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Most people are very aware of Astrology. In fact, I've never met a single person who couldn't answer that all-important party question: "Hey, man, like what's your Sign!" Though today, the question is often heard in these words: "Hey, dude, like what's your Sign." Obviously, the same question though coming to us from a different generation. Astrology has long believed that the stars and planets 'above' have a very powerful and significant relationship with the lives 'down below'. In fact, that old adage, "As it is above, so is it below" is still a very appropriate idea.

The basic premise of Astrology has long been that the stars and planets at the exact time of our birth describe very precisely the very nature, personality, strengths and weaknesses of every new soul, coming to this earth. All of the Astrology's of the world, West and East have had this same exact main idea. Unfortunately, Astrology has not yet proven that this is the case.Though millions and millions of individuals 'swear' to Astrology's efficacy, Astrology as a field, as a system of human understanding, as a science, still hasn't quite been accepted.

This is due, primarily to the fact that the different systems of Astrology are not deeply integrated or coherent even within themselves. There are in fact, at least 4 or 5 major Astrology's going on in the world today, and none of them are deeply integrated. As a result the field of Astrology has been deeply fragmented. Though millions have enjoyed certain aspects, it has nowhere risen up yet, to be that profound force it was always supposed to be.

Recent changes today, however, are dramatically changing Astrology. Today, in great part due to profound changes in modern day technology, namely computers and the internet; both of the main Western and Eastern Astrology's have begun becoming more coordinated. Computers have allowed, for example, for millions of individuals to finally learn their own, personal Astrology. This has already had a profound influence on all of Astrology.

Secondly, the advantage of the internet has also allowed for millions of people to become much more intimately aware of other Astrology's. This has created a new situation where for the very first time, both of the main systems of Astrology, Western and Eastern; have even begun merging together. Where previously, these two main systems were very different and apart, now they've begun uniting.

This emerging NEW Astrology is going to have the most profound influence not only on Astrology itself, but on all of humanity. Human life is a situation where souls come to live and work out certain aspects of their soul nature and evolution. Before we came into this life, we each chose the particular 'chart' or life in which we now find ourselves. Unfortunately, we also then promptly forgot that life, that mission that we had chosen. Most of humanity goes about in this state of much amnesia and paralysis as a result.

Much of Enlightenment however, involves 're-membering' who we are.

When we learn how to look at ourselves, through the lens or mirror of really Good Astrology we will re-member who we are and what we've come to do and accomplish. Experiencing Astrology in this way literally Awakens us and we automatically become more self-aware and wise. When we know exactly 'why' we are the way that we are we immediately begin to step into a more profound understanding of that life which we are already living.

This book: "The Map of God - Astrology is For Our Enlightenment" is one of the first benefits of this NEW Astrology that is coming. Take the 'best' of both the West and East and put them together into the same Astrology and you will have that new Astrology which is coming. This new Astrology will be dominated by two main qualities or characteristics. Number one, the symbolisms or details of our Astrology charts will be found to dramatically fit us. There is in fact, a literal '1 to 1 Correspondence' between each and every aspect of our lives and every aspect of our Astrology. When we discover this very precise 1 to 1 correspondence we will have discovered one of the greatest truths of Astrology.

Most people however only know a very superficial amount of their Astrology. Most only know their Sun Signs. We are also a Moon Sign, a Rising, Mercury, Venus and Mars Signs, as well. We each have a complete, 9-faceted astrological chart or nature which has to be understood in its completeness. Until we each learn every aspect of our Astrology we will not quite not awaken to our full value. Secondly, this very new Astrology has to especially become more self-help oriented. Our charts represent exactly how we're each meant to live, along the unique lines of our personal, self-development or evolution. Individuals get born especially to learn how to grow, to self-improve and develop more of their innate full potential. You undoubtedly have heard the idea that we all use a very small portion of our potential. I first heard about this in college from one of our Psychology professors. "Did you know, that you all use only about 5-10% of your potential? he said, one day.

I'd never heard of this idea before. Though it did make quite a bit of sense when you consider the long history of humanity's struggles and atrocities. "We think even someone like Albert Einstein used about 15% of his potential" He continued. Now I got a little depressed. I asked him: "Does Psychology know how to help us unfold more of that potential?" He looked, suddenly, disappointed and dismayed, saying: "Eh, ... no, .... eh, . we do not."

From that very moment I became especially interested in discovering alternative methods of how we might unfold more of our human potential. Within a few weeks of these lectures I was to come across this poster on campus: "Learn to Meditate and Unfold your Full Human Potential." I went into a state of serendipitous shock. Could it be true? Is it a coincidence that right after our psychology lectures, I'd find this solution! Or is this just a kind of Candid camera moment? I could hardly wait to go to that lecture on meditation.

I nervously sat through the lecture and bolted up to ask my all-important question. First I explained the recent discussions we'd been having in our Psychology class. Then I asked: "So, do you really mean, that we can now unfold our full potential!" The lecturer stopped and got the most wide-eyed, the most stupid looking smile upon his face, saying: "YES... yes, . this is exactly what we mean. See, Albert Einstein was a genius but only used 15% of his potential He was a master of the relative but when you learn how to meditate, you will learn to become a master of the absolute!"

I of course, had no idea what he was talking about. However I was not going to let this possibility slip through my fingers. Even, if only 10% of what he claimed, came true that would be enough of a reason to try it. I was not disappointed. From the moment I first learned to meditate I immediately felt better and better. With each subsequent meditation the benefits began to grow and grow. Where most of my early life had felt pretty much the same, empty, lost, confused and depressed; suddenly now every day I found myself growing in brightness, in more energy, more clarity of mind and more inner happiness.

It is quite wonderful of course but quite shocking to find yourself growing so quickly. I had no doubt where all this new-found energy and excitement was coming from. Meditation, however, is not a philosophy. It's not a new idea, a system of beliefs or affirmations. It is a simple technique that literally enlivens more and more of that previously unavailable and unused, latent potential. I continued in this way developing more and more Higher consciousness for the next eighteen years.

Then, I found myself, on the shores of India, in 1988 where I first got exposed to the Eastern branch of Astrology. I'd already learned the Western system, many, many years before when I was in high school and college. So, I already knew quite a bit about Astrology. In the beginning of my Eastern study I saw that in many ways, these two systems are very much alike. They both believe in the same basic ideas or premises. They both, believe in the same components of the astrological chart, and even in the same ideas of the Planets, Signs and Houses.

I quickly found however, that the Eastern Jyotish or Vedic astrological model was much more precise and accurate at describing exactly who I was. It expanded my appreciation of from my Western chart understanding into an even more complete and profound self-realization. One has to have the experience of this to really appreciate it. Astrology by the way, is really a direct, human experience. You cannot fully fathom what it's all about simply by reading about it.

It would be like being an astronomer and only discussing the ideas of the stars. The moment an astronomer grabs a telescope than their theoretical knowledge gets grounded in direct experience. Astrology, like any philosophy, system or even science has to have a component of direct experience as well as intellectual understanding. The direct experience in Astrology is the practice of looking within and literally finding oneself.

All those who graduate to the direct experience, know within themselves that this great knowledge and wisdom is very real and important. I also began seeing, a vision of a completely new Astrology, on the horizon. Previously, I'd known about the Western system and now more about the Eastern one. What I began to see, was if you put the two of them together, the 'best' really, of the West and East; what you would get is a completely new and rather extraordinary, complete Astrology.

That new Astrology, truly a consciousness Astrology, by the way, one that takes advantage and maximizes both West and East is itself, a completely new and never seen Astrology before! This new Astrology also has the ability to precisely identify and diagnose exactly why everyone has the human nature, personality and strengths and weaknesses that we do. What distinguishes this new Astrology from all the Astrology's of the past, is that this new sees exactly what each person now needs to learn to self-develop, self-improve and even selftransform within ourselves.

This Astrology of the future will then become an Astrology of our Full Potential. Now, I realized that the Astrology of the past, only knew about humanity's limited 5-10% potential. If humanity is only using 5-10% then this also means that Astrology too is using only 5-10% of its potential. The Astrology of the future will become full and complete only when it understands how to literally help every soul, develop the full, 100% of their natural potential!

One of the first results of this new Astrology is the creation of this book: ?The "Map of God - Astrology is For Our Enlightenment." Astrology in both the West and East have long known about the basic spiritual components of the astrological chart. Jupiter and Saturn, by the way, have always been understood as the two main spiritual planets. Also, the 2 greatest spiritual Houses, the 9th and 12th, clearly define each person's spiritual nature, coming into this world. What has been lacking so far, however, is that knowledge and wisdom that each person needs to learn self-develop along the lines of their latent, unused potential.

The greatest thing I've learned in my 30 years of astrological study, is that our charts, not only contain a profound tool to help us understand ourselves more clearly; but our charts also contain the exact knowledge and wisdom that we each need to now, further develop ourselves.

My particular and greatest 'aha' or contribution will be that the symbolisms in our charts, which normally only describe our problems, also in fact, contain our very solutions!

Typically, in both the Western and Eastern systems, one's positive human qualities or characteristics are described as one's Positive Planets. If someone gets born with a really good interior self-confidence that will be echoed in their chart, as a really good and well-developed Sun configuration. On the other hand, wherever individuals get born with any human weaknesses, inadequacies, inferiority complexes, etc. these correspond with what Astrology calls our Malefic, weakened, or negative functioning Planets.

The person, on the other hand, who gets born with a real dwarfed or dysfunctional emotional or mental nature, will have that accompanying situation as a weakened or malefic functioning Moon within their Astrology. The person who gets born with relationship difficulties and troubles will have challenges with their interior Venus or Mars. For every human frustration and challenge there is an accompanying planetary difficulty that fits.

This has long been known in the field of Astrology. What hasn't been known, however is how to self-improve or develop those interior parts of ourselves that we initially got born, weak with. Contained within the very configurations which normally, ONLY describe our problems; is also contained that exact NEW knowledge and wisdom that we each were born to learn!

The person whose chart describes a very difficult Mars, and has any number of fighting, angry, or blame oriented experiences; also contains the exact new knowledge of Mars improvement that will literally turn around those same difficulties. For example, someone with their Mars in the First House in say, Cancer has a very different 'remedy' than that person who has their Mars also in the same First House but in the very different Sign of Gemini. Therefore, when you help each person discover the exact 'configuration' of their problem they will also need to discover the inherent solution that is also there.

What is commonly thought to be symbolic of our human problems, also contains the tremendous opportunity that we also were born to live and discover. When we figure out how to self-transform ourselves in these important ways we will truely have discovered the highest purpose of our lives and we'll find ourselves living, THAT life that we were truly born to live!

We can, as we've mentioned before, use this great knowledge and wisdom toward any and all of the 7 Main Aspects of the life. We can use this to become more happy and fulfilled in our Family Life. We can use this knowledge better preparing ourselves in the Educational sphere of life. We can even use this wisdom to become more healthy in life.

Really, more profound Astrology can also be used to fathom what kind of ideal work or occupation is best suited for us. This is typically called Dharma or Life Purpose. We can even use this knowledge to learn how to make more money as well. Astrology has long believed that the acquisition of physical wealth was extremely important and as a result allocated 3 of the 12 main Houses to the area of finances.

Good Astrology can also be used in the area of romantic relations and especially marriage. Imagine if we could discover what would be more compatible for us, according to our stars! Our charts not only describe relationship Compatibility but they also include a greater appreciation of the Skill that is requited and missing in some people's charts and lives.

Finally, we can use Astrology to help us fulfill our spiritual goals. Inside our charts is a clear depiction of our present level of spirituality from birth. Also, the particular spiritual obstacles and hurdles we each will face, are clearly described as well. The exact, spiritual path that we each are traveling is also there. And, finally, what new knowledge and wisdom we need to more quickly and gracefully move toward the fulfillment of our spiritual goals is also an intimate part of our Map's of God.

I've chosen this area of Spirituality first. We could have written this book about any of the 7 Main Areas of the Life. I picked this subject because of all the millions of people in the world today who have spirituality as one of their primary interests. I also picked this topic because this is also one of the most vibrant parts of my own chart. We'll start first with how our Astrology can help us become more God-realized in this life. However, what you will learn in this book will profoundly enable you to become more wise and successful in all the other areas as well.

First we'll discuss the specific ways in which our Map of God is also the Astrological Chart. Then, we'll go into how we can see the exact spiritual obstacles and hurdles that we each are facing. Not everyone experiences the same issues in life. Even just seeing which lessons are unique to us will give us a greater clarity of our life purpose. Then, we'll quickly go into those profound 'new' and exciting strategies of human self-development which will make us much more capable at solving and dealing with all of one's life difficulties whether they are spiritual or material.

The Astrological Chart

First let's discus exactly how the Map of God or astrological chart 'works'. There are 3 main aspects or components to the Map of God. After this, we will launch into a more detailed description of how we can then find the exact spiritual obstacles and hurdles that we each will face in life. There are Planets, Signs and Houses in each person's map.

Imagine a snapshot of our solar system. There are planets within our solar system. Exactly how each of these are doing at the exact moment of our birth defines how each of the most important areas of our lives are also doing. The Sun stands for our ego strength while the Moon relates to our emotional maturity or happiness.

There are also the 12 Signs or constellations of Astrology will exist our solar system and in face 'circle' directly around the Sun and all the planets. These constellations are populated by a number of Stars which have been associated with particular qualities and characteristics. These constellations or Signs exist in close relationship with our Planets along very specific lines of sight. This is why you'll never hear the planets described as being in the Signs of Orion or the Big Dipper.

The Signs therefore are in the particular areas of the sky on our day of birth where we also had our planets. Our Planets then, 'in' these Signs represent all the many different kinds of human personalities and characteristics that we each will have. This is how an astrologer then can guess what we are like even though they've never met us.

The final main aspect of our Astrology are called the Houses. The Houses represent the particular "areas of the sky" that exist around the earth at every moment. Divine a circle, the circumference of 360 degrees into 12 slices and these will be the 12 Houses of Astrology. Each of these 12 slices then will be 30 degrees.

These Houses or areas of the sky have become intimately associated with each of the many Areas of the Life. The 1st House for example represents our bodies themselves and defines the basic body types too that we each will find. The 2nd House is described as being particularly related to speech and how we eat or nourish ourselves with food.

There are unique qualities and characteristics of each House just like there are qualities related to each Planet and Sign. Now, if you put all 3 of these components together, you will get the astrological chart. Because all these heavenly bodies, the Sun and planets especially, move at different speeds, our charts will each be extremely different.

Astrology has long been the study of the meaning and significance of these three main components, Planets, Signs and Houses. Though for a long time I thought Astrology was more like a philosophy or a similarly man-made construction of ideas or beliefs. But, the more I learned about my own Astrology, in fact the more I learned how other people too were spontaneously living their charts I realized that these qualities and characteristics are not "manmade' but are in fact exactly what we're made out of.

It's like these cosmic qualities and characteristics that exist with nature or the universe somehow get imprinted within us like our DNA. Though not coming to us from our physical selves but from the DNA of the universe.

The Planets

The Planets, called "wanderers" as the original Greeks used to call them also includes the Sun. These Planets represent all the most important aspects of our human nature. The Sun stands for our strength of self. The Moon represents for our emotional maturity and stability. The planet Mercury stands for how bright and intelligent we are intellectually. The planet Venus stands for how developed our hearts are.

Mars, on the other hand stands for how competitive and virile we are. Then, we get to the outer planets, primarily Jupiter and Saturn which together represent quite clearly how easily we progress and prosper. Finally, the so-called Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu stand for any compulsive, obsessive or addictive habits we will have.

We are not including the most 'exterior' planets Neptune or Uranus because their exact roles are not well researched or understood today. Especially because they've only recently been discovered, I don't feel there's been an adequate amount of time to understand their potential influences. Also, they move so much more slowly that all the individuals of a particular generation have these planets within the same Signs.

Now, let's go into more detail about the Planets and exactly what they represent. Then, we'll go into more detail with the Signs and Houses.

The Sun - Self

The Sun stands for our very selves, our I's, egos, consciousness and awareness. The Sun self stands for how well developed or weak we are in terms of our I, self or ego natures. When the Sun is well placed in a person's 'map' they automatically live a more positive and robust self-confidence nature. Those individuals on the other hand with complicated Sun's in their maps, automatically find themselves with any number of ego or "I" problems.

Even a simple examination of one's interior self-confidence will begin to give one a clue as to how one's Sun, self is doing. If we look within and find any qualities of a lack of selfworth then we now can understand why and also know part of the spiritual lessons or hurdles that we've come to work on!

The Moon - Emotions

The Moon on the other hand relates to the emotional, feeling part of us. What modern day science now calls the right-brain mind or that which intuits and functions in a very nonlinear, holistic way is the Moon. When the Moon is well placed within our charts the person has a very highly developed and positive emotional side to their personality. They will prosper in life just because that spontaneous human part of them is so well developed. On the other hand if their Moon's are complicated in any ways then they will have corresponding emotional weakness that they came in to deal with.

The planet Mercury on the other hand refers to the left-brain part of us, that part that thinks logically, linearly and analytically. Mercury is the intellect, the reasoning and associative, discriminative mind. When Mercury is well placed or developed the person has an automatic high level of intelligence and intellectual brilliance.

The planet Venus than relates to how we appreciate and even how loving and affectionate we are. If the Moon relates to how we 'feel' on the inside then Venus relates to how we express our feelings. Venus also reflects how much self-love we each have and how successful we will be in initially all of our loving, romantic and even friendships. If Venus relates to how well we love than the planet Mars, relates to how well we 'fight'! When Venus is strong or welldeveloped the person automatically has a very loving and appreciate nature coming into this world.

The person on the other hand with a more stifled or less developed Venus will feel less self-love as well as more struggles with any and all of the Venus types of relationships that we face in life. Whether we think in terms of our friendships, family members or especially romantic relations, Venus will give us a lot of insight into what we face on a heart level.

Mars is the planet of dynamism, of energy and how well we compete and stand up for ourselves. Mars also rules how we act, strive and achieve. Mars represents our courageous we are. It also represents how heroic everyone will be. When Mars is well placed or developed than the person is naturally more passionate, enthusiastic and inspiring. When Mars is weaker or undeveloped than the person has less energy, dynamism or stamina and they may be more timid and weak.

Those who are the natural crusaders, even whistle blowers and heroes all have strong and powerful Mars. Those with challenged Mars' are often those who get victimized or abused or those that are the abusers! Those who are criminals, angry and 'mad' in life have very challenged positions of their Mars'.

Exterior Planets
Jupiter & Saturn

So far, all of these planets relate to the interior part of us just like they're the Interior Planets of our solar system. The exterior planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn relate to the more general ways in which we progress and evolve in life. Jupiter is called the Planet of Expansion while Saturn is called the Planet of Contraction. With Jupiter we move ahead, advance, progress and evolve in life. With Saturn we pause, plant, rest, rejuvenate, recuperate, heal and prepare for the next stage of our Jupiter expansion.

For example, we step ahead each day with Jupiter. We then pause and plant that same foot which then becomes a Saturn step. The 'other' foot then moves ahead under the auspices of Jupiter which then pauses at some point with Saturn, plants itself again and then prepares for the next Jupiter step. Every step in life is either a Jupiter or Saturn step.

Together they govern all the ways in which we progress, strive and achieve in life. Jupiter and Saturn rule both our material aspirations as well as all of our spiritual goals and attainments. When we look more specifically at the spiritual components of each person's Map's of God, Jupiter and Saturn will play a very pivotal role.

Jupiter - How We Expand

When Jupiter is strong and well developed the person automatically advances, progresses and prospers in life. Jupiter represents both material and spiritual success. When Jupiter is welldeveloped the person easily achieves in the material world. They may also have very developed, spontaneous spiritual natures. They love knowledge, they love wisdom and they have good relationships with authorities, parents, teachers, Guru's and even God, Himself.

When Jupiter is poorly positioned or undeveloped then the person may face dramatic spiritual lessons in life. The person may have poor faith or belief and even especially less good luck or spiritual grace in life. Though Jupiter can easily be enlivened and improved through study, devotion and opening up oneself to the deeper spiritual principles and wisdom of life.

Jupiter sits at the right-hand of God and reaches down and blesses us with great wisdom, knowledge and purity.

Saturn - How We Rest

If Jupiter represents how we expand, then Saturn represents how we 'pause', 'slow down', rest, rejuvenate, recuperate, heal and prepare for our next Jupiter expansive cycle. If Saturn is well placed in a person's chart and life than they are more balanced, mature and wise. There's an old expression that is very appropriate for Saturn. That person is "More wise, beyond their years." Quite often those who grow up with more soul wisdom have the better Saturn's in their Maps of God.

Those however, who have more challenged or less well-developed Saturn's have any number of Saturn health or life difficulties. These include impatience, chronic fatigue, deep tiredness, stress, dis-ease and disease. Also, those with less developed Saturn's have a sense that life is going more slowly than they would like. They also have more losses, disappointments, frustrations, struggling and suffering in life.

As always, however, once we locate that particular area of our lives that we're struggling with these not only represent the particular areas of lives where we have our spiritual obstacles and hurdles they also represent exactly where we each came in grow!

The last planets we're going to consider in this area of "Planets" are called Rahu and Ketu or Nodes of the Moon, according to Western Astrology. In truth they don't represent real planets but instead represent real times and spaces within our solar system. These we know of as the eclipses. Every year, the Sun, Moon and Earth are so closely aligned that Rahu and Ketu or the eclipses, happen.

Symbolically the eclipses or Rahu and Ketu stand for our desires. I like to say Rahu and Ketu are in fact our "Desire Mechanism". Those that have particularly positive configurations of Rahu and Ketu automatically have very good desires and their desires serve them and help them progress quite naturally in life. On the other hand some people's Rahu and Ketu are indicative of more compulsive, obsessive and addictive tendencies of desires. Therefore it's important to look into the health or balance of these configurations as well because they will help each person understand where their especially challenging bad habits will be.

All of the planets then relate to some important and major aspect of our human natures for better or for worse. We can easily surmise our general human struggles and difficulties simply by linking them to the particular planets that they represent. Those that know little about their Astrology can still understand the basic strokes of their Maps of God and right away learn the particular lessons and wisdom that are necessary to strengthen or self-improve all of these various aspects of our human nature.

The Signs or Constellations

Our personalities on the other hand are a product of our Planets being in particular areas of the sky which are related to the 12 main Signs or Constellations that regularly surround our Sun and planets. There are 81 constellations approximately that can be seen with the naked eye. Though there are only 12 that regularly inhabit the exact space that's directly around our solar system. Visualize for a moment that solar system. Remember your Astronomy class days? The Sun's in the middle surrounded first by the planet Mercury, and then Venus, the Earth and our Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Around our solar system, far away, but still in a very exact "line of sight" relationship are the 12 Signs or Constellations of Astrology. These are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. If you look up into the sky on any days of any month you will literally see the Moon moving in front of one of these constellations. The Moon is so brilliant especially in the very easy to 'see' Signs of Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius. When you watch the Moon long enough you'll see that the Moon returns to these patches of the sky or constellations every month.

If you really want to discover how the universe is literally living these astrological realities, watch how you Moon 'feel' during the same times when the Moon's found in Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius. These days are easy to 'see' and convey regularly each month the same qualities and characteristics of those Signs.

The Sun and planets of our solar system, NEVER, rise or fall out of synch with these 12 classic constellations. You'll never see for example, the Moon in the Signs of Orion, the big Dipper or Cassiopeia. Instead you will always see our planets in the Signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.

These 'signs' represent the specific qualities and characteristics within us that end up being a part of our very unique personalities! So, when the Sun's in Gemini that means something very specific for that person's personality who was born at that time. The qualities of Gemini, which are quite of often the characteristics of enjoying doing many things at the same time, ends up being part of the qualities of this person's Sun, personality nature.

Most people, however, get themselves confused because they know only their Sun Sign. In fact I have never met a person who couldn't answer that all-important party question: "Hey, man, like what's your sign?" Though, today it's likely to be phrased in this way: "Hey, dude like what's your sign?" Obviously the same question only from a different generation.

The person who's got their Sun in Gemini also finds their Moon generally, somewhere else in the sky. Their Moon may be in the Sign of Leo or Cancer, and that placement too represents very different human qualities and characteristics. Now, we'll go over all the main qualities of each Sign. Then, when we put the Planets of our human nature in each one of these specific signs we'll see how the human personality gets described. Some of these characteristics by the way, are conducive to one's spiritual life and progress while others are not!

The Signs


The Sign of Aries radiates to the earth a very unique and specific set of qualities and characteristics. Every spiritual person who gets born with Aries planets is going to have these qualities as an intimate part of their spiritual journey. Aries primarily means self-starting. Being the first Sign of the zodiac Aries represents a very dynamic, active and busy nature. Aries individuals are independent, love often having their own businesses and are quick moving, fast and sometimes even impulsive or rash.

The first thing you should do if you have any of your Vedic or Sidereal planets in Aries is see if you have any of these unique Aries qualities. That will help you understand more about your spiritual nature and especially how this 'flavor' will influence the exact path of spirituality that you're on. They will also help you discover more about your spiritual path in life.

Certain planets like the Sun and Mars do exceptionally well in Aries and bring out the best of Aries. Planets like Saturn, Venus and Mercury do less well here and represent sometimes the more uncomfortable or negative side of Aries. These are important to know as they will explain especially the obstacles and hurdles you are likely to encounter upon your spiritual path.


Taurus on the other hand represents a very different set of qualities and characteristics. Where Aries individuals are fast and quick moving, Taurian individuals are more slow and down to earth. Aries is ruled by Mars so Aries individuals are more fiery and Mars-like. Taurians, on the other hand are ruled by the planet Venus so they're much more loving and 'heart-felt' individuals.

Taurians love the out of doors and quite often have strong artistic and musical tendencies. Taurians are practical and often slightly more conservative than say Aries individuals. Though you may have some planets in Aries and others in Taurus in your individual Map of God and therefore you'd be a combination of both! Taurians also are very loyal and trustworthy. The Moon and Venus do exceptionally well in Taurus. This is because their planetary natures are so similar to Taurus itself. Therefore those individuals with their spiritual natures in Taurian planets will exhibit the better side of Taurus which end up being their more positive human qualities.

However, some planets like Mars and even to a slightly less amount, Mercury will represent the less stellar part of Taurus. In such individuals, more rigidity and even stubbornness can be a part of their personalities and spiritual paths. When you discover which of your interior planets are flowing in negative ways these will give you an intimate better understanding as to why you experience the struggles that you do.


Then we come to Gemini we come to a very different set of qualities and characteristics. Where Aries is ruled by fiery Mars and Taurus by the Venus heart, Gemini's are ruled by the Mercury intellect. Gemini's tend to be quick witted, think very well and have strong and prominent intellectual abilities and characteristics. Gemini is a cerebral sign so planets that reside there automatically pick up the unique qualities of Gemini which then influence your overall personality as well.

Gemini means "2" and stands for the two twin stars Castor and Pollex in the constellation of Gemini. Therefore, Gemini's love doing two, three or even four things at the same time. They're extremely good at juggling many things and when balanced excel in this way. The universe after all is everything at the same time. However, sometimes, some Gemini's get drawn in to doing too many things at the same time and get spread too thin and feel very chaotic, as a result.

The planets Mercury, Sun and Moon tend to bring out the good or best of Gemini's qualities while planets like Mars and Saturn bring out the more imbalanced parts of Gemini. When, the so-called 'wrong' types of planets are in Gemini than the imbalances of Gemini are a part of our personalities and spiritual natures and struggles.


Now we've come to Cancer the 4th Sign of Astrology. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so Cancer individuals are notoriously feeling and caring oriented. Cancer is all about being compassionate and even motherly. The traditional idea of Cancer's giving too much, comes from the out of balance giving Cancer individual. Cancer's are natural givers and exhibit both the good and the 'bad' of giving.

Those that are well balanced in Cancer give without a pinch. Those that have the socalled wrong types of planets in Cancer can give too much, in too imbalanced ways and create those particular challenges in their lives and even spirituality.

I've often done the charts of individuals who give too much. Though it seems so natural to give, but sometimes we can give too much or not allow the other person the time or space to give to us! Sometimes Cancer's don't know how to give adequately to themselves either.

The various rules of Astrology describe whether a particular planet brings out the good or bad of each Sign, like in the case of Cancer. The Moon loves being in Cancer and brings out the best of Cancer's qualities. While both Mars and Saturn represent the worst or negative side of Cancer which will create in those people, the more classic difficulties of an over-giving personality or one that doesn't take adequate care of themselves.


Now we've come to the 5th Sign of Leo. Where Cancer is ruled by the Moon, Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leo's then are much more paternal just as Cancer's are more maternal or motherly. Leo's make great fathers and enjoy that paternal role in life even if they're females. Leo is also very kingly and Leo's often have find themselves living either the positive or negative sides of that 'kingly', personality.

Some kings are humble, very pleasant and enjoyable. Some Leo kings are tyrannical, self-centered and selfish. The best planet in Leo is the Sun while other planets like Mars and Saturn especially represent the worst or negative side of Leo. When someone has important planets in Leo this will have a very generous and kingly spiritual nature. If they're experiencing any of the so-called negative planets in Leo, then their spiritual journeys will involve the negative side of Leo and they may be self-centered, egotistical and even tyrannical.

But, the good Leo king is a delight to have around. They're giving, they make great leaders and forces for good as well.


Virgo is the 6th Sign and is a sign similar to Gemini in the sense that it too is ruled by the cerebral planet Mercury. Virgo's too have a very strongly developed rational, logical and analytic nature. Where Gemini's are more juggling oriented, and quick thinking Virgo's are more perfectionists. Virgo is known as the Sig of perfection and those with Virgo planets in Virgo have the natural divine tendency for seeking perfection. The obvious challenges to Virgo's are when individuals seek 'that' perfection in the world. Virgo can bring good results and allow us to be very neat, orderly and meticulous.

But, the principle danger or imbalance of Virgo is when the 'anal' type of Virgo perfectionism is a part of one's personality or spiritual make-up. These Virgo's are very critical and fault finding and even can be condemning and judgmental. The planet that does the best in Virgo is Mercury. Mercury is said to be brilliant or extremely intelligent, what's called Exalted, in the sign of Virgo.

On the other hand planets like Venus and Saturn represent the worst part of Virgo. The way to tell if Virgo is making us act weirdly is if we're too critical and fault finding in either our personal life or in our relationships with others. Virgo's can be extremely hard on others but they're even harder on themselves.

My father had his Vedic Sun in Virgo and he was more serious, dry and very hard on himself as well as his family members. Fortunately he also had his Moon, Exalted in the sign of Taurus so he had that very soft and loving side as well. One of our sisters also had that same Moon in Taurus in her nature and when she and dad would get together they'd laugh and bounce around, the greatest friends with this very similar and as compatible nature.

Virgo planets will definitely strongly define one's spiritual nature as well as spiritual path and potential difficulties, challenges and even positive searching for true perfection in life.


Libra is the 7th Sign and is similar to Taurus in that this Sign too is ruled by the Venus heart. Libra's are affectionate, much more appreciative and have the very unique Libra qualities of loving harmony and balance. Where Virgo loves to be precise and say what is bluntly true, Librans would rather die than not be harmonious.

The particular quality of Libra that dominates the most is the ability to see both sides of any issues. Librans see both sides objectively and therefore make great negotiators, counselors and advisors. When the right type of planets are in Libra than only the good side of Libra dominates.

When less positive planets are found in Libra then the personality or spiritual nature has challenges of a particularly Libra kind. When Venus or Saturn are in Libra then only the 'best' of Libra comes out. When the Sun or Mercury are in Libra, then the person flows through more of the negative side of Libra. When Libra is out of balance than these individuals will be indecisive, and often times can't choose between this or that. As a result they will have a very difficult time standing up for what is right. They'd rather cave in than risk creating confrontation.

On the other hand if they're living more of the positive planets of Libra, than these individuals enjoy the positive qualities of Libra in both their spiritual nature and path.


Scorpio is the 8th Sign of the Zodiac. Like Aries individuals Scorpio's too are ruled by Mars. Though where Aries individuals are fast and quick, Scorpio's are brooding and deeply watery and emotional. Scorpio cares for what is right in life. When individuals have their planets in Scorpio then, unlike Librans who mostly want harmony, Scorpio's want to be right! They will then, stand up for what is just and true and fight for it.

Scorpio's then make great crusaders, champions and even whistleblowers. When certain planets are in Scorpio, only the best of Scorpio comes out. However, some planets represent more of the negative side of Scorpio and that person can be very irritable, resentful and angry toward those who aren't doing what is right!

Mars is especially powerful and good in Scorpio. Planets like the Moon and even the Sun sometimes bring out the negative side of Scorpio. I tell this story of Scorpio to all those who have any planets in Scorpio. They then know easily whether they're living the good or imbalanced part of Scorpio.

Those spiritual individuals who have Scorpio planets often express great conviction and passion for what is right. Those spiritual individuals who have particularly challenged Scorpio planets then find this issue dominating their spiritual obstacles and hurdles.


Sagittarius is then, the 9th Sign. It is one of two signs that are ruled by the very holy, spiritual planet of Jupiter. Those with planets in Sagittarius often times have a more naturally philosophical and even spiritual nature. There's a good reason why most of the world's religions have some of their holiest of holidays during the month of Sagittarius from the middle of December to the middle of January each year.

Sagittarians are highly curious and love studying and learning new things. They love to travel in both the mind and the world. Sagittarius is also, the ONLY sign where no planets are described as being particularly unhappy in the Sign of Sagittarius.

In fact the only imbalanced qualities that comes sometimes is when the person might have 2, 3 or even 4 planets simultaneously running through Sagittarius. Then, they get imbalanced not so much due to specific or negative qualities of Sagittarius but because of the inherent tension that sometimes comes between planets being too close together.


Capricorn is the 10th Sign of Astrology. Capricorn is one of two signs that are especially related to or connected to the planet Saturn. Capricorn specifically is related to achieving and accomplishing. Those that have strong and vibrant planets in Capricorn oftentimes have very dynamic natures for striving and fulfilling their goals and aspirations. Capricorn is a very practical and down to earth sign and those who have important planets here have very relative and mundane, material natures as well.

One of the best planets in Capricorn is Saturn itself. When Saturn is in Capricorn, almost always, only the best of Capricorn comes out. These individuals are mature, very highly disciplined and exhibit a lot of 'old soul' qualities that are especially favorable. Another planet that excels in Capricorn is Mars. Mars, in fact is called Exalted or unparalled in its best possible strength in Capricorn.

This represents the kind of person who is extremely dynamic and highly achievement oriented. They often times also have a lot of energy and are extremely powerful and persuasive in their individual life. Our Mother had her Mars in Capricorn in her Map of God. She was a literal dynamo. She had amazing energy and was a natural persuader, courageous and even heroic. Where we'd go to our Father for sweet consolation due to his Exalted Moon in Taurus, we'd go to our Mother for inspiration and greater conviction. She was constantly trying to encourage and push us to achieve more and more in life.

There are however, some planets that don't do particularly well in this unique Capricorn energy. The principle one is Jupiter. Jupiter being the planet of spirituality, represents something less positive when found in Capricorn. It's like one's spirituality gets diminished sometimes when found in the practical or worldly Sign of Capricorn.

Another planet that doesn't do as well in Capricorn is Venus. Venus being the naturally loving heart, tends to be more superficial in the materialistic sign of Capricorn. Generally, however, the main idea and rule of Capricorn is materialism. One always wants to make sure that one's materialistic tendencies don't overshadow or out shine one's inner, more spiritual ones.

If matter dominates too much then this can definitely be a strong spiritual obstacle that one has come in to deal with in this life.


Now we've come to the 11th Sign of Aquarius. Where Capricorn stands for materialistic and ambitious tendencies, Aquarius stands for unconventional and untraditional creativity. Those that have planets in Aquarius quite often have fairly unusual and out of the norm personalities. There is an expression that quite aptly describes Aquarians: "Think out of the box." Aquarians quite often see unusual and unexpected ways of looking at things which makes them very creative. Aquarius planets then represent those individuals who are demonstrably unconventional and untraditional.

The only problem I've ever seen in Aquarius is the separateness and loneliness they feel sometimes because they're so different and unappreciated by others. Those that think in more traditional and status quo ways don't always appreciate those that think in wacky and more unusual ways. If you have planets in Aquarius they'll likely represent an important part of your spiritual nature, understanding as well as the unique spiritual path that you are traveling.


The final 12th sign is Pisces. This being the last and final sign is often associated with those who are interested in endings, fulfillment and contentment. One of the most definitive characteristics of Pisces is their thirst for freedom. Pisceans love being free and pretty much everything about them involves searching for freedom. Though they sometimes don't know how to accomplish this inner freedom and as a result they so abhor anything that limits or restricts them including work, boundaries and even relationships.

I often tell Pisceans "You're meant to be a beacon for freedom. Only you're meant to show also how freedom can be lived in the relative boundaries of life." Such freedom is sometimes a challenge if you live in a family, a large company or any real collectiveness. Then, one has to learn how to compromise, to get along with the group and participate in partnerships. Pisceans on the other hand because they love freedom so much, too often become loners or prefer their own company just so they don't have to face the kinds of restrictions that come with interacting with others.

The deepest understanding of Pisces freedom however is that there is only one place where true 'freedom' can be found. This is in the spiritual, the inner, the literal presence of God is the ONLY thing that is truly free! Piscean freedom then can only be fulfilled by finding the deep spiritual inner which is always, essentially free. Where Pisceans find their complications is in terms of the world, the relative or the boundaries of life.

The more one identifies with that pure field of unbounded freedom which is the very nature of consciousness itself, then and only then will true freedom be acquired. Piscean planets also are found in dreamers, poets and artists. Because of their love of freedom, their hearts and minds are very subtle and refined and often become muses of the creative and sublime.

The planet that is the most happy in Pisces is the Venus heart. Venus is called being Exalted in Pisces because Piscean freedom brings out the unconditional love capacity of the Venus heart. Venus in Pisces individuals then, are very loving, giving and affectionate. One of our sisters has her Venus in Pisces and she has always been loving, forgiving and appreciative. On the other hand, one of the planets that brings out the worst part of Pisces is Mercury. Mercury is said to be in its worst Sign in Pisces. This is because the very nature of Mercury and Pisces are so very opposite. Therefore, individuals who have their Mercury's in Pisces suffer more of the negative side of Pisces and as a result, their Mercury's struggle in important ways.

Albert Einstein had his Mercury in Pisces and as a result he often suffered in important Mercurial ways. One of the most humorous stories you hear of Einstein was his lack of an ability to calculate practical change for the Trolley in spite of his huge expanded, cosmic intellect. But, his Mercury was also with an Exalted Venus in Pisces so his Mercury was still capable enough to the cosmic realities of his "Spiritual Relativity" theories. Another planet that brings out the best of Pisces is Jupiter, itself. Jupiter is called being in its Own Sign in Pisces which means more of the positive and uplifting qualities and characteristics of both Pisces and Jupiter, manifest. These individuals are very spiritual, highly philosophical in nature and love knowledge and wisdom.

Though if you have any planets in Pisces, you'll want to ask yourself if you're flowing through the positive or negative side of Pisces. The positive being the essential love of spirituality. The negative being fear of boundaries and not understanding how to integrate the boundaries of life with the intense freedom searching that so often defines Pisceans.

Conclusion of the "Signs"

These are the 12 main Signs and symbolisms of Astrology. So, when you combine the nature of the particular planets with these various signs you will get all the different aspects and particulars of each person's personality and natural human nature. These planetary configurations define what one is within oneself as well as how one interacts with the world. These many planetary configurations will also describe quite precisely the exact spiritual nature and challenges that we each person will be found living in life. This is how we can then see the exact spiritual hurdles and obstacles that we each will be facing.

We can describe them in general terms but each one of us also will benefit be finding the exact specifics of our Map of God which will bring out the great specificity in our personal lives as well. Our lessons and challenges are extremely different than others, even our friends and loved ones live completely different lives on the interior due to our very different astrological natures.

The Houses

The final 'main' aspect of the Map of God has to deal with what Astrology typically calls the Houses. There are 12 of these and they represent, literally all the various aspects of the Life. These 'Houses' such areas as our bodies, how we eat or consume food, our relationships with siblings, mother's, our own children, health, marriage, God, career, money and spirituality.

Right now, if someone was being born, their Map of God would be the literal sky in the air. Take the earth and take a kind of cosmic snap shot of it in relationship with all the other planets in our solar system and the 12 main constellations around us and then look at the North, South, East and West at the exact time of our birth. Those different 4 directions are the Houses of Astrology or our Maps of God. If you then, break apart the total 360 degree circumference around the earth into 12, thirty degrees slices of a pie, these different slices are the literal 12 Houses of Astrology.

Now, let's describe what each area of the life, or House is about and describe what it's like when people have especially important planets in those different Houses.

1st House

The 1st House is literally the 30 degrees of sky directly 'east' on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of our birth. Because of the way the earth moves, every 2 hours a different 12th of a slice or House appears. But, at the time of our birth there was only one House or one Sign or thirty degrees that was directly east. Make a line along the horizon at the time of birth and then, go down below the horizon 15 degrees and then up 15 degrees above the horizon and that is the first House.

The first House represents some of the unique personality characteristics that are especially related to the body itself. One of the 12 Signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, etc. or constellations that are around the earth will be directly along the line of sight of that exact east horizon. Those unique qualities or characteristics of that Sign flowing to the earth will describe quite a bit about one's personality and even body type.

For example in my chart or Map of God I had Libra on that east horizon and for many, many years now when I look into my body type or 'basic' personality I experience those Libra qualities there. The 1st House is also called the Rising Sign or Ascendant and is extremely important because it defines the complete chart or Map of God with respect to all the other Houses, as well.

If the time of birth is 'off' even half an hour that might describe a very different personality and chart. So, this is why the right or accurate time is so important. At the exact time of one's birth one might also have planets in this 1st slice of the pie or 1st House.

If I had been born 2 hours earlier, both the Moon and Saturn would have been directly on my east horizon. Those two heavenly bodies would then have added to the specificity and complexities of my personality. One's 1st House also governs how we come across to others and explains why sometimes when we meet someone we feel natural harmony while other times we feel spontaneously 'repelled' by other people.

We all need to understand our Rising Sign and the 1st House that it represents because that defines how happy we are in our bodies or skins. If we have complicated or stressful planetary goings on within our 1st House that will be very important to help you identify the particular spiritual nature that you are and that path of body growth that you are living.

We are born with the specific qualities and characteristics of our 1st House rushing into us. How easy or difficult are literal birth was, is a direct reflection of the goings on in our 1st House at birth. Also, how we appear, how we get along with others and especially what's happening within our physical bodies are all the deep symbolisms of the First House.

2nd House

The 2nd House then represents the 'next' 30 degrees below the horizon. If the 1st House is upon the East Horizon then directly 'below' is moving in the southerly direction. Exactly what was below the horizon and 30 degrees below that is our 2nd House. There is also another Sign that's flowing through that space that is within our 2nd House as well. Whatever Sign is in your 1st House, the next Sign will be flowing then through your 2nd House. For me, having Libra in my first means that the next Sign of Scorpio would be flowing to me through my 2nd House. The 2nd House or segment of the sky brings to us other important aspects of the life. If we're born due to the details of our 1st House, then the first thing we want to do next is to 'eat'! The 2nd House then is the primary house one looks to for how one is nourished or fed. How well one is nourished and even what kinds of foods one eats is a pure reflection of the 2nd House.

Though the real, first thing that one does when one arrives is to yell! The 2nd House then is also called the House of speech. How easily one speaks, how smooth or difficult one finds 'speech' is an intimate reflection of the goings on in within one's 2nd House. I had Saturn strongly influencing my 2nd House when I was born and for many, many years I had a deeply shy and self-conscious part of me, especially associated with speaking.

One of the most stressful things I had to face was speaking in class. If my parents had known this about my Map of God they could have from an earlier age helped me more with my Saturn and that would have made a huge difference in terms of both how I spoke and ate. Saturn's presence there also made me attracted to very Saturnian foods that were cold, dry, often times old, dead and dying! I had no problem with cold leftovers and often ate junk food just because of this rather negative planet influence upon my 2nd House.

So, it will be for you. Find the Sign that's permeating your 2nd House and then look to see what important planetary realities are going on there as well. The 2nd House is also known for certain aspects of family life. Because very quickly after birth we end up with our families due to the specific planetary goings on within our 2nd Houses.

3rd House

If we get born during our 1st House and then we speak and eat according to the realities of our 2nd House the 3rd House has to do with our siblings. We have a life with our brothers and sisters and it takes a natural degree of courage to deal with them!

The 3rd House then is called the House of Courage and such diverse elements as the creative activities as the arts and music are gleamed from here. The 3rd House is also called the House of communications and those that have prominent or powerful planets here often times become writers and good communicators.

You'll also see in the charts of some very successful artists why they enjoy 'performing' in their chosen field. I didn't have any planets in my 3rd House. But, that Sign which was the next Sign for me was Sagittarius. Because Libra was in my 1st House and Scorpio was in my 2nd, Sagittarius then was in my 3rd. I had a deep love and spiritual Sagittarian joy with my brothers and sisters.

But, we had very little real every day interaction or relationship as there were no planets in or aspecting that same 3rd House. As I grew up I loved them deeply but didn't have much active karma or interactions. But, because the planet Jupiter was especially strong related to my 3rd House I did also feel a very strong spiritual connection to them. I often wondered why that was in my life and when I discovered my chart I discovered exactly why I have the relationship that I do.

I think this aspect of my 3rd House helps me explain why I've been adventurous and interested in communications and writing as well. I became a teacher very early in my life because of my Jupiter and then once I got over my strong Saturn shyness found that I loved communicating and teaching.

4th House

The 4th House is called the House of Home, hearth, property, psychology, peace of mind and special relationship with Mother. You can see exactly why you have the relationship that you do with her and why it's especially wonderful or challenging. This important relationship with Mother, even in modern Psychological terms is understood to underlie and be a contributing factor in one's entire psyche and peace of mind.

If our relationship with Mother is smooth and fulfilling then one's own interior psychology is also happy and satisfying. But, if planetary difficulties or poor energies are going on here then very important lessons and obstacles will be found here as well.

One's success with one's own mind, physical homes, property and even cars or conveyances are all looked at through this house.

In my own case I had Sagittarius in the 3rd so the next Sign of Capricorn would be the one flowing into my 4th House. I first of all had a very Capricorn ambitious mom! Looking backward now I see just how important an influence that was for me for better and for worse.

I think I became more ambitious because of my mother. Certainly a lot of my ambitiousness had to do with improving and becoming more competent in this very important area of 4th House psychology. Also, because of other 4th House related forces I noticed that I had a substantial amount of lack of natural peace of mind. Therefore, when I discovered my 'chart' this helped me immensely learn how to develop my own 4th House psychology and subsequent peace of mind.

In terms of the details of my chart there were no less than 4 planets that were intimately involved with this House. All together they represented both the positives and negatives that of my 4th House realities. I had both a great love and profound relationship with her as well as many difficulties, distance and discord as well. I remember the very first 'reading' I ever had the Jyotishee asked me: "Wasn't your mother your first Guru?" What a strange expression I thought that was. He pointed out to me that the planet Jupiter or Guru was strongly influencing my 4th House and would therefore represent a very spiritual relationship with her. Then, I remembered growing up. I would often come home from school and love to sit on the floor of her kitchen doing my homework while she prepared the evening meal. We'd talk really about everything. We'd talk about life, about God, anything and everything I could think of.

My father would come in and see us chatting away in the kitchen and he'd shake his head and say: "I have no idea what you two are talking about!" But, that's another part of the chart!

"You will also have great distance, separation and strife with your mother too" that astrologer commented. And, that was equally just as true. I had a great love for her and great tensions, and lessons there as well. Those as you might already gleam were due to Saturn's special relationship with my 4th House. Now, I see why this is and it ended up being a great comfort discovering all these reasons why.

Like all the other Houses, the 4th House has both positive and negative sides to it as well. Both peace of mind and strength of personal psychology as well as lack of peace of mind and weakness of one's psychology are all seen from this all-important House.

5th House

We get born, we breathe, eat and get nourished. We play with our brothers and sisters, live a life with home and mother for awhile and then we go to school! The 5th House then is the primary House of education or schooling. All our formal education in life flows to us from the details and goings on within our 5th Houses.

First, find the Sign that's in your 5th House. It will define the underlying qualities that will domi9nate in your educational life. Having Capricorn in my 4th House, the next Sign would be Aquarius. I therefore really disliked the set and regimented day to day goings on in most of my classes and grades.

Looking back now I see why I absolutely lit up when I found some of my teachers were especially creative and not typical or stereotypic. Then, there will be planets that are also in or aspecting this very important 5th House. The 5th House also rules intelligence and eventually one's own children.

It is said even mantras are deeply associated with the 5th House. Mantras being techniques of education that have a purpose of enlivening one's most basic personal intelligence. Because of 'my' chart I discovered mantras very early in my life. Even the kind of subjects one enjoys in school can be seen by what's going on within one's 5th House. For me, that Aquarius did strongly influence me. But, I also had a lot of freedom problems with school and education as well. Directly opposite to my 5th House I had the Sun and a few other independent seeking planets in Leo. These all directly influenced the 5th House and so I really disliked the intense confinement and rigidity that I felt was in school.

Jupiter is the planet that is also called the natural ruler of the 5th House of education. So, what's happening with your Jupiter, too will dramatically influence your educational experience and reality. I disliked the stereotypic structure of school though at the same time I was deeply charmed by teachers, and especially learning. This now I see was due to the fact that my Jupiter was one of my better planets, though I also had problems being in the intense confinements of the typical, conventional, non-Aquarian, classrooms due to what was going on with my Saturn!

I also had a hard time finishing my formal education which was due to Saturn's influence upon this house as well. Saturn, being timings and when negatively aspecting will often bring delays and separation from finishing. I wouldn't finish and receive my Bachelor's degree until I was 28! This was surprising to me because I was a natural teacher and loved especially learning new things.

The Fifth House is also that House that governs pre-marital relations so how well or challenged we are in our dating lives is seen from our 5th House's as well.

6th House

The 6th House, then is called the House of Health and governs how healthy we will be and especially how much ill-health we will have, as well. The 6th House shows the various illnesses that we are likely to face and even the particular part of the body that will suffer sickness.

Like the other Houses there is a unique Sign in each person's 6th House of health. That Sign is then ruled by a particular Planet which will also describe important information about the strength or weakness of your 6th House of health.

The 6th House too is sometimes called the House of 'enemies'. Health complaints, illnesses, dis-ease and disease are certainly enemies in our lives. We can either be extremely healthy and vibrant due to positive forces in and around our 6th House or we can be more sickly and suffer chronic health complaints. If health is one of our 'life' lessons than we will undoubtedly benefit by discovering what special planetary lessons are going on here.

7th House

The 7th House is called the House of Partnerships and describes our inclinations, tendencies and good and bad luck especially related to committed relationships. The 7th Houses also describes all partnerships from marriage to business partnerships though typically it is used to gauge how successful one will be especially in marriage.

You can see within people's 7th House's the most all-important quality of Compatibility. Also, the quality of Skill can be investigated through one's 7th House. How well we get along with our 'partners' can easily be found from here. Also, the specific relationships difficulties we will face can be seen from here.

As a result exactly what we each need to learn to become more successful and happy in our committed relationships can be found here. When you want to discover how compatible people will be you look at both of their 7th Houses. Then, you can examine this house in terms of the all-important quality of skill in partnership as well.

In terms of relationships, people's 5th Houses dominate in the pre-marital stage. Then when they move toward more committed relationships the realities of their 7th Houses come to the forefront. Some people's pre-marital relations are good only while their 7th House realities are more challenging. You'll hear this expressed sometimes by people. One lady one time said to me: "From the moment I got married whenever I awoke with my new husband I felt lost and deeply confused as to what I had done."

I pointed out to her this discrepancy between their 5th Houses of dating and 7th Houses of marriage. I showed her how her 5th House functioned more positively than her 7th and the important lessons of her 7th House or marriage only became more clear when she actually got married. After working on these issues, she quickly found more peace of mind and joy in her new marriage.

8th House

The 8th House is typically called the House of Death and governs how long we're supposed to live in life. One of the first things the Eastern astrologers look at is the new child's longevity. Because if longevity is poor, marriage matchmaking may be postponed until ways of improving one's health are practiced. The 8th House is also called the House of Transformation.

Which of course makes sense when you consider that how well one 'transforms' in life has a lot to do with how much health and long one will live. I remember one time when I was talking to my dad about a natural deodorant that I'd found. He initially liked the idea and asked me to send one to him. Later when I got to my parent's house I saw that package I'd sent him was unopened in his cabinet. When I mentioned this to him his reaction was to say: "Oh, you know what they say. You can't teach an old dog, new tricks." I thought how sad that was and how stiff and rigid he had become if he couldn't even change his deodorants. I also thought he might not be that much more for this world if he couldn't even change deodorants. I remembered this when he passed away about six months later. The 8th House is also sometimes described as the House of chronic health complaints which sometimes plague us. These describe the bad habits and frustrating blocks are especially related to our ability to self- transform.

The deepest wisdom of the 8th House is that it contains exactly how we're best meant to evolve and grow in this life. When the person's 8th House is strong, their vitality, self-growth and even longevity will be very powerful! If however, they have any important lessons here then these will affect how they grow, progress and prosper.

9th House

The 9th House is called the House of God. How we approach God and how lively and awake "He" is within our lives is a pure reflection of the goings on within our 9th Houses. Sometimes the 9th House is called the House of Dharma or Life purpose and governs what our deepest pattern toward God entails. Dharma also means that ideal life that we're each meant to live. Living 'that' then brings us much wonderful joy. If we don't find ourselves living that life which we were born to live that then brings us much regret and sadness.

I remember at one point when I saw that I had the Sign of Gemini in my 9th House. Because I knew what Gemini was about, that it was the Sign of 'two' or duality, it occurred to me that I always felt like God had two primary aspects, male and female. I later discovered as my first God experiences started coming that I just as regularly experienced God as Mother as well as God as Father.

Look at the 9th House for those special ways in which you ideally approach God. Look at this special House too, to discover some of the particular challenges that you may face. When I discovered my Gemini was there I saw that sometimes I could get myself spread too thin, doing too many things at the same time. Later, when I learned to balance that more I suddenly found that I then felt closer to God. Later when I got too Gemini spread too thin again, I automatically noticed that closeness with God diminishing.

You too will find similar connection between the astrological goings on within your 9th House and your unique relationship with God, Him or Herself.

10th House

The 10thHouse is called the House of Career or Occupation. This means that our natural tendencies and inclinations for our 'work' can be seen in this House. Also, how well we get along with the people in our work life will be seen from this house. Those that have very positive and well-developed 10th Houses will automatically find themselves living the very personal and appropriate life-career purpose that they were literally born to live. They'll also enjoy quite a bit of work satisfaction because of those positive astrological forces. On the other hand, those with more astrological difficulties associated with their 10th House's often find more conflicts and lessons associated with their work and career lives. Though also the exact ways in which we're meant to improve our work lives can also be seen there.

I'll give you a quick example. Discovering my chart I found the Sign of Cancer in my 10th House. I also found that Mars was there, poorly positioned in that Sign of Cancer. That immediately helped me see some of the difficulties that long had confused me about my career. Mars is particularly difficult in Cancer which means, like fire, Mars fire in Cancer water ends up producing steam!

I often felt like there was a strong 'fog' going on within myself in terms of my career life. But, the moment I found that Cancer energy that was there suddenly I realized the quality that I enjoyed the most in work. When I understood Cancer there I realized the quality I enjoyed the most when working with people was this particular flow with people, like a mother! This of course was a bit strange for me since being a guy it never occurred to me to let myself flow at work like a mother! Also, I had to learn to let go of that more masculine Mars fire which didn't really serve be very well.

I also discovered that my Jupiter was fully aspecting my 10th House of career which helped me see why I always felt like a natural teacher growing up. Finally, the Lord of Cancer, the Moon was in the 12th House of Loss in my chart which also helped me see why I also felt this very strong sense of lack of clarity or loss in career. Later when I came to better understand the meaning and symbolism of that 12th House aspect I realized that what was deepest in me was to teach people about God, as my career. The 12th House being the transcendent and my Moon being the 10th House Lord in the 12th helped me see that my most ideal 'career' is helping people discover their own spirituality!

11th House

Career is in the 10th House but the 11th House is how we make money. The goings on within each person's 11th Houses shows exactly how we're best meant to draw financial support for ourselves. The 11th House is called the House of Labha or how we gain. All the ways in which we gain in life are seen from this House. All the financial ways and also all the ways in which we fulfill all our deepest life goals or aspirations are seen from this house. The 11th House is therefore especially related to our deepest desires and dreams.

There are however, 3 money Houses the 11th just being the first one.

Those with very powerful 11th Houses find that life naturally moves toward the spontaneous fulfillment of their life goals. In other words their pursuits for making money are easy, seamless and effortless. On the other hand those with any astrological difficulties here will then find those particular difficulties as the lessons they need to learn to be more competent and successful in this all-important House.

Find the Sign that's in your 11th House. That will describe the ideal vibration or energy that is good for you to use in the way that you fulfill your desires. For example, I have Leo in my 11th House. This means I like best being independent and self-employed in order to make my money. This also quite fit me and every time I ended up being employed by others my finances would be less.

12th House

The 12th House is the final House of Astrology. It therefore relates to endings, fulfillment and how content we will be in our entire lives. The 12th House too is called the House of Loss. If the 11th is how we 'gain' than the 12th is how we 'spend'. We make money according to the 11th and then how we spend our money is a pure reflection of our 12th House. Some have the great ability to make a lot of money according to their 11th House's. Though if their 12th House is even more predominant they may also spend more than they make! Someone makes a million dollars a month according to their powerful 11th House, but if they spend 1 ½ million dollars a month, according to their 12th, they still will suffer financially.

The 12th House also has a spiritual side to it that has little to do with money. The 12th House of 'loss' in terms of spirituality means it is especially about the renunciate or Sanyasi path. Those with lots of planets going on here naturally have a more reclusive side to them. They may even feel like being monks or nuns in this life. One of the world's more famous nuns was Mother Theresa.

When you look at her chart, (see the chapter on Famous and Successful People) you will see her 12th House. She has Scorpio there and the Lord of Scorpio is Mars. Her Mars, the Lord of the 12th House was in the 9th House of God as well as her Sun in Leo there which made her a natural leader for God!

Then there's a well-known Indian yogi who also had a very interesting 12th House. In his chart he has the #4 or Cancer in his 12th House. The Lord of Cancer is the planet Moon and it was in his 1st House in Leo. This meant the planet most involved with his deep transcendental or reclusive side was in his very first House of Self!

He too was a life-long renunciate.

The 12th House therefore stands for the transcendental field of life. Those with more planets or goings on there, naturally have an interest in this most subtle and hidden area of the life. This of course is quite a contrast than those with planets in their First House of self or the 10th House of career. These people make natural 'meditators' or those who are interested in this great depth of personal experience. I had two of my most important planets in my 12th House, the Moon and Saturn and as a result I spent most of my life meditating and exploring this hidden and most mysterious 12th House reality.

Conclusion of Our Charts

By now you're getting a better since about how the astrological chart works. All three of these main aspects of our charts, Planets, Signs and Houses all work together and go to define all of the unique differences within our personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

Those that understand these three principle differences will come to a great clarity about their very personal Map of God. In fact, in a later chapter you'll hear from those who've learned how their charts fit them and how much clearer they are about their lives as a result.

We'll finish this chapter with a brief description of two other aspects of our Map's of God or astrological charts which are called the Transits and Dasas.

The Transits

You may have heard of the Daily Horoscopes which are printed in many of the world's regular daily newspapers and magazines. These 'Horoscopes' are a Western Astrology attempt to describe the all-important influences from the stars and planets which will coming to us each and every day. We of course acknowledge that we live in an astronomical universe. We live on a planet which revolves around a Sun which in turn revolves around other Sun's and eventually our entire galaxy.

We know that our entire weather upon this earth is do, literally to the realities of the Sun and Moon and earth. The Sun moves around and we have our various seasons of the year. The Moon creates the tides every day and in conjunction with the Sun creates much of the 'weather' that we each experience.

What Astrology has discovered however, are the more subtle astrological star and planet movements that go on each day which literally create all the shades of those basic weather patterns. Though modern day Meteorology only has become capable in predicting the weather up to about a week ahead, ancient Astrology has the ability to know exactly what will be going two weeks from now, a month, six months or a year!

I remember when I first heard about these Transits from the Eastern system. What you do is make a chart of tomorrow and instead of looking at it as if it was a person you look at that from the point of view of the weather. At the time I had idea what to expect. I'd already discovered how deeply accurate people's astrological charts were. But, I had no sense really how well it could describe the weather. So, I made that first chart and then eagerly waited to see what that day was like. At the end of the day I looked back and was amazed at just how similar the 'day' was to that astrological chart prediction. I then made a chart for the next day and then the next and then the next.

After about a month I was thunderstruck that these charts so accurately follow the same symbolism and ideas of the astrological human charts. After a few months of watching each and every day I began to 'see' that nature herself was literally following this exact mathematical script of the Vedic or Jyotish Astrology. The 1 to 1 correspondence between the symbolisms of each days 'charts' so accurately fit each day that I realized:

"Nature is truly Astrological!"

I think up to this very moment though I'd studied the Western Astrology for over 7 years and this new Eastern system for almost four year I think somewhere inside of me was still this feeling that Astrology was still a philosophy or something "man-made". From this very moment I realized that Astrology was alive and profoundly functioning with the very universe itself. In much of the same way in which we know that the universe is astronomical, soon we'll have to learn exactly how it is also extremely astrological!

When you watch these star and planetary movements each day you begin to become aware of the regularity and cyclical nature that they flow in. After awhile too I became more acutely aware of just how influenced I was by these 'outer' astrological forces. Up to this point I'd only been very keenly aware of my inner astrological realities. Now, I began to see that the astrological phenomena of the universe itself played a huge role in my life as well.

These astrological movements every day influence us all in so many ways. They create the literal physical and psychological environments in which we go to work, school and play every day. Already people have begun to 'see' some of these movements. Already, we know that regular Moon Full Moon periods make some people go a little berserk. Talk to any hospital doctors, nurses or orderlies and they will tell you innumerable instances of people going literally crazy around the Full Moon.

When you pay closer personal attention you will especially see that people just as regularly go a bit insane around the other extreme of the Moon, the New Moon. Watch the Moon every day for 2 months and watch how you 'feel' each of those days. You will find an amazing closeness between what you feel and what the Moon is doing.

You will also discover exactly how intensely these Transits affect you, personally. There are in fact 3 Transits Types of people in the world. The Type "A" individuals are people who get negatively affected as many as 10-15 days each month. These people report feeling rough, disoriented, out of sorts and even imbalanced. Then, there are the Type "B" Transits people who only get negatively affected a medium amount of time. They generally only especially get upset about 5-10 days of any month. They may have the same type of experiences as the Type A person but they don't have them as often. Then, there is the Type "C" individual who rarely gets negatively influenced. They may only feel pulled off center about 1 or 2 days in any month.

Because the universe is literally radiating different positive and negative influences to the earth each and every day, some of these days will feel very unfavorable while others more favorable. We then can take advantage of knowing what will be coming for us. Once we discover which Transit Type we are then we can look ahead and better plan around each and every day. There are then, 5 main purposes and uses of this profound aspect of our Map's of God.

Better Navigate Future Days

Once we discover how these 'days' affect us we can plan much more profoundly and especially take advantage of the Favorable while also learning how to steer around the Unfavorable. Imagine if you could know what the weather was going to be like not only over the course of the next seven days but over the next 30, 60 or even 90 days. You can set up important and vital business meetings on just the most positive cosmic days. You also can learn to especially stay away from those days where suddenly everyone feels rough and incoherent.

I remember I had been studying and researching these Transits for a number of years and then one day one of my construction clients said this to me:

"Mark, why is it, every time I see you,
it is like . a kind of blessed event!"

I of course was kind of shocked by his comment. We'd never even talked about Astrology or anything like this. I played innocent for a moment. While I was learning and researching this Astrology I had a small construction business where I specialized in home remodeling. "What do you mean?" I then said. He leaned in close to me, looked around lest no one else hear and then whispered very closely: "I've noticed over the last couple of years, really every time we get together it's smooth, effortless and extremely enjoyable. You know many times when I meet with contractors its anything but easy. But, with you it's not only easy but almost blissful."

I laughed because he had discovered my 'secret'. "Well, you know I'd like to tell you it was really me! hehe But, I'll tell you my secret." I explained all about these Transits and how I'd learned to take advantage of the good and poor days. He then commented: "Well, they must really work. I'm convinced." Then, he leaned over again and whispered again: "So, do you think you can teach me, too?"

It was at this moment that I realized I was ready to share these 'ahas' with others. About eight years ago now I began sharing these with others and about three years ago I published my first Transits Astrology yearly calendar. These include a daily description of each day for the entire year. These have been enormously successful already. In addition to being able to predict both positive and negative days coming up and taking advantage of these for our personal, business and family events we can also use this great knowledge to become more intimately aware of how we're doing within our own Astrology.

Validate One's Benefic & Malefic Planets

Coincidently, when we discover which days of each month are positive and favorable for us these are because those planetary cycles are very similar to the positive or Benefic functioning interior planets that we have. Also, those days which are particularly troublesome, negative and unfavorable for us are only negative because we have those same planets negatively positioned or malefic within our own charts. Therefore, watching these daily Transits each day will help us become even more convinced as to the positive and negative functioning of our own planets.

For example, if one gets upset every month when the Moon is deeply waning or small then this is a confirmation that the Moon is a planet that we could benefit by putting attention on and especially strengthening. Sometimes people feel 'rough' when the Moon and Saturn collide every month. Others feel especially rough but fiery, irritable and even angry when the Moon collides with Mars each month. I can't tell you the number of times people have contacted me about relationship woes they've gone through and when I looked up those days I almost always found the poor or unfavorable transiting planets that were responsible.

Once you discover which exterior transiting days are rough for you, you will have verified that these same planets on the inside are your unique planets to improve. Then, as we begin to practice profound techniques of astrological self-development the future 'signs' that we've actually achieved important self-growth is that future periods which used to bug us, now, suddenly do not!

I was one of those Type "A" people who were negatively affected each month. I was rather shocked by this since I'd already been meditating for over 18 years. Anyway, I hoped that I might be able to further develop those interior sides to me or planets that seemed to be needing attention. My Moon and Saturn were the two planets that seemed to correspond to the most unfavorable or negative days.

As I discovered what profound strategies and techniques of self-development could help me with both of these planets I then began to notice that these unfavorable or malefic days also ceased being so troublesome. Where I had discovered that as many as 10-15 days of each month made me feel out of sorts I began to notice that only 10 days made me feel rough. Then, after awhile it went down to only 5 days and eventually down to only 1 or 2 days.

Now, after watching these Transits and trying to self-improve for over 18 years I'm very happy to say that hardly any days negatively affect me anymore!

Verification of Your Self-Growth

The final value of these Transits then becomes a natural life verification and validation that your attempts at self-development have indeed strengthened and improved yourself. When you discover that you are negatively less affected that is a very self-empowering experience.

One time I was talking to a friend and said: "So, Steven how'd you like that Moon & Saturn collision last week?" In my town, where a lot of people know more about such things as meditation and even Astrology this is more of our conversation vs. "Hey, how'd you like those Bears last week!" (The Bears being the Chicago football team, by the way.) My friend looked at me and commented: "Mmm, let me think. Last Wednesday, mmm, what was going on. Eh, no, hope I had a great day."

I was shocked. So many people I had talked to also felt kind of strange and upset on that classic malefic Moon & Saturn day. "That's amazing" I said. My friend continued. "But, didn't you tell me awhile back that I wouldn't be so upset by stuff going on outside? I think you told me it's was because of my Full Moon in my chart." Suddenly I remembered that. "Hey, that's right." Now, I realized that how one is affected by these outer star and planetary movements really depends on how strong our interior planets are doing.

My friend continued: "But, now that you make me think about it. It was really quite bizarre down at the office. All the ladies were crying and carrying on. I thought it was, you know, female problems." Then, I realized that there are some that are more immune to even the most troublesome exterior, cosmic rays.

"Size Really Does Matter"

Now, I realize that these three Transits Types tend to be affected by the stars in direct proportion to how 'big' their internal Moons are. Those, Type C types like my friend Steven who are rarely negatively affected often times have the more robust and profound fuller Moon in their personal charts. Then, there are those Type B individuals who get upset a medium amount of the time quite often have the half-Moon size Moon in their original charts. Finally, those like me, who ended up being the most affected, Type "A" persons most often have the worst interior Moon going on. This, of course fit my chart and Moon configuration.

My original birth Moon was extremely small only 2 ½ days past the New Moon. It was also in a very unfavorable or malefic functioning House (the 12th) as well as being with a typically very negative functioning planet, Saturn.

But, as one learns how to self-improve inside one's interior planets these self- improvements will have the most profound influence on how you handle the outer life as well. Therefore, since much of our spiritual lives involves the flow of the universe and the world, outside, this whole area of these Transits can help us immensely in moving toward and accomplishing our spiritual goals as well.

The Dasas - Time Periods

Now, we've come to the third main component of our astrological - Maps of God. Where our charts define very carefully who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses will be and these Transits define very precisely how the world will be affecting us; the Dasas represent the particular consequences of karmas of our charts coming back to us each day, as well.

We've all heard of karma and the consequences associated with "as you so, so shall you reap." Astrology, especially the Jyotish or Vedic astrological system has an extremely precise and detailed way of predicting exactly how one's karmas will be coming back to us every day. Take the positive and negative planets from one's original birth charts. These correspond to those planets which are found acting positively and those that are not.

Once we know our exact date and time of birth a complete description of our future consequences that will be coming to us can be generated from those original charts. These are called the Vimshottari Dasa Periods. These represent the exact positive and negative karmas that will be flowing to us. There are 3 main areas of these Dasa period. There's a largest, MahaDasa period. Maha meaning "great" period. These correspond with longer years. These MahaDasa periods range from 7 to 20 years. Then, there are the medium ranged periods which are called the AntarDasa periods which range from 1-3 years.

Finally, there are the shortest Dasa periods which range from 1-3 months. All of these Dasa periods are then put together to describe what each future period will be like. One might be in a Jupiter, MahaDasa period of 16 years. One might also be in a shorter, 3 year Saturn period and finally a shortest 3 month Venus period.

What you do then is you look at all three of these planets from your chart. Depending on how each of those interior planets are doing this will then define the exact positive and negative karmas that will be coming.

I remember after I learned my chart just how troublesome my entire Rahu period was like which happened to correspond from 1957 to 1975. Then, I went into a Jupiter sixteen period that was supposed to last from 1975 to 1991. I noticed such a huge shift in my life when I went from one to the other period. This was of course because my Jupiter was supposed to be that much more positive than my Rahu.

Then, I went into my major Saturn MahaDasa period and again everything became much rougher and troublesome. Because my Saturn was in my 12th House and predicted to be one of my negative or malefic functioning planets the prediction of future Saturn periods was very dismal and depressing. But, the moment that I went from Jupiter to Saturn in 1991, literally everything bad started to happen to me. I couldn't find any work which then ate up all the money that I'd saved for a new marriage I'd just entered into. Eventually, times became so tough that my new bride and I separated then we got divorced and even my father passed away during these first few years of my Saturn MahaDasa period.

Because I'd been studying my Eastern chart now for a few years I knew it was Saturn that was doing all this to me! I turned to Him inside, and said: "Why Saturn, why are you doing this, to me!" I mean I'd already been meditating for over 20 years now I'd been practicing even the Eastern Astrology for almost 5 years and studying Saturn especially. "I thought I was in-tune with you!" I finally blurted out.

Well, if you've ever heard God laugh at you, you'll get what happened next. Saturn or God, however you want to say it started laughing hysterically. He was rolling around on the floor, big belly laugher for minute after minute. In fact, I think it went on for almost 3 minutes! Finally, I got the meaning and said sheepishly to Him: "Eh, okay, I get it. You think I'm not in- tune enough." After a long pause I then said: "So, what else can I do?"

Then, God or Saturn said to me, just two words: ". more silence.. more silence."

It was from this very moment that I began my true study and deeper appreciation of Saturn. I've since learned that Saturn represents that eternal, unbounded silence of God, that never moves, is always still, stable and calm. When we finally get in-tune enough with 'that' then we will be more in-tune with Saturn!

Every year that I then learned to be more and more positively Saturn-like, then began to change my experiences. Where the prediction was for Saturn trials and tribulations for this entire 18 year period, I learned by becoming more in-tune with Saturn to completely turn this around. Eventually, not only did the negatives of Saturn cease to come but then I began to notice more and more of the positive flavors of Saturn manifesting.

Saturn, after all is one of the most important of life's qualities and characteristics to understand. This is primarily because we live in such a Saturn-poor age. Everything is go, go, go and never stop. Most people would prefer being busy and active to being quiet and inactive. We live for our computers, our cell phones and the moment we have to be alone we feel horrible! No wonder we feel so bad when nature dictates that we need to slow down, go through a recession, down-size or even recession.

Nothing happens to life when the winter comes. Sure, all the plants die or hibernate. All the regular species rest for the winter. We're the only ones that try and go around as if it's business as usual. Having such a poorer Saturn in my early life I often disliked winter the most. Then, one day I realized that "Winter is Saturn!" Everything that winter represents, cold, delays, impatience, all are some of the many qualities of Saturn! Maybe if I learn to embrace winter more that will help me with my Saturn, as well. Once I accomplished this, suddenly my Saturn, too, improved!

The last five years of Saturn I absolutely loved! I realized these were priceless opportunities to grow with the eternal silent qualities of Saturn. Last year, for the first time in 18 years I moved out of Saturn. After Saturn comes Mercury and the very moment that I moved into Mercury I found myself out and about, moved back to Chicago and have been writing, writing and writing every day. I had thought about writing and done a little bit of it over the last five years, but nothing like the flood of writing that has been going on, of late.

Because Mercury rules my 9th and 12th Houses of God, what do I want to write about? All about God! My first book in this period will be a spiritual book: "Map of God".


When I first learned to see myself through the lens of mirror of my Astrology I immediately became extremely aware of exactly who I am and what my life is really all about. But, it was when I also learned to see more accurately into both these Transits and Dasas that I learned how to better understand how my chart or personality can best interact and work well with the life outside of myself.

All three of these components of the astrological chart or Map of God are the three most important areas of each one of our lives that we each are already living! When you discover any and all three of these you too will awaken to that 'life' that you already are and are seeking so hard to prosper and excel at.

This greater insight that comes to us from understanding our various astrological components will immediately make you more bright, more clear, full of more energy and more supremely capable at accomplishing any and all goals you have in your life.

We'll begin discussing next how we can now come to better understand the unique life lessons and spiritual hurdles and obstacles that we each are growing through. Then, we'll discover those profound self-improvement and self-development tools we need to become that success that we were truly born for.