Here is a brief list of those particular products that are Right Now, available. Click on their links to go to their individual pages both for more information and to order.

Map of God Book
Astrology is for our Enlightenment

This book describes the relationship between spirituality and astrology. Recent breakthroughs in both astrology and spirituality have now resulted in the Map of God. This is that astrology chart that has the ability to help anyone discover all about their unique spiritual path. For example, in our charts, or Map’s of God one can learn 1) exactly how much spirituality they came in with.

Also, one’s enlightenment chart describes 2) the exact spiritual obstacles and hurdles that they will face. 3) Also, one’s exact spiritual path is revealed in one’s Map of God. Finally, 4) The exact new knowledge and wisdom that is required to fulfill one’s spiritual quest is also understandable.

For all those with an especially strong interest in either astrology or spirituality this is a must book! It went to the publisher on April 18th! So, anyone can order this book now. The First 100 people who order will also receive a free 15 minute astrology reading on whatever subject they would like. Click HERE for more information and to order this book!

Seasons of the Stars Transit Calendars

One of the most important and profound aspects of astrology has to do with what are called the Transits. These represent the very real everyday influences that are coming to us from the stars, Sun, Moon and planets. These not only create our every day realities but they also influence us each, in very real and predictable way. To learn more about these Transits there are 3 formats presently available.

#1 12 – Month 2011 Seasons of the Stars Calendar
This 12 month calendar includes descriptions of each day’s most important Transits but also regular astrology charts which show exactly how the planets move around each month. In addition, this book includes more special, planetary remedies and remedial measures than any other astrology books ever written.

#2 3-Month Transits Modules – Available
For those who are especially new to this area of the Transits we’ve written each year’s Transits into 3-Month modules. One can also order the for only 3-months at a time.

#3 1-Month Transits Calendars
Each month of the year is also available to be order individually. If you’re especially new to this whole topic feel free to order any month calendar as well.

Click here to order a Seasons of the Stars Calendar!


Every planet has a nature and exists within us in either balanced or imbalanced ways. Once we discover which of our planets needs attention, self-improvement or development we can right away go to that planet and strengthen or self-transform it.

Right now, we have the Saturn Remedy available for Saturn. Because many people could benefit by more attention on their Saturn’s we’ve finished this one first.

Click here to order the Saturn remedy!

Astrological Tutorials

We’ve also begun creating learning and teaching tools called Tutorials which will help people learn any and all aspects of their astrology. Right now these 3 Tutorials are available.

#1 – “Doing Great Astrology” Tutorial
This Tutorial is especially for those who are new either to astrology or even new to their Eastern chart. This tutorial describes a complete Overview of Astrology and suggests how to progress from where you presently might be. This is a great Introduction to Astrology.

#2 – “Western vs. Eastern” Tutorial
For those who especially know only their western charts this Tutorial will give a great introduction to the eastern system and an especially easy and simple strategy for learning one’s eastern chart as soon as possible.

#3 – “Benefices vs. Malefic Planets” Tutorial
One of the most important aspects of astrology has to do with which of our planets are our positive strengths and which ones are our negative weaknesses. This Tutorial will help anyone discover exactly which of their planets are their strengths and which ones are where we sabotage and undermine ourselves.

Click here to order any of these great astrology tutorials!

Here’s hoping that you quickly gain the great advantage of a more enlightened Astrology and create only success and progress in your life!