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Map of God

Astrology is for our Enlightenment


One of the greatest insights that one can gain from our Astrology is in terms of our spirituality.

When we look at our astrological chart we will find the 5 Components of Spirituality:

#1) Our Spiritual Natures: Exactly how much spirituality we came in with in this life can be seen in our charts. The Planets Jupiter & Saturn and the 9th & 12th Houses are the main spiritual planets and houses.

#2) The Path of Spirituality: Our charts also are a very precise description of the exact Path of God or spirituality that we've been born to follow in this life.

#3) Spiritual Obstacles & Hurdles: We can also see the exact spiritual obstacles and hurdles that we will be facing.

#4) Spiritual Solutions - Bringing the Light: We can then, discover what exact, 'new' knowledge and wisdom will help us grow spiritually.

#5) Finding God: We can discover exactly what we need to become more God-realized or Enlightened in this life!

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Table of Contents

Introduction The Map of God
Chapter 1: "How We Search For God"
Chapter 2: "How I Found the Map of God"
Chapter 3: "The Astrological Chart - Map of God"
Chapter 4: "The 5 Limbs of Spirituality"
Chapter 5: "Our Spiritual Obstacles & Hurdles"
Chapter 6: "Bringing the Light - Spiritual Solutions "
Chapter 7: "Our Spiritual Paths"
Chapter 8: "Finding God"
Chapter 9: "Flashes of God & Higher States of Consciousness"
Chapter 10: "Self-Realization - Enlightenment"
Chapter 11: "Achieving Oneness with God"
Chapter 12e: "Direct Experiences of God"
Chapter 13: "Full Unity - In God Consciousness"
Chapter 14: "Beyond God - Brahman"
Chapter 15: "Achieving Success - All 7 Major Areas of Life"
Chapter 16: "Success in Family Life"
Chapter 17: " Taking Maximum Advantage of Educational Phase"
Chapter 18: " Developing Profound Personal Health"
Chapter 19: " Finding One's Highest Work - Occupational Dharma"
Chapter 20: ": "Making Enough Money - In Life"
Chapter 21: " Success in Partnerships - Marriage - Single Life
Chapter 22: " Achieving One's Spiritual Goals "
Chapter 23: " Conclusion - Achieving Fulfillment in Life "

"How to Learn One's Own Astrology"
"Differences in Techniques of Meditation"
"The 60-Second Star Test"