"The Extraordinary Benefits

of the NEW Astrology

that is Coming .....

Best of West and East


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Astrology is the Knowledge
and Wisdom of Life Itself, How it Manifests and How life grows and evolves.
Astrology is the Science of Life Itself!
October, 2012
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"Jupiter & Saturn - Today & Coming!
The Benefits of Traditonal Astrology
The Extraordinary Benefits of this NEW Astrology that is Coming
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Jupiter - Saturn too close together Jupiter & Saturn
2012 & Beyond!

Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Main Engines of Life!

Jupiter represents how easily and profoundly we expand, advance and progress in life!

Saturn, on the other hand, rules how well we regularly pause, rest, heal, rejuvenate and prepare for ALL of our next Jupiter periods of expansion!

Right now, since November of 2011, almighty Saturn has moved into its BEST - Exalted Sign of Libra.

It will remain in this most positive and sublime Sign for 2 1/2 years!

At the same time, Jupiter, is also moving toward its Sign of Exaltation Cancer! In 2014, both Jupiter and Saturn will both be exalted at the same time!

The last time this happened was in the mid-1950's when we had one of the most powerful, positive and prosperous periods in decades!

This Up-Coming Time has that great potential as well!

Follow both Jupiter & Saturn's Up-Coming Transits to take maximum advantage of their most extraordinary nature and purpose in life!

Dear aaron,


Last time we talked quite a bit about this "NEW" Astrology that is coming.

Now, let's reflect on the very real, concrete and important BENEFITS that are possible for each one of us, due to this unique goings on within astrology today.

"The 10 Benefits of
The NEW Astrology that is Coming!"

See, below for this newsletter on these Important new Benefits of this NEW Astrology that is coming.

If you missed the last newsletter on the "New Astrology that is coming", we'll repeat that block at the end..


Mark Kincaid

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The Benefits of Traditional Astrology

planets in comparison - size

First let's reflect on some of the amazing benefits that are there in "traditional astrology".

Knowing One's Western Chart

Even in my western chart, there was enough wisdom there, it did after all fit me about 40%, so I gained quite a bit of deeper insight into myself by coming to know my western chart.

In previous newsletters and discussions we've reflected on how the traditional western system has been off that 23 degrees from the actual universe and yet, at times, some of it may be correct.

If any of one's planets for example are in the latest 23rd to 39th degree of any particular Sign according to one's western chart, even subtracting the 23 degrees of one's Sidereal or eastern chart will still mean one's planets will still be in the same Signs!

There is still a great benefit in knowing or discovering "WHY" one is the way that one is.

Since this is the main premise and idea of astrology that the stars above reflect quite precisely 'why' we're each the way that we are, why we have the personalities that we do, why we even have the human strengths and weaknesses that we do; than this traditional astrology can still help in this important way.

Traditional Astrological - Readings

Most of the time, in the past, one went to the professional astrologers to 'get' one's astrology. One can ask any question, why am I having health, relationship or money problems, ....

and the extent to which one's chart fits the actual sky, than the answers to these questions has worked, to some extent.

In the west and the east, millions of individuals have gone to astrologers to find the astrological answers for all of their 'life' questions.

The fact that this traditional western astrology was still at least 23 degrees close to the 'actual' or real astrology allowed quite a bit of truth to be revealed by these professional astrologers.

The eastern system, on the other hand has long been Actual Sky or Sidereal in its nature so this astrology has 'fit' people much more accurately.

Therefore, asking eastern astrologers 'why' has long been a much more satisfying and accurate astrological activity.

Unfortunately, this astrology too, had long gotten submerged in that very distinct 'fatalism' which we've talked about before, (See, the Nature's Astrology Newsletter on the "New Astrology that is Coming" below if you don't yet understand this fatalistic aspect of eastern astrology.

This traditional eastern astrology, however, has long been able to find very satisfying answers to all of human beings questions.

Why do I have health problems?
Why do I have an accident prone nature?
Why do I have difficulties with my parents, with my siblings, with my friends, co-workers, whatever?

Why do I have money challenges?
Why do I have difficulties in career?

There is a profound and supremely personal, accurate answer to exactly why are lives are the way that they are!

When I first discovered my eastern chart I was amazed at just how much more accurate my eastern chart was.

From the perspective of my eastern chart fitting me 100% I than saw that my western chart, in fact only fit me 40%!

If you now know only your western chart, than by all means, expand into your new eastern chart.

Even though the traditional eastern astrology has been more fatalistic in its orientation, still there was at least some benefit from knowing why.

And, those from the west who don't so readily accept fatalism, have been getting better advantage from knowing more about their eastern charts.

From these traditional astrological benefits now let's discuss what profound NEW benefits are available, if you take into account this NEW Astrology that is coming, best of west and east, uniting together.

The Extraordinary Benefits
of this
New Astrology that is Coming!

Guru Purnima praying

The first benefit we will receive from this uniting of the 'best' of the western and eastern systems together is a much more profoundly accurate astrology.

#1 Benefit - A More Accurate Astrology

If you've only known your western chart so far, you're in for a special treat when you now discover how much more profoundly, your eastern chart fits you!

I still marvel each day how each and every fabric of my "life" is there in some important aspect of my eastern chart.

For over 18 years now I've always, only found what I'm going through as being 'in' some aspect of my eastern chart.

Knowing for example, how my Chart, these Transits and my Dashas, work, I've been able to consistently discover WHY!

However, this greater clarity would be almost cruel if we couldn't also improve or change our lives.

If all we could do was know why and not change our ill-health, tensions with romantic partners or improve our financial situations, it wouldn't really matter to discover why!

This than leads us to the 2nd most profound Benefit of this NEW Astrology is exactly HOW we can improve our lives.

2nd Benefit - This NEW Astrology

With our new eastern or Sidereal charts fitting us more accurately, we now have the basis of significantly more profound application of astrology to our daily lives.

For me, having grown up in the west I just assumed that life was meant to be more progressive and growth oriented.

So, when I learned how my eastern chart fit me so very precisely, I didn't feel totally depressed by knowing why I had the strengths and WEAKNESSES that I did!

I believed that I could get over my bad habits, my less than perfect human tendencies and problems.

For example, I found a small Moon in the 12th House very indicative of emotional challenges. And, that had certainly been true in much of my early life, growing up.

I'd also found however, that many years of meditating had dramatically improved my interior Moon, emotional life, so I knew self-growth could happen!

I also found that having my Saturn in the 12th House was also indicative of my tendency to not take adequate rest and as a result have more health challenges than I would have liked.

This too inspired me too to figure out if I could improve my personal Saturn.

I also found that my Mars in Cancer in my 10th House, was indicative of a kind of accident prone nature, growing up.

I then began doing important NEW research to discover if I could improve this part of myself, by improving my Mars!

NEW Astrology's - Human - Planetary Self-Development

Even though the traditional eastern astrology system didn't really emphasize self-improvement that much, since I'd grown up in the west, self-development is much more widely accepted here.

The entire Self-Help movement for example is testament to the belief that human beings can improve their lives.

Over the last 24 years now, I have been researching and discovering important and profound NEW astrological remedies and remedial measures that CAN indeed easily and effortlessly improve any and all of our so-called negative or malefic functioning planets.

This is probably the most profound of all astrological benefits because HAVING more healthy, balanced, positive or benefic planets is the very KEY for a more happy and successful life.

Even traditional astrology has long known that happiness and ease of success comes naturally where we have our so-called positive and benefic planets.

Therefore, the real KEY to success in life depends on how WELL we learn how to self-transform our so-called negative or malefic planets, into their opposite, positive, possibilities!

3rd Benefit - Greater Success
in 7 Main Areas of the Life

The 3rd natural benefit from this NEW Astrology that is coming is in terms of creating greater success in any and all of the major areas of the life.

#1 Since this NEW astrology fits us more accurately we'll right away be able to find a greater application into the every day activities of life.

The HOUSES of astrology define the exact areas of the life where all our planets are now found flowing and either producing ease or difficulties there.

I found for example, that my Mars in Cancer in my 10th House of Career also had a strong slightly negative influence on my career life as well.

So, in addition to wanting to improve my Mars because I had that slightly accident prone nature I also was hoping that improving my Mars could help me with the activities of my career life.

As I learned how to dramatically improve my Mars I did find an immediate improvement in career!

I also was particularly curious if I could improve my financial life.

I've included a copy of my eastern chart here to help aid in our discussion.

For those of you who don't quite understand this north-Indian style of Jyotish chart, a few introductory remarks:

#1 the Planets are indicated by the letters in the boxes, below.

The Sun is "Su" the Moon is "Mo", Saturn is "Sa" and Mars is "Ma".

Venus is "Ve" and Mercury is "Me".

Mark's chart - clean version

#2 The Signs are the #'s in these same boxes.

The box at the top with the #7 in it is the Seventh Sign of Libra.
The #8 is Scorpio, #9 is Sagittarius, #10 is Capricorn, #11 is Aquarius, #12 is Pisces, #1 is Aries, #2 is Taurus, #3 is Gemini, #4 is Cancer, #5 is Leo and #6 is Virgo.

#3 the Houses in this north-Indian chart start with the top triangle which just happens to have the #7 of Libra in it.

This 1st House or Rising Sign than starts the chart.

The 2nd House is than immediately to the left and just happens to have the #8 Sign of Scorpio in it.

The 3rd House is the next block, triangle below that which just happens to have the #9 of Sagittarius in it.

#4 Putting all the ingredients together you can see how I have a #7 Libra Rising, my Jupiter "Ju" is in the #12 Sign of Pisces, in the # VI or sixth House.

My Mars is in the #4 Sign of Cancer, in my #10 or tenth House.
My Sun is in the 11th House in the #5 Sign of Leo.
And, my Moon and Saturn are in the #6th Sign of Virgo in my 12th House!

By knowing these three aspects, planets, Signs and Houses one can than take this greater knowledge to the application and fulfillment of all areas of the life.

For me, personally, if I want to improve my career life I need to look to my Mars in the 10th House.

If I want to make more money I look to the planets in my 11th House of Gain or my 12th House of expenditures.

If I want to improve my relationship with mother I need to look to how my Moon is doing and my 4th House of the mother.

If I want to get along better with my relationships I only have to look to improve my Venus!

If I want to improve my health I need to look to my Saturn and my 1st House.

Conclusion - This NEW Astrology

This NEW Astrology is first of all much more accurate.

This point can't be over emphasized. If you now know ONLY your western chart, than by all means, have some experiences of discovering how your new eastern chart fits you more profoundly!

Secondly, if you already know your eastern chart, but haven't experienced yet, how you could be bringing the BEST of the western orientation to that more accurate eastern mathematics, than by all means, ... have that experience as well.

Combining these 'best' of west and east together is going to continue having the most extraordinary and life improving results.

Future Benefits

Future benefits that will be coming will include #1 Discovering the very Purpose of Human Life.

Humanity has long pondered the purpose of life.

All the greatest thinkers, throughout time have wondered why life is the way it is and what the essential purpose of human life is.

I used to be a philosophy major in college and studied the profound thoughts and reflections of all the greatest philosophers, seers and wise individuals of all ages.

When I stumbled upon this NEW astrology I realized one of the most profound of all benefits was that each person's 'chart' defines the most clearly what their essential life purpose is!

Certainly many already are now learning how their charts really do fit them.

When you discover how 100% of your chart fits you, and you look at these ideas and symbolisms in terms of your Life purpose, you can discover what you've essentially been born to do and achieve, in this life.

For over 18 years now I know each day what my real, life purpose is.

That is more fulfilling than I ever dreamed possible.

Another future application of this NEW Astrology will be in terms of How We Fulfill Our Desires.

Previously, we've long thought that the 'way' one fulfilled one's desires depended on how vigorous, energetic and demanding one might be.

Those with the biggest 'stick' generally got the most!

From a purely astrological perspective I like to call this the "Mars approach" to fulfilling our desires.

Astrology, however, really reveals that there are 10 Components to the Natural Fulfillment of all Desires in life.

Not only is there a Mars component but each of the other planets has an intricate role in helping us fulfill our desires.

In future newsletters we will go into more depth about this.

For example, there is also a Sun aspect to fulfilling desires.

The Sun represents how much Sun, self-confidence we each have.

Those with less bright, less positive or more malefic Sun's find it much more difficult to fulfill their desires, than those with better Sun's!

This means that there is a natural Sun aspect to how we fulfill our desires that is very important to know about.

I hope you quickly and easily learn about your complete NEW astrological chart!

I can hardly wait to hear the continual stories of those who are learning how this new astrology has helped them in each and every aspect of their lives.


Mark Kincaid

PS: This newsletter, too will be unloaded on our website for future enjoyment.

For those who missed our first basic newsletter on the "New Astrology that is coming" we've reprinted that immediately below.

"The New Astrology
That is Coming!"

Peering Through the Sky

The NEW Astrology
that is Coming!

Best of West and East - Uniting

There's a NEW astrology coming into the world today.

This astrology is fairly similar to the astrology's that have come before. However, in other ways, this new astrology is more new, more bright, more profound and more complete than ever before.

What is happening in the word of astrology today is that the two greatest branches of astrology are beginning to "merge".

As they intermingle and merge, this merging is giving rise to a completely new, exquisite and more profound astrology than ever before.

You may already be aware that Astrology is changing more today than any other previous time. What has stood unchanged for hundreds and even thousands of years; now suddenly, within one generation, is fundamentally changing.

Take the western system, for example. Traditional western astrology has been the same for over fifteen hundred years, Now, suddenly; this system is dramatically beginning to change. Fifty years ago, one western astrologer by the name of Cyril Fagan, first proposed changing this classic, western system. He said he believed that the mathematics of this ancient system had become out of tune with the actual sky of the universe and was therefore no longer accurate.

He then suggested we adopt a new mathematics which he called Sidereal and which is now called Sidereal western astrology. Today, millions of astrologers and students have begun following and practicing this very different western astrological system. This new system is approximately 23 degrees different than the traditional Tropical western system which came before. This new mathematics means that all of one's planets now go backward 23 degrees.

Then there is the eastern system too which has begun going through some very important and dramatic, fundamental changes as well. Though this system had always been "actual sky" or Sidereal, this system too is now profoundly changing. Where this eastern system has dramatically begun changing is in terms of the important 'ways' in which this astrology has been understood and especially practiced. For a very long time eastern astrology has been thought of in very dominant and significant "fatalistic" ways.

The idea has been that one's chart is more set in stone, and not really capable to be change or even improved. As a result, most eastern astrologers then, emphasize the predictive aspects of astrology, the Transits and Dasha Time Periods. Both of these mathematics seek to describe what karmas or consequences WILL be coming and not what we can do, generally about it.

This habit of feeling that one's astrology is set has then given rise to a mentality and an expectation which is very passive and destiny oriented instead of progressive or self-improvement oriented. I have experienced this for years with my East Indian clients. Almost always they would ask: "When will I get married?" Or, "When will I get a job?" They rarely asked, "What can I do to attract a better partner for myself?" Or, "What can I do, to be more successful in career?"

Today, in the course of even just the last twenty years, suddenly many eastern astrologers are beginning to move away from this intense fatalism and into a much positive and self-improvement orientation.

How has this happened?

Modern Day Technology - Breakthroughs

Over the last fifty years a number of simultaneous goings on contributed to these monumental changes going on within astrology. First, there was that Cyril Fagan, Sidereal western astrology introduction which got people thinking of the importance of astrology being once again, more in-tune with the actual universe. Then, there were two simultaneous modern-day technology breakthroughs which have also been very instrumental in contributing to these changes.

First of all there was the creation of the computer which allowed millions of individuals to create their very own astrological charts for the very first time. Previously, only the mathematically astute astrologers could calculate the intricate details of the astrological chart and as a result common citizens didn't as a whole ever really learn about their own charts. Today, suddenly millions of individuals, west and east, have begun looking up their own charts, the charts of their family members and friends and as a result, this is having a profound effect on the entire world of astrology.

Where the power of astrology stayed mostly in the hands of the professional astrologers, today the "individual" is beginning to be their own best Knower, their own guide, teacher and even astrologer! This too is dramatically changing astrology.

Secondly, the power of the Internet has also contributed to these monumental new changes coming about. The accessibility of the Internet has allowed for millions of individuals to also become much more intimately aware of the essential astrology of the "other". As a result millions in the west have begun intimately more aware of the uniqueness of the eastern system while millions in the east have become keenly more aware of the profound, special qualities of the western system.

Because of this mutual "greater appreciation", both of these systems now have begun to merge! As these two systems continue merging, a completely new, unprecedented and even extraordinary, more complete and most perfect system of astrology will be coming.

This NEW system of astrology will be like what happened when science came into our world. When science revealed the underlying laws of nature that exist within all areas of the globe, within all countries, and within all different cultures, races and creeds; suddenly our world became more universal.

As this new astrology system develops, incorporating the "best" of both the west and east, this new astrology will unfold the full eternal, objective and even universal, scientific laws of astrology.

We are all astrological beings, living in an astrological universe!

We always have been. We always will continue being astrological.

We readily accept today that we each live within this very distinct and predictable astronomical universe. We live on a planet which is revolving around a star, Sun which in turn is moving through the cosmos with a number of other clumps of stars, which we call constellations; all of which are moving about the galactic center of our huge astronomy, which we call the Milky Way.

We know that this universe is astronomical.

However, underneath the astronomy, at the same very moment, contained within; is the astrology. The astrology explains the individual significance contained within the everyday realities of the astronomy. The astrology explains the 'whys' of human existence, why we are the way that we are, have the personalities that we do and most especially why we each have the human strengths and weaknesses that we do.

This NEW Astrology

This new astrology, best of west and east, that is coming will have two main distinct qualities and characteristics.

Number one, the symbolisms, the details of one's astrological chart will "fit us" more profoundly than ever before. All of you who have tasted some of this remarkable "1 to 1 Correspondence" between your individual life and your individual chart, know how wonderful and life affirming it is to discover the astrological reasons "why"!

If you now know only your Tropical western chart you can discover how your Sidereal or eastern chart fits you better.

If you now know only your eastern chart but only its predictive or fatalistic aspects you now can learn how your chart is also indicative of great self-growth, greater self-success and happiness in life.

West vs. East

Until these differences between these three main systems of astrology, Tropical, Sidereal and Jyotish get worked out and harmonized, astrology will continue being unintegrated and unscientific.

Nature's Astrology
Best - West and East

How I Found this 'best' of west and east.

I originally started out in western astrology way back in the middle 1960's when the Sun Signs of Tropical astrology were so very popular. Back than most people had never even heard of the Sidereal western astrology and I'd never heard of eastern astrology either.

As I learned my "western" chart I had my first direct astrological experiences. When I read about what I was supposed to be like, having been born with my Sun in Virgo I immediately related to these descriptions..

"Virgo's are analytic, cerebral oriented

very logical and linear in how they think and behave.

Virgo's too are the natural perfectionists

of the zodiac and have a well-developed

critical and fault finding side to themselves."

I'll never forget the moment I read something like this about Virgo. I immediately related to many of these ideas. I remembered examples and for instances in my life in which I was indeed Virgoish.

When I was in high school I was having some difficulty with a writing assignment from class. I asked my mother to help and her reaction quite surprised me when she said: "You know Mark, it doesn't have to be so perfect." Since neither one of us knew anything about astrology, at this time, I had no idea why she said this.

Later, when I read about Virgo I realized I was being Virgoish!

Another time I was standing around socializing with some of my friends from school when another friend came up to join us.

I found myself leaning toward him and I started straightening his shirt and coat, saying: "Hey, who dressed you this morning!"

His reaction, as you might have guessed was to say: "Well, who are you, my mother!"

Again, at this time I had no clue why I reacted why I did. Later, I realized I again was being Virgoish, seeing his untidy and un-kept clothes I wanted to help him.

For a few years I only understood astrology in terms of these 12 Sun Signs. Later, when I went to college I heard about the Complete Chart, for the first time. I sent away for a computer generated print-out and received twenty pages all about all my other planets, as well.

I than read about Libra and Leo tendencies which I also related to quite intimately. Over-all I'd say about 40% of my western chart fit me, though I didn't realize it at the time.

I just felt that there was this profound philosophy which had the natural ability to help me understand myself better!

I went about my life from here, feeling better about myself since I now knew more about the inner workings of my personality.

Than in 1987 I found myself in India, attending an Ayurvedic course with over 450 from all over the globe.

At the tail end of this thirty day conference we than had a 5-day eastern astrology segment.

The 'gist' of this 5 day course was that I heard that astrology could be a profound technique of enlightenment!

Since, I'd never heard this before, from either western or eastern astrological systems I was quite surprised.

I than came back to the states to now study this ancient eastern system from this new "enlightenment" orientation.

I'd already dabbled a little bit with eastern astrology over the last decade or so. I'd been involved with Yoga, Meditating and other such Vedic disciplines like Ayurveda and one can't help but hear about eastern astrology which is called Jyotish or Vedic astrology.

Since I'd known about astrology from my western astrology early adult years I found reading about this eastern system, somewhat familiar.

It also believes in the same basic premise of astrology that the stars above, at the moment of our births describe intimately who we will be and what our lives will be about.

This eastern system also believed in the same approximate meanings of the astrological chart and ideas related to the Planets, Signs and Houses.

Where this new eastern system differed however was in terms of "how" it calculated the astrological chart.

This eastern chart mathematics calculated the chart 23 degrees different than one's western chart.

For me, this meant that literally all of my planets went backward into previous Signs, now according to my new eastern chart.

I found I had a completely new chart to study and try and understand.

Surprisingly, I still had Virgo, Libra and Leo planets but for my new eastern chart, there were new reasons why.

Where my western chart had my Sun and Mercury in Virgo, my new eastern chart had my Moon and Saturn in Virgo.

And, where my western chart had my Mars in Leo, my new eastern chart had my Sun and Mercury moving backward into Leo.

And, finally, where my western chart had my Moon and Saturn in Libra, my new eastern chart had my Rising Sign in Libra.

I than began to study the natural differences in my new eastern chart.

I had my Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces within my eastern chart whereas I had NO planets in Cancer or Pisces, according to my western chart. I also noticed that I had no Scorpio in my new eastern chart whereas I was supposed to have a Scorpio Rising Sign, according to my western chart.

First of all, I related more intimately to my new planets in these same Virgo, Libra and Leo Signs. For example, according to my western chart I was supposed to have my Saturn and Mercury both Exalted. My Saturn was supposed to have been in Libra while my Mercury was supposed to be in Virgo.

As I now reflected on my new eastern planets I found that my Saturn in Virgo and my new Mercury in Leo fit me much more accurately. Though I would have loved having these two superior and well-developed planets, alas I found that these new, weaker configurations fit me more accurately.

I also found that the natural descriptions of Jupiter in Pisces fit me more precisely whereas my western Jupiter was supposed to be in Aries.

I also found that the descriptions of Mars in Cancer fit me quite well whereas I had no planets in Cancer, according to my western chart.

Finally, I found that the descriptions of my new eastern Libra Rising Sign fit me much more clearly than my western Rising Sign which was supposed to have been in Scorpio!

I was definitely more Libraish than Scorpioish, in my Rising Sign personality.

It took me a number of years but eventually I realized how much more accurate and complete my eastern or Jyotish charts was.

Whereas my western chart fit me about 40% now I discovered how literally 100% of my life could be understood from my new eastern chart!

The NEW Eastern Perspective

For Enlightenment!

As I now reflected on this ancient eastern system but from my new orientation having been in India I wondered how astrology could be capable in helping people achieve something as profound as Enlightenment!

None of my previous readings about Jyotish contained anything as extraordinary as enlightenment. None of my western astrology readings had any such idea, either.

While in India however, we'd heard from the modern day, great Guru, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the world-wide Transcendental Meditation movement.

Since, I'd already been studying his teachings for many years I was quite used to his ideas that Vedic disciplines like yoga, Ayurveda and meditation were profound techniques of enlightenment.

Now, I began to look at this ancient eastern astrology system but from this new perspective of enlightenment.

The first obstacle I found was that traditional eastern astrology believes that one's chart is fixed and more indicative of one's fate than one's opportunity for self-change.

There's was a typical feeling in all of the traditional Jyotish books I found to study that one's chart, in fact, is "written in stone" and not really capable to be changed.

This pretty much negates the possibility that one could use one's chart to achieve anything new, unless that was already within one's astrology.

The Maharishi however had expressed a few remarkable new ideas which I utilized in now studying this eastern system.

One of these was "You all will be your own best Jyotishee!"

I knew this was a new idea just by seeing the reaction and the faces of the traditional Jyotishees in the room!

Also, he had said that the "purpose of Ayurveda and Jyotish is to eliminate the pragya parads."

I'd previously heard from the philosophy of yoga that "pragya parads means 'blocks of enlightenment' and where we have our blocks, our pragya parads is where we're "spontaneously doing that which is not right for us!"

Now, when I reflected on this and wondered how astrology might be used to help one eliminate one's blocks of enlightenment....

I realized our classically negative or malefic functioning planets might quite well serve as our pragya parads!

Our especially negative or malefic planets DO represent where we undermine and sabotage our lives.

So, if I could just figure out how we might be able to self-improve these same negative or malefic planets, than maybe, just maybe I could figure out how astrology could do something as profound as help the person achieve enlightenment!

The year was 1989 and I'd been studying this ancient eastern system in this new way for about 2 years.

I then began a research project which would end up spanning over 2 decades!

Over the years I reflected on what each planet means and what each planet in each Sign means and I discovered amazing ways in which each planet is meant to be developed and improved.

This idea of course is there within western astrology.

If the person has a Mars accident prone nature they're supposed to be able to improve their accident prone nature by learning how to improve their Mars!

If the person has a Saturn ill-health creating nature than they're supposed to be able to improve their health by learning how to improve their Saturn!

I first started studying the Moon to see if their were any new and important Moon remedies that one might be able to learn and take greater advantage of.

One 'first' remedy I discovered was that the Moon itself has this profound Rest and Activity nature which is expressed in the two cycles of the Moon, the Moon's waxing and waning modes.

I than realized if one took advantage of these two cycles like taking advantage of one's rest and activity cycles, one could find one's Moon experience improving!

Like that, I researched and found profound NEW remedial measures for each of the planets.

After about two decades of this work I than realized I had discovered not only how our charts fit us, but how we can significantly improve our lives by learning how to self-improve our planets!

The FIRST result of this NEW astrology was a Transits book I wrote in 2009 called: "Seasons of the Stars - Transits for 2009."

Since than, our latest book: "The Map of God - Astrology is For Our Enlightenment" goes into great detail about this NEW Astrology that is coming and how one's entire spiritual life can be improved, by finding the profound knowledge and wisdom that's there within each person's, individual charts!


Mark Kincaid

Picture of Sidereal vs. Tropical

Think About It

If you now know only your Western chart, then seriously start looking into your Eastern one. If you have previously NOT utilized the self-improvement aspect of your Eastern chart, then, try and apply any of the profound remedies and remedial measures of Astrology.

You will be profoundly glad that you did.

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