Where we have our malefics will be exactly where we’re undermining and sabotaging our lives even especially where we don’t know this.

The ‘Sign’ of maleficness is any struggle, difficulties, lack of success, ill-health, accidents, disagreements and unhappiness. Wherever we have any of these more negative life experiences, these MEAN…. our Malefic planets are dominating! Therefore, the first step in alleviating or improving this situation will be to DISCOVER which of your planets are your positives and which ones negative.

2) Receive a List of your Benefic vs. Malefic Planets A really good ‘reading’ is to ask to know which of your planets are your benefices vs. malefics. Once you know this you can forever afterward spend greater time and attention on exactly how to improve your less developed, imbalanced or negative producing planets. Since our success in life depends on ONLY our best most positive functioning planets its crucial that we first learn the difference between these two. Even just this greater awareness will begin helping you stop flowing in the ways of your negative malefic planets.

3) Self-Development For those who already know the difference between their positive and negative planets and want to know how to better self-improve any of their Malefics these Readings will focus on how we can self-transform any of our less positive functioning planets. There are readings on:

3a) Sun – Greater Self-confidence
3b) Moon – Improving one’s interior Moon – emotional, intuitive nature
3c) Mercury – Improve your Mercury Clarity of Analytic mind.
3d) Venus – Improve the quality of Venus heart.
3e) Mars – Develop our Mars strength.
3f) Jupiter – How to Unfold more Jupiter Wisdom.
3g) Saturn – How to Develop greater Saturn balance and maturity.
3h) Rahu/Ketu – How to become more free from addictions or compulsions.

4) Greater Success in Life We can also have readings that have a special focus on becoming more successful in life. Our Astrology contains profound new insights and advice as to how we can become more successful in each and every aspect of our lives. Most people when they have readings have 1 or more of these areas in mind. These readings can be about:

4a) Our Family life and how to get along better with our relatives.
4b) Educational life and how to take greater advantage of our educational experiences.
4c) Our Health – For some learning more about health is crucial in their lives.
4d) Our Ideal Career – Or Occupational Dharma and Life Purpose.
4e) Learning how to make more money.
4f) Discovering how to attract a more ideal romantic partner.
4h) Discovering greater spiritual success in life.

5) Predicting the Future Sometimes people come to hear from their Astrology what the future will be like. Astrology has two profound future predictive tools to help us. Both the Transits and Dasas can be consulted to give us a deeper insight into what our futures will be like. These readings will give us a vision of the future and if we see any ‘Dangers on the Horizon’, then, prescribe important remedies for our improvement.

The prices for all these Readings is the same:
2 Hour = $200.00
1 Hour = $100.00
1/2 Hour = $50.00
1/4 Hour = $25.00

6) Order a Written Report On Your chart – A very in-depth description of the nature and strength of each of your planets which will be a written email report for only 25$. Please send in a detailed description of your own positive and negative experiences, strengths and weaknesses as that will help me be even more specific about the all-important details of your chart. Cost : $25.