Many people think there are probably many goals to life. We all do though have a sense of where we’d like to be at the end. We’d like to have no regrets. Perhaps we had a family that we cared, nourished and were concerned for our entire life. If we lead a more individual existence, maybe our life goals were more career oriented. Or perhaps we just wanted to become more spiritual and awaken in this way.

Whatever has been the path of our lives, we all want to get to the end with the particular feeling that we lived the life that we born to live! That’s because that’s what is inside of us. We each were born with a cosmic nature and purpose. We each get born with a unique personality and core strengths and weaknesses that we end up having to live, for better or for worse.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to discover our astrological selves learn how to appreciate each and every fiber of our astrological beings and the end result is a great clarity as to exactly who we are. Once we’ve had this vision of ourselves, we’ll then know what our true life purpose has always been about. It could have included family, career or personal individual goals.

But, the greatest value of learning how to see ourselves in this deep, astrological way is that we gain the greatest individual clarity as to every facet of our individuality. Now, we’ve come to the end of this book and to the end and goal of life, itself.

By now, you will have discovered deep insights into your own true, personal astrological nature. You undoubtedly have found the reasons for all the good or positive aspects of yourself as well as the so-called ‘bad’ or negative parts as well. Hopefully, already you’ve begun to practice some of the profound remedies of Section 3 and are already fine-tuning and growing in the extremely important ways that are also in your stars map.

In Section 4 we discussed how to take this greater appreciation of ourselves into all the practical, relative, worldly aspects of life. Now, in this final section we’ll gain a vision of life’s deepest and most laudable purpose’s and goals. There is a life goal which is an intimate part of each one of our lives. There is a fulfillment of that life, of that quest which will give us the deepest satisfaction, joy, contentment, fulfillment and enlightenment.

In the chapter on the Purpose of Life is Soul Growth we talked about how no matter what the focus of our lives, the real purpose of our lives is to progress along the lines of our literal consciousness or soul growth. That is especially true, now when we’re considering how we can become truly fulfilled in life.

It may be that we get born during a worldwide famine or depression. In other words, the collective consciousness might be far from ideal in terms of what we normally think of as a ‘good life’. But, even in this severe kind of example we can find fulfillment. Contentment, satisfaction, and even enlightenment depends upon literally nothing from the outside. We each, can become completely fulfilled in life if we learn how to grow in the exact ways of our charts and personalities.

The Benefic strengths that we were born with will always be a great comfort to us all. Those aspects that we were born, healthy and strong within, bless us throughout our entire lives. Though I may not have had many, the 2 benefices I did have, namely the Sun and Jupiter blessed me every single day no matter what else was going on.

So, stay clear, focused and pay special attention to your strengths, those best parts of yourself, each and every day. Locate them in your chart. Understand and then, begin to Utilize them every day. They will give you the exact inner strength and steadfastness so that you then can address and tackle each and every other human weakness that you may have been born with.

That helped me dramatically to face the human onslaught of the many other weaker, dysfunctional and malefic parts of myself. When I first discovered that literally 7 out of my 9 planets were of the malefic variety it was very disheartening. One often has a sense that one just wants to arrive in life and be wealthy, be successful or be enlightened. But, I tell you now that I’ve spent most of my adult life working and striving to improve myself, I now know that it’s the journey, and the acquisition of the knowledge and wisdom that we attain which is the true measure of our lives and our lives deepest purpose and goal.

Of course each one of us is different. So, know what you are and what is underneath the ‘hood’ so to speak, about your very personal and detailed astrological life. Whatever it is, learn to accept that which you were born, with. The more you accept it the sooner you’ll get through the lessons and find yourself at the other end deeply satisfied and fulfilled with the life you came in to live.

Achieving 200% of Life

In this entire section we’re going to conclude with a vision of fulfillment of all aspects of life. Since there are two primary aspects of life; inner and outer, we will focus on how to become enlightened and fulfilled through both! We’ve talked a bit in Section 4 about how we can become more competent and fulfilled in our outer lives. We even concluded with a discussion about the Spiritual goals in our charts. Now, we’ll talk more about that great inner enlightenment that is an intimate part of each soul’s journey here. It’s been spoken and written about in all cultures, in all races, in all countries for millennium.

Achieving Inner Fulfillment

Then, we’ll talk about the rare kind of fulfillment that comes when we learn to awaken and become enlightened in our outer personalities. This unique aspect of our enlightenment has to do with what we know can understand as our outer or relative personalities. That aspect of ourselves which is our individuality is our astrological selves. We can of course, become enlightened through just the internal, consciousness aspect.

And, there will be a great satisfaction when we master that greatest internal domain of ourselves. But, our enlightenment, our self-mastery, our self- actualization will be even more profound if our inner enlightenment is wedded to this very exquisite and equally as important outer astrological self-actualization. There’s a definite “200%” value that gets fulfilled when we learn how to be masterful about both these aspects of our lives.

Awakening and growing in the light and self-mastery in both these aspects of ourselves will give us all that we will need to then become fulfilled in any relative fashion or aspect of life. Whether we have important family goals. Or whether we have important career or even artistic goals, the key is always to be in the direction of greater internal self-mastery.

With each step of our internal self-appreciation and self-transformation we will gain the exact tools and power that we will need to become accomplished in any and all aspects of life. In this final section we’ll then talk about how fulfilling it will be to make our dent or mark on the world, in addition to finding our inner enlightenment. Though some outer fulfillments will continue unfolding until our whole world and all 9 billion of our inhabitants become fully enlightened. Though that may be awhile off we each can start in ourselves. As we awaken and become the person that we were born to be, then, all around us, all that know and love us will be blessed by that.

That ‘walking the walk’ then will inspire others to awaken and step more fully into their lives. The more and more we all do this we will have discovered the very purpose of life itself.

We came from an eternal place where we chose this life for exactly the deep, self and soul lessons that we now find ourselves living. When we finally, consciously, ‘get that’ then we will find ourselves in the very lap and purpose of our lives. We will then end our lives and going back to ‘Heaven’ discover that our lives were supremely purposeful and satisfying.

I’ll never forget when both of my parents came to me after they had passed on. First our Father passed in 1995 and I was so fortunate to experience him on the other side. He came to me and said: “I’m so proud of you. And, so sorry that I didn’t understand you better, in life.” My dad like millions and billions of people get to the end of their days without the deep, personal fulfillment that naturally comes from greater clarity and understanding while we’re alive.

Our Mother passed away in 2009. She too came to me and told me the same thing. I’d of course been trying to tell her ever since dad left that “he came to me and told me those things.” She got very quiet and misty that her husband was still alive and very happy over there. Mother said: “you know some of your other brothers and sisters had similar experiences.” My only regret was that she didn’t awaken more consciously while she was alive.

But, we can’t be responsible for others. They have their own lives and responsibilities. We can however, be deeply focused and gain great self-mastery which will give us the deepest and most profound satisfaction and contentment now matter what! We will not be able to change the entire world. It is too big. And, all that lies in the hands of those billions of people who came in to face their issues. Someday soon, however, our world will sufficiently awaken to these deepest purposes of life and we’ll soon realize that it is indeed our soul growth that is at the very core and depth of our life journey’s here.

May your life be blessed. May you discover all that you need, all the knowledge and all the wisdom to live the life that you were truly born to live. May you at the end of your life feel so tickled pink that you did it! That you accomplished the real essence of your life.

For me I first had this aha when I was about 30 years of age. I’d been pursuing that internal enlightenment since I was 19 and felt that I’d finally found God. I went through a space then where I was kind of listless for about a year. I remember thinking what is missing. I found God. I found that which was my deepest goal growing up. So, what was this feeling of lack?

Then, I realized. I had no other concept or goal outside of simply finding Him. I realized I then needed to come up with some more goals. And, those goals began on the platform of finally knowing that God exists and He or She lives in the deepest crevices of our lives as the inner core of our very souls.