Everything that we’ve created and will create in the future has one of two purposes. Number one we want to become increasing more aware of the value of Astrology. This then is called the “Intellectual Understanding” aspect of Astrology. At the same time, Astrology is also a “Direct Experience”. So, a lot of what we do in Astrology is to help others have the ‘direct’ experience of their own personal Astrology. Keep this in mind when you look at any and all of the products and services we have available.
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A: Intellectual Understanding

It is of great value to understand more and more what Astrology is all about. In this first area we’ll be listing the specific products and services which will help you develop a greater intellectual understanding and appreciation of Astrology. These may include physical books, e-books, and various Astrological Reports.

We Live in An Astrological Universe

Astrology is changing more today than any previous time. All of the main systems of Astrology, today, namely Western and Eastern, important and fundamental changes are now occurring. To take maximum advantage of your own Astrology I highly recommend that you become more aware of these great changes:

1. E-Book – “The Full Nature & Potential of Astrology”
This ‘report’ will give a complete intellectual understanding and appreciation of the full range and potential of Astrology. This will not, however, teach you more about your Astrology, but it will serve as a sound basis in your intellectual appreciation of Astrology.

1b. “Western vs. Eastern Chart” Tutorial
This report will help you come to understand your Eastern chart better. This will also include some good suggestions and exercises to quickly learn your Eastern chart, if you’ve previously only known your Western one.

2. “Seasons of the Stars – Transit Calendars”.
Of all the books that I could have written first, the first ones I created were pertaining to the so-called “Transits” of Astrology. Every day the stars and planets are bombarding us with particular and unique vibrations and energies. Some of these ‘affects’ are very smooth and enjoyable while others make us feel more rough and upset. Learning how to look ahead and ‘see’ what the future will be like, will help us in many ways! Also, these yearly Transit Calendars, then, coming out each year, will describe the most important transits of each planet throughout the 365 days of the year. All the Books That are Available Now and in the Future will have a purpose to stimulate and satisfy the Intellectual Understanding of ourselves.

Future, Next books Coming out will be:

3. The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth
Inside every activity and every purpose, endeavor or enterprise in life, is the real goal which is our soul development. This book describes the complete nature of the human soul and how literally, all the profound and important Remedies & Remedial Measures of Astrology, literally have the effect of enlivening and developing the full nature of each person’s full potential. This book has more practical techniques of self-development then any previous Astrology book that has ever been written. This book will be available in the Summer of 2011.

B: The Awakening That is Astrology

The Direct Experience of Our Astrology

In addition to the intellectual understanding of Astrology, Astrology can also be directly experienced! When we have traditional Readings about our Astrology we do personally resonate and relate to our readings. This is a direct experience. Also, those millions of people today who are learning how to study their own Astrology charts, too are awakening to the literal Direct Experience of Astrology. The following products and services are especially related to giving us the direct experience of our own, personal Astrology.

1. “Personal Astrological Readings”
Astrology has long had the technique of personal one-on-one personal readings with professional astrologers as the quintessential ‘way’ in which one can learn about one’s Astrology and gain maximum advantage. The special way in which I do personal readings has to do especially with helping people become more aware of exactly how their charts fit them. Ever hear the expression “You can give a man a fish or teach him how to wish”? My readings are especially done to help people learn How to Fish! All of the various chart readings available and their prices are listed to the left under Personal Readings.

2. “You Will Be Your Own Best Astrologer” Tutorial
A second valuable tool I’d recommend for the Direct Experience of your Own Astrology is to learn your own Astrology yourself. In that vein, I’m working on creating a number of Books and teaching tools that will help anyone discover their own, personal Astrology Check out the link to the left on Books that will help you learn about your own chart. In addition to this general “You will be your own best Astrologer” tutorial there are a number of other books that will help you.

3. “The Awakening that is Astrology” Tutorial
This is another book that will go into extreme detail about helping anyone come to experience their own charts for themselves. When you discover your chart, you too will go through the most amazing process of self-awakening! The First Major Goal of Astrology is to discover exactly what your Positive Benefic and Negative Malefic planets are.

4. Benefic & Malefic Planets – E-book
This book will help anyone discover exactly which of your planets are your Benefices and which ones Malefic. Especially since all success in life depends on “Having” more well-developed, positive or benefic planets discovering yours is a crucial first step.

5. “Predicting the Future” Tutorials
One of the classic, traditional activities of Astrology is to look into the future and predict exactly what will be happening. There are two aspects, especially of the Eastern, Jyotish or Vedic Astrology system that will help us know how to ‘read’ or future.

5a. The Transits System – Tutorial
As it turns out, nature herself is literally following the mathematics or script of the eastern This will help anyone both understand the purpose of the Transits and especially how to read them and take maximum advantage of this ability to ‘look into the future’. There are many, many rules and principles to study and master. But, when one studies based on the more primal experience of literally experiencing your own pure, astrological nature then Astrology will come alive for you!

5b. “Understanding Your Dasas” Tutorial
There is another aspect of Astrology’s ability to see into the future which is called the Dasas system. This is a very unique and fascinating mathematical formula that is calculated in each person’s Jyotish or Vedic Chart. Based on the exact moment of our birth, this Vimsotarri Dasa system has 3 levels of planetary prediction. In this tutorial you will learn how to both understand and use this predictive tool to take maximum advantage of all future Dasa periods.

6. “The 60-Second Star Test – Mentor” Tutorial
Astrology is a very vast and deep knowledge and science. For many people it is rather daunting to begin or advance ahead. There is however a very simple and yet profound ‘exercise’ one can learn called the “60-Second Star Test” which will allow anyone, regardless of their previous astrological understanding to gain great advantage of their Astrology. Every moment all of our planets are speaking to us! Generally, however, we’re rarely taught how to understand or learn how to ‘hear’ what they are saying. This tutorial will help anyone get very clear as to how to listen and then take tremendous advantage of the unique speak that each one of our planets are constantly saying to us.

7. “Complete A-Z Nature’s Astrology Dictionary”
This studying tool will help you immensely quickly and yet profoundly understand and master some of the most difficult and yet important astrological concepts, ideas and principles. This dictionary includes quick and yet insightful understandings and meanings of many ‘choice’ astrological words.

C: “Human Self-Development”

Technology of Human Self-Improvement

In many ways one of the most important aspects of Astrology has to do with our human self-development. Its generally well accepted that human beings use a very little portion of their full potential. Generally its described as little as 5-10%. One of the ‘best’ ways of looking at our Astrology then is in terms of our self-improvement. Astrology has long been appreciated for its ‘skill’ at diagnosing which of one’s Planets are Positive or well-developed and which one’ are Negative or undeveloped. What is now becoming more familiar is how we can use our charts to discover profound and powerful ways in which we can self-improve our interior planets. All of the products and services in this area have to do with our vital self-growth.

Practicing Remedies & Remedial Measures

Once we’ve discovered which of our personal planets are positive and negative then we can make a point of practicing profound astrological remedies on those typically Unfavorable days. As we get used to practicing personal techniques of self-improvement we will not only grow more profoundly within, but we will become more immune to those very Transits which used to bug us.

Transforming Negative Planets

The ‘sign’ that we’ve actually self-improved ourselves will be those experiences and areas of life where we previously struggled and made mistakes suddenly stop being so disappointing. In this section we’ve included all that we will need to literally strengthen or self-develop any and every aspect of our human nature, and personality.

The Key to Life is “Strong, Virile & Well Developed Planets”

8. “Purpose of Life is Soul Growth” Book
This summer in 2011 this ‘new’ book will be available. It will include all the most important and even extraordinary techniques of self-improvement that can be applied literally to each and every one of our interior planets. This book will have more astrological remedies and remedial measures than any book that’s ever been written.

9. “The Holistic & Specific Remedies of Astrology” Tutorial
Some exercises or techniques are holistic in nature and will literally help anyone simultaneously improve each and every one of our interior planets. Some techniques are only for specific improvement with individual planets. This short tutorial will help anyone understand the two basic kinds of techniques of self-improvement.

10. “Particular Planetary Remedies – E-Books”
One can also order particular ‘singular’ Remedies for each planet. Right now, there is an e-book Remedy available for Saturn and the Moon. Soon, remedies will be available for each of the other planets as well.

D: “Success – All 7 Major Areas of Life”

Sometimes people’s specific focus has to due with any number of the particular areas of the life. These include Family Life, Education, Health, Career – Dharma, Making Money, Relationships – Marriage and Spirituality. In this regard we’re also going to be making particular products and services available to help us become competent and successful in all these specific areas of the life, as well.

11. “Achieving Success in Family Life” Tutorial
This ‘book’ will help anyone both understand the particular astrological challenges that are there within the family life and how then, to use our Astrology to achieve the real goals of family life.

12. “Success in Education” Tutorial
After we spend some ‘choice’ and all-important time with family members we’re thrust into the formal area of education. In the future, our educational experiences can become more rewarding and profound if we learn how to utilize our Astrology for both our teachers and our students. This tutorial will discuss how the real goal of Education can be fulfilled if Astrology is used by both our teachers and students.

13. “Healing Health Problems” Tutorial
For some people health problems and challenges will be far more important than any other area of the life. Therefore, everyone should discover if they have any particular health difficulties to face. Also, before our adult lives begin we all should come to understand how to create dynamic, virile and powerful great personal health. Inside each person’s chart is the most clear and profound understanding about how ‘that’ person is meant to stay healthy.

14. “Career – Dharma” Tutorial
Most people in life have a particularly strong interest in career and ideal occupation. We all feel that there is some special ‘work’ that we’re supposed to know about and focus on. Inside each person’s chart is the clearest description of personal Dharma or Life Purpose than any Philosophy of system of human understanding.

13. “Making Money” Tutorial
Most people think that making money goes along with career. But, in Astrology how we each make money is due to different Houses and planetary configurations than career. We look to the 10th House and 10th House Lord for all the information that we need regarding our ideal career life. We look to the 11th & 12th Houses for all the information we need about making an adequate amount of money in life.

14. “Relationships – Partnerships – Marriage” Tutorial
Most everyone of course is deeply interested in relationships and especially the more romantic ones. In this tutorial we will discuss all the pertinent information that is necessary to be a great success in this all-important area of the life. What kind of person is most ideal for us and especially how to attract that person is the subject of this tutorial.

13. “Spiritual Fulfillment” Tutorial
For many, success in their spiritual life is also of great importance. Inside our charts is a complete description of how we each can fulfill our deepest spiritual goals in life. We can see exactly how much ‘spirituality’ we came in with, according to our Astrology. Especially, we can see what spiritual obstacles and hurdles we each will face and exactly ‘when’ in life. Also, the exact knowledge and wisdom that is necessary to solve any spiritual problems is also right there in our Astrology. Finally, exactly how each person is meant to easily and effortlessly find God, become Self-realized and Enlightened is also right there.


Astrology is the eternal knowledge, wisdom and science of Life itself. We live in an astrological universe. We are each, in fact, astrological beings living in a very specific and particular astrological situation and world. Learning how to understand the astrological natures and realities that we each face every day will bring us great intellectual satisfaction as well as skill to be ‘that’ success that we were truly born to BE!