One of the greatest insights that one can gain from our Astrology is in terms of our spirituality.

When we look at our astrological chart we will find the 5 Components of Spirituality:

#1) Our Spiritual Natures: Exactly how much spirituality we came in with in this life can be seen in our charts. The Planets Jupiter & Saturn and the 9th & 12th Houses are the main spiritual planets and houses.

#2) The Path of Spirituality: Our charts also are a very precise description of the exact Path of God or spirituality that we’ve been born to follow in this life.

#3) Spiritual Obstacles & Hurdles: We can also see the exact spiritual obstacles and hurdles that we will be facing.

#4) Spiritual Solutions – Bringing the Light: We can then, discover what exact, ‘new’ knowledge and wisdom will help us grow spiritually.

#5) Finding God: We can discover exactly what we need to become more God-realized or Enlightened in this life!

Table of Contents

Introduction The Map of God
Chapter 1: “How We Search For God”
Chapter 2: “How I Found the Map of God”
Chapter 3: “The Astrological Chart – Map of God”
Chapter 4: “The 5 Limbs of Spirituality”
Chapter 5: “Our Spiritual Obstacles & Hurdles”
Chapter 6: “Bringing the Light – Spiritual Solutions “
Chapter 7: “Our Spiritual Paths”
Chapter 8: “Finding God”
Chapter 9: “Flashes of God & Higher States of Consciousness”
Chapter 10: “Self-Realization – Enlightenment”
Chapter 11: “Achieving Oneness with God”
Chapter 12e: “Direct Experiences of God”
Chapter 13: “Full Unity – In God Consciousness”
Chapter 14: “Beyond God – Brahman”
Chapter 15: “Achieving Success – All 7 Major Areas of Life”
Chapter 16: “Success in Family Life”
Chapter 17: ” Taking Maximum Advantage of Educational Phase”
Chapter 18: ” Developing Profound Personal Health”
Chapter 19: ” Finding One’s Highest Work – Occupational Dharma”
Chapter 20: “: “Making Enough Money – In Life”
Chapter 21: ” Success in Partnerships – Marriage – Single Life
Chapter 22: ” Achieving One’s Spiritual Goals “
Chapter 23: ” Conclusion – Achieving Fulfillment in Life “

“How to Learn One’s Own Astrology”
“Differences in Techniques of Meditation”
“The 60-Second Star Test”