For me, Astrology came alive when I discovered the Transits. Every single rule and principle that one can study finds a home in the ever-moving and gyrating phenomena of these Transits. When you learn to ‘experience’ these Transits for yourself you too will wake up to this profound reality. When you learn how to experience these Transits you will become masterful in knowing how to read and understand what nature is doing. What a great comfort it is to know what the future will be bringing!

Twelve Month 365 Day Transit Calendar
Contains 365 day descriptions of the entire year. Discover the 5-10 Favorable and 5-10 Unfavorable days of each month. This calendar also contains over 50-100 actual astrological charts of specific days to accompany the subjective descriptions of each day. Available as a book or through daily email updates! Cost is only $20.00

Three Month Calendars
The year of Transits are also available in 3-month modules at $7.00 each.

One Month Calendars
For all those who’d like to try a Month At A Glance, you can order for just $4.00

There are 5 Benefits from watching these Transits.

1 . You will discover which days ahead are favorable and which days are not. You will learn how to conduct your most important business and schedule especially your most important events on the most auspicious days of each month.

2. You will also discover which of your own personal planets are less well-developed. When you discover which days are the most rough, or unenjoyable for you, these correspond with days where certain, precise planets are aspecting life upon the earth. These rougher or ‘malefic’ functioning days then will tell you which of your own planets are less positive.

3. You will see in each of these Transits exactly how the universe itself is following the precise and predictable script or mathematics of the Vedic or Jyotish astrological system. In addition to being a good verification of this system, these transits are themselves a profound and very meaningful way in which to study all the various rules and principles of Astrology as well.

4. You can then use this knowledge to focus more attention and energy toward improving and developing your weaker or undeveloped planets. All of these Transits books contain invaluable remedies and advise that will help you improve all weaker and malefic functioning planets.

5. You will then discover in future Transits that you’ve indeed been able to positively improve your own, personal planets, because the future Transits which used to bother you, NO longer do!

These Transits can also be used to help us become more successful in each and every aspect of our lives, as well. The Transits are the environments in which we each live and strive to be more successful each and every day.