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Astrology is the Knowledge
and Wisdom of Life Itself, How it Manifests and How life grows and evolves.
Astrology is the Science of Life Itself!
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Jupiter - Saturn too close together Jupiter & Saturn
2012 & Beyond!

Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Main Engines of Life!

Jupiter represents how easily and profoundly we expand, advance and progress in life!

Saturn, on the other hand, rules how well we regularly pause, rest, heal, rejuvenate and prepare for ALL of our next Jupiter periods of expansion!

Right now, since November of 2011, almighty Saturn has moved into its BEST - Exalted Sign of Libra.

It will remain in this most positive and sublime Sign for 2 1/2 years!

At the same time, Jupiter, is also moving toward its Sign of Exaltation Cancer! In 2014, both Jupiter and Saturn will both be exalted at the same time!

The last time this happened was in the mid-1950's when we had one of the most powerful, positive and prosperous periods in decades!

This Up-Coming Time has that great potential as well!

Follow both Jupiter & Saturn's Up-Coming Transits to take maximum advantage of their most extraordinary nature and purpose in life!

Dear Aaron,

For those of you who are just joining our Nature's Astrology Newsletters, we've created this introductory newsletter.

"Introduction to Nature's Astrology"

This newsletter will not only describe what nature's astrology is all about, it will especially give you a greater sense of what unique astrological goings on are happening today!

There has NEVER been, in recorded history, a more special and rather extraordinary Astrological Time!

This is because today, the entire field of astrology, itself, is profoundly, self-transforming!

Where previously, astrology has been continuing along the lines of the two main, basic systems of the western and eastern astrology's, ....

Today, for the very first time, the essence, and the greatest values, the 'best' of both the west and east are beginning to come together!

I previously studied the western system many years ago in my early adult hood. I learned quite a bit about that extraordinary system at that time.

Then, I got involved with the eastern system about 24 years ago now, and thus learned all about that system as well.

After studying that traditional eastern system for a few years I then began to become aware of this NEW astrology, that is indeed coming.

Today, both of the major systems of astrology in the world, both the western and eastern systems are changing more then any other time!

One of the profound repercussions of these changes is the mutual 'blending' that's been going on between both of these systems.

One of the profound results of this blending is the beginning emergence of a completely new system which is more of the essence of the best of both of these two classic systems and a new system that is just that much closer to the actual astrology of nature, itself.

See, below for a more in-depth description of these rather extraordinary new changes going on today.

Also, I've included a brief overview of our Nature's Astrology activities as well and how you can take advantage of this new knowledge and wisdom that is coming into our world today.


Mark Kincaid

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The Astrology of the Past
West & East


"The New Astrology
That is Coming!"

Tools of the Trade

Astrology has long been the study and investigation into the possible link or connection between the Cosmos and human life. The main idea is that there is a very intimate relationship between the "Stars Above, and the Life , Below."

The astrological 'chart' then is that Map or description of this exact relationship between the cosmos and each person's individual earthly life. Everything that we are, what kind of personality we will have even what kind of strengths and weaknesses we will be living, are all right there in our Astrology charts!

The Main Idea of Astrology

I remember the very first time I heard about Astrology. Way back 'when' the emphasis was on the Western Sun Signs. So, I picked up one of these books and read about Sept. 4th, which is supposed to have the Sun in Virgo according to this Western system. I immediately related to some of the descriptions and symbolisms of Virgo.

In fact, my earliest memory of Virgo comes from a story my Mother used to tell. I'll let her tell it. She tells it so well.

"You know the debate between nature vs. nurturing? I used to think that nurturing was more basic and important than nature. In fact for many years I raised all my kids according to this principle. Then, I remembered an experience I'd had years before, when Mark and Laura, (one of my sisters) were just so very young. I put them outside in the family sand box... (and if you're not familiar with the term, sandbox refers to 4 pieces of wood nailed in a box and sand put in for children to play in)... while I went about some cooking.

But, in just a couple of minutes Mark came waddling in and thrusting up his little fingers in the air with the strangest kind of distress on his face, saying, "dirty,....dirty". I looked very closely expecting to find some big scratch or something. There was nothing. Just a little dust, but not even much dirt. At the time I just shrugged it off and let him stay inside. After about a half hour I went back outside to check on Laura, and there she was, still in the sand box, but now, completely covered from head to toe in 'real' dirt!

I went to pick her up to clean her and her response was: "No, no,.... I don't want to go...." Now, I realize that there is something fundamental that exists within our children that has nothing really to do with how you raise them!"

Looking back now I realize what a profound story this was for me. It was from this moment that I began to see that I had some kind of Virgo nature. Like millions of others, I was enamored by Western Astrology for a long time. After I read about my Sun Sign I then sent away for my 'complete' astrological chart and read up on all my planets.

The Astrological Resonance - Our Charts Fit US!

I also related to the descriptions of planets in Leo, and Libra as well. For awhile I was quite taken by this mysterious science that could so easily reveal pertinent facts and insights in my human nature. After awhile however, I saw into some of the particular meanings of my Moon for example. It was very tiny in my original birth chart and only one Sign away from the Sun which meant that I was supposed to have a kind of stunted emotional side and problems of a number of emotional kinds.

This fit me too. I was very shy growing up and would easily get my feelings hurt. So, when I found myself in college in 1969 I remember thinking about that 'Moon' and what could I do about it? Not too long after this I first heard about the idea of meditating and by 1970 even taken my first meditation course. Right away I began to feel better inside so I knew that I didn't have to continue suffering in the ways that I had been and for a number of years I put a lot of attention on what today we call the expansion of consciousness movement.

In 1988 I found myself in India, to attend an Ayurvedic conference. I was one of 450 people attending from all over the world, but then, at the very end they had a very short, informal but Astrology section. For 5 days we heard all about the Eastern system of Astrology called Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. Some of this was very familiar since learning from my Western Astrology days.

Some of these ideas were completely new. The first one that blared out at me was the fact that this Eastern system calculated the astrological chart differently. There is in fact, a literal 23 degree difference between one's Western and Eastern chart. That quite surprised me as I found that literally all of my planets went into other signs.

Upon coming back to the states I picked up again the study of Astrology, though this time enamored by this very 'new' astrological system of the East. Very quickly I discovered exactly why I related so intimately to Virgo. I did have Eastern planets in Virgo. But, instead of having the Sun in Virgo, it was my Moon and Saturn that were in Virgo.

When I read the descriptions of the Moon in Virgo I realized exactly how that fit me even more precisely. I remembered one experience especially, though this one was in college. I was standing shooting the breeze with a few friends when another friend came up to us. After awhile another friend joined us and my first reaction was to say: "Hey, who dressed you this morning?" as I went to straighten his shirt and coat.

His reaction of course was to say: "Well, who are you, my mother?" Now, I realize that was exactly right. With my Moon now in Virgo, I began to see that the 'real' reason why I related so well to Virgo was because my eastern Moon, in fact was in Virgo.

This is the main 'First' idea in Astrology that the symbolisms of our charts, intimately FIT US!

Each one of us is in the process of learning exactly our own personal charts, defines so clearly who we are and what we came into this life, to do!

Therefore, the very first priority of most people's astrology is to continue to learn exactly how YOUR chart fits you as well.

From the very moment I discovered my 'complete' chart, my life took off, in more profound ways then ever before! And, so, it will be for you.

Present Day Western Changes

In the West, in fact, many changes have been going on within this system as well. For example about fifty years ago now, a rather obscure western Irish astrologer by the name of Cyril Fagan first suggested that we in fact, abandon the traditional western system and adopt a more accurate new system which he then called Sidereal western astrology!

Today, millions of individuals and countless numbers of western astrologers are learning this new system.

Cyril Fagan

I never even heard of Sidereal Astrology until I started studying my Eastern chart, but immediately I could relate. As it turns out, the Eastern system has always been Sidereal based, so now I saw very precisely exactly why I related so much more closely to my Jyotish or Sidereal Mathematics!

Very recently, too a professor from Minnesota looking at the Astronomy of the sky, has said that "due to changes in the Earth's alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have changed." * Though this idea is so very old, today, its finally creeping back into the national consciousness what this means. One of my nephews girlfriends was all freaked out about this saying: "I now don't know why I am!"

That made me laugh but I told my nephew to tell his friend if she'd like to know all about this 'new' Astrology, then for her to give me a call.

Now, having studied both of these traditional astrology's I can honestly say that this eastern or Vedic astrological method is much more accurate.

Present Day - Eastern Astrology Changes

Though there are some important changes going on in the eastern system as well. The eastern system, though it has long been Sidereal has for a long while suffered under a deplorable Fatalism that has deeply influenced and shaped people's experiences and use of this system for generations.

The Eastern system is much more widely and deeply appreciated in the East than say the Astrology of the West, but this fatalism has been very predominant. For many east "Indian" families they even have a family astrologer. It is quite accepted that when one's children are born, one's family astrologer will come and create the life-natal chart for this new family member.

The first areas that are looked into will be the child's health and longevity. Then, the Astrology is used 'predominantly' for marriage matchmaking. For many Indian families, until very recently, many Indian marriages were arranged at birth or while very young. So, strong was the belief in this ancient system, that millions of mothers and fathers would look to this ancient science for something as important as marriage partner selection!

What has been deeply missing in the Eastern system however is a very natural optimistic and positive mind-set or attitude. Astrology is practiced for looking into the future and arranging important events, marriages, trips, even the starting of businesses, in terms of the stars; but it's not used many other important areas!

Every human being not only gets born with certain, distinct and unique human qualities and characteristics. But, every human being also gets born with definite strengths and weaknesses. In the West we just grow up assuming that the areas in which we're deficient are the literal areas in which we're mean to grow!

We don't know 'how' really to maximize our self-development, but we do believe that it's an important part of the human condition. In the East, however, the belief is that life is set. This is part of the reason why the 'caste' system got so entrenched there. As a result a great stagnancy, a great, debilitating weakness has crept into this ancient eastern system.

For hundreds of years, astrologers in the east look at individual charts as if they are 'set in stone' and can't really be changed or improved. Though sometimes you'll hear references to remedies, still the emphasis and rather important fatalistic mind-set, interferes with the practicalities of this great science.

As a result, individuals who are from the east, most of the time will ask: "When will I get married?" Or, "When will I get a job?" They rarely ask: "What can I do to attract the right person for me?" Or, "What can I do, to attract a better job to myself?"

Today, fortunately, this debilitating eastern weakness or impurity is beginning to be worked out, as well.

Where for generations the mind-set of the east was fatalistic, pessimistic and even negative, now, some of the natural positivity of the West has begun seeping into this eastern culture too.

Modern Day Changes in Technology

Over the last fifty years especially, due to such modern day technological breakthroughs as the computer and the Internet, today for the very first time, millions of individuals have begun both studying their own charts as well as studying more intimately the astrology of the 'opposite' hemisphere!

Where the old idea used to be:

"East is East and West is West,
and Never the twain shall meet..."
Rudyard Kipling
Now, the idea that is growing is "The entire World is my family...." As a result of these present day changes, today, many of the most wonderful qualities and characteristics of the East, like meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, have been scooped up by millions of Westerners in the west. And, in the East, all the Western values, (for better and for worse) have begun to seep into eastern culture as well.

One of the 'best' Western qualities, however, is this natural belief in human self-improvement. This is so deeply a part of the national consciousness in the West, that when the United States was formed, it made it a law of the US constitution that any young person could grow up to be President! That idea so automatically expresses the positive mind-set and belief system of the West.

Even 24 years ago, the eastern system of Astrology was deeply ingrained in fate. When I first started studying Eastern Astrology literally all of the books that were available from the East were full of only this very defeatist, pessimistic, fatalism and negativity mind-set!

I personally, found this very surprising because some of the eastern teachers I'd studied under, and who taught me meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, seemed to be so much more optimistic and positive! But, in Astrology, there was still this very ingrained 'written in stone' type of quality.

Somewhere during these last twenty years that's begun to change dramatically as well!

If you look up any number of eastern astrological websites today, instead of pessimism and limitations what you will hear is: "Learn to get along better with your spouse." "Make more money, improve your health, and become more spiritual" to name just a few expressions that can now be found there.

Both West & East

Separately, theses two systems keep astrology apart, isolate and unintegrated. However, if you combine both of these astrology's together, you will find a superior and rather surprising and extraordinary New Astrology!

Together, these two 'main' changes in both the West and East, are going to have the most far reaching implications for not only Astrology, but especially for our entire world as a whole. Already, the two main systems of Astrology have begun to merge and move closer and closer together.

Already, the traditional Tropical Western system is beginning to move back toward the more accurate, actual sky, or Sidereal mathematics as championed by the new Sidereal western system. Already, the Eastern system is now moving toward a more progressive and positive outlook and application of Astrology.

If both of these tendencies continue, then very soon we're going to see, the emergence of a completely new and well-integrated, modern day Science of Astrology! Part of the reason why I like this idea of Nature's Astrology is to provide a format for realizing that there is a holistic and fundamental nature's astrology, which is neither western or eastern.

This astrology, the astrology of the universe itself exists as the essence of the BEST of both the western and eastern systems. A new and vibrant, extraordinary and holistic modern and ancient system of astrology is finally coming into our world!

Modern Day Science of Astrology

"Has to Fit us!"

What will that new astrology be like? First of all, that Astrology of the 'future' will have to continue providing deep insight into exactly how each person's chart will have to fit them. Exactly why people have the personality that they do and especially why they have the specific human strengths and weaknesses that they got born with! If this new astrology continues to do this, in other words, truly 'fit us' then it will be that very appropriate and profound astrology which is built into the very nature of the universe itself.

Find how YOUR chart truly fits you, and you will have fulfilled this most important, vital and fundamental aspect of astrology.

Now, looking backward I see how only about 40% of my western chart fit me.

My eastern chart on the other hand, fits me 100%! However, if I don't take into account the more positive and uplifting, optimistic perspective of the western system, though my eastern chart is much more accurate, I still won't be able to take maximum advantage of my astrology!

Therefore, learn how your eastern chart fits you!

Then, utilize it in the most positive, uplifting and optimistic, progressive way!

When you do these two things you'll be able to take much greater advantage of this new astrology that is indeed, already coming.

Part of the most important facets of how we should better utilize our more accurate astrology is in terms of our self-growth.

Astrology then, will have to continue being progressive and self-improvement oriented as well as fitting us!

My own contribution in this astrological area concerns the very nature of the malefic configurations in people's charts.

The Astrology's, of both the West and East, have long understood that there are Positive Planetary configurations that describe exactly why we each have the positive strengths that we do. Astrology also has also long understood that 'all' human weaknesses reside exactly in those so-called negative or Malefic planetary configurations, which exist inside each person's charts as well.

Though the Western system simply calls these our negative planets and the Eastern system, calls these our Malefic planets, the idea is the same. What I discovered at some point, however is not only do these malefic patterns represent our challenges, where we're weak, and dysfunctional in so many ways; BUT, they also represent the exact area within us in which we're meant to self-improve!

In other words, our greatest human weaknesses also represent our greatest human OPPORTUNITIES! When you see your human difficulties and astrological malefic weaknesses in this way then you will be have a much greater understanding of astrology, as well as life itself.

My unique contribution in this area of human self-development concerns these same so-called malefic configurations. What I discovered is that these same negative or malefic planetary configurations which normally are appreciated for describing our human problems; also contain that exact new knowledge and wisdom that we each need, to find and self-develop so that we can intimately correct, mend, heal and self-transform, literally any of human difficulties and frustrations; also, into Strengths!

When you see how your own personal planetary weaknesses also contain that exact new knowledge that you need, then you will have profoundly seen into the real purpose of your life, as well as the very real purpose of your chart.

Modern Day Science of Astrology

Has to Contain the Knowledge of Self-Development

The person who gets born under the vibration, or energy of a debilitated Saturn in Aries, not only has that planetary configuration as symbolic of their Saturn condition but, that same Saturn in Aries placement also contains the exact knowledge and wisdom that they need in order to improve! In this case, they need to move their personal Saturn out of the dysfunctional Aries condition, and evolve it into a more highly evolved, a more positive and even a more benefic, balanced and well-developed situation!

When they do this then they will have profoundly understood the literal reason why they got born with that human weakness.

This can easily be done by studying and learning more and more about Saturn itself. Then, slowly, they too will begin to improve themselves and as they do that their internal Saturn nature will be self-transformed.

As we explore and take advantage of these two most important aspects of astrology; #1 Our charts Fit us and #2 Our charts contain that exact new knowledge and wisdom we need to self-develop ourselves! .....

We will then have found that profound new and yet ancient, complete astrology which is the very essence of this eternal science which we call astrology.

Pioneers of this Future of Astrologers

Those of us, in fact, who are learning 'more' about how our Eastern charts truly fit us and are especially learning how to use this knowledge in a more progressive and western self-improvement fashion, are the literal Pioneers of this NEW Astrology that is coming!

As we continue to unfold the full knowledge and wisdom of our complete astrological charts and especially learn to unravel the deep, human mysteries and lessons that are deeply laid out in each of our planetary configurations, than we will literally, begin to self-evolve in the exact ways in which we were truly born to self-develop in this life!

It is this astrology then that we are championing in our Nature's Astrology.

Everything that we do in both newsletters, personal chart readings and books, are all geared toward helping everyone discover these two most important facets of their personal astrology.

See, everyone has come into this life with a completely unique and highly personalized astrological story. We each have a very distinct and different astrological nature, strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, each one of us will be facing uniquely different life lessons, trials and tribulations. Even the timing of when we each will be going through our greatest human difficulties will be unique to us alone.

However, each person is meant to know the 3 main basics or what I like to call the 3 main Pillars of our astrology. We each have a chart that we're already living and meant to better understand. Secondly, we're each being bombarded by these very predictable heavenly planetary vibrations from above, which we call the Transits and thirdly each one of us is living a very unique Dashas Time Period format which describes the exact times in which our personal planetary weaknesses and strengths, will be coming back to us.

When you become aware of these 3 most fundamental aspects of your astrology then you will find the greatest advantage in your life and success, in this world.

Everything we're doing then, within our nature's astrology has these two goals in mind.

Every day we each should learn more and more about how our charts fit us.

And, each day, we should take certain steps to self-improve and self-develop all of our planets, until only beneficness remains!

When you learn these two most important facets of your chart, you will truly get the greatest profundities of astrology.


Mark Kincaid

Picture of Sidereal vs. Tropical

Think About It

If you now know only your Western chart, then seriously start looking into your Eastern one. If you have previously NOT utilized the self-improvement aspect of your Eastern chart, then, try and apply any of the profound remedies and remedial measures of Astrology.

You will be profoundly glad that you did.

"How Do I Fit Within
This New Astrology that is

The Astrology of the Future
Peering Through the Sky
Seeing from the 'old' to the New Astrology

First of all I'd like to say: "You already are living a very particular and unique Astrological being and life." All your family members, already, are living their unique and particular astrological lives. Everyone you meet, everyone you will ever meet will bring to you, their own unique astrological story, for better or for worse!

Even the entire universe in which we live, is in fact, astrological.

We all only need to discover this for ourselves. We have long believed in Astrology. For thousands of years now we've all believed in Astrology. Though the last 1,000 years has been dominated by the understanding of Astronomy, still, the nature of Astrology, which is 'why', the meaning of our lives is still with us.

As this man peers through the 'old' Astronomy-Astrology, he begins to see 'that' New Astrology that is also there!

How Do I Fit?

If you only know your Sun Sign you have the rest of your 'complete' Astrology to discover!

What a treat, you're in for!

If you only know your Western Chart, you're in for another great, better, more comprehensive, self-understanding of your Vedic or Sidereal chart.

If you only know the static, Eastern Astrology understanding, that's set in stone, you're really in for a great revelation that you can even, change your stars!

Even today, I'll hear from those who grew up in the classic, traditional Eastern system these words:

"When will I get married?" Or, "When will I get a job?"

You hardly ever hear them say: "What kind of person would be best for me? And, how can I attract 'that' to me!" Or, "What kind of job is more ideal for me?" Or, "What can I do to attract that more ideal work situation!"

Intrinsic in these two different ways is the difference between the fatalistic way and the 2nd more self-empowering, way!

Astrology is For Our Progress and Evolution!

When we begin to see our more accurate 'Vedic Chart' but then learn to use it in a more dynamic, western, self-improving way, we will be stepping into this New Astrology that is coming!

We are in fact the Pioneers of this New Astrology and as we find it within ourselves, and then use it to become a better and better, more successful and evolved person, we will be living the true essence of Astrology.

The Full Potential of Astrology

Have you heard that "we all use only a very small portion of our potential?" I first heard this in college where one of our Psychology professors said: "Did you know you only use in fact, about 5-10% of your full potential?"

When I think of that and I think of the nature of our appreciation of the universe, whether its in science or Astrology, I realize this means we now know only 5-10% of the full potential of even Astrology!

So, what would the Full potential of Astrology be like?

#1 it would have to continue having that descriptive, diagnostic skill to be able to accurately 'read' exactly where people are starting from in their life from birth. In other words, the symbolims of Astrology must be able to accurately describe WHY we are each, the way that we are.

Why we have the personality that we do and especially why we have the strengths and weaknesses that we also do!

#2 However, this New Astrology must contain the knowledge and wisdom of human development or evolution and even be able to help us discover our Full Potential!

When Astrology discovers how to help human beings unfold their Full, 100% Potential, than Astrology itself, will finally, be living its Full Potential!

That is nothing less than enlightenment!

Maharishi in the Stars
His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
An Example of an Enlightened Man...

When we discover our inherent Oneness with the entire universe and we can do and accomplish literally anything then That will be our full potential.

Though we can't tell if another person is enlightened by looking at them, we can tell if we become enlightened within our own selves.

The first stage of Enlightenment, called Cosmic Consciousness is when someone has developed so much inner pure awareness that they never loose that, 24 hours a day, and always whether they're awake, dreaming or even sleeping, they NEVER loose their awareness.

Higher states of Consciousness develop into finally Unity Consciousness, especially when we learn how to use our Astrology to refine and develop our Full Outer astrological Selves, as well!

Astrology is really a technique of Enlightenment.


Mark Kincaid

"Nature's Astrology
Best of West & East"

SOS pic
Our Company's Mission...

My Own Path - Development

I've been lucky in my life, astrologically speaking.

I first learned my Western chart when I studied Western Astrology for 7 years in my high school and early adulthood years. Then, I got introduced to the science of consciousness expansion, Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda which are three of the most profound technologies of self-development which I then practiced for about 18 years before I discovered the Eastern astrological system of Jyotish.

As I learned this new system, not only did I directly 'experience' how much more profoundly my Eastern chart fit me, I almost immediately had a Vision of this New Astrology that was possible and in fact already coming!

I also saw however, that what was central to this New Astrology was learning how to self-improve and self-develop one's own, personal Malefic planets. I also saw that out of my total 9 planets I still had 7 of them that were deeply malefic!

Sure, I'd grown a lot with 18 years of Vedic knowledge. But, I now say still, how much more I could grow. I then began my special 'research' project on myself, to see if I couldn't indeed use this profound Vedic astrological system but use it in a more progressive, self-development and even western way!

Though the Eastern system is well understood in India and the far east, it has not been practiced 'well' for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years.

I quickly found my life progressing more profoundly than any previous time.

When I learned how to supplement this new Self-development aspect of Astrology to the practical techniques like meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, together these became an unstoppable combination!

After doing this then for about 15 years I finally realized I had enough personal Understanding and Direct Experience of Self-Growth that I was ready, now, to make this information and knowledge available to others!

A friend of mine asked one time: "Mark, you're very good at doing Astrology. But, how come you're not out there doing people's charts, more?" I explained to him that I'd, had a vision of a new Astrology, one that was different than all the Astrology's of the past and I was deeply curious if I could get competent in this new Astrology.

Now, I've so very happy to share this great knowledge and wisdom of Astrology.

Those of you who already have a great interest and love of Astrology will right away deeply appreciate this NEW Astrology that is coming.

Those of you who are discovering Astrology for the First time are very fortunate because now you'll be able to take maximum advantage of this field and the result will be much greater progress and prosperity in your life!

All the books, teaching aids, tapes, courses, products and services that we've created and will continue to create have 2 essential purposes.

#1 We all should continually be growing in a deeper, more profound Self-Understanding of this great field.

#2 We each can take great advantage of this knowledge for a) Our Self-growth and b) Becoming more successful in any and aspects of our lives. There's an application of really good Astrology that will help us in any and all of the major areas of the life. These include:

Family Life,
Making Money,

Relationships - Marriage,

So, whether you're interested in your Self-growth or in any or all of these above areas of your life; use this great new knowledge to help you achieve your all-important life goals, aspirations and dreams.

The "KEY" to Astrology is very simple!

When you discover for yourself, exactly how your chart truly Fits You! than you will finally KNOW for yourself, that this great knowledge is very real and important.

Nature's Astrology Products and Services:
Website - Click Here

#1 Astrological Readings

There are 2 main activities that we can do to learn how our charts fit us.

Astrological Readings: Traditionally, people have always gone to professional astrologers to have a direct experience of the Practice of Astrology! When we ask our questions to an astrologer they look at our chart and then give us advise, insight, knowledge and wisdom.

So, many millions of people have gone to astrologers because they have professionally made this great knowledge and science their profession and are there to DEMONSTRATE for us, exactly how this works and how profound and important it is.

Even in this new climate of an improving and evolving Astrology, the practice of going to astrologers is very important. Not everyone will learn their own Astrology. Many then will only derive benefit by going to the professional astrologers.

I'm of course going to always be available for personal Readings. See, our website at: Nature's Astrology 'Best of West and East' for a description of all the many kinds of readings that can be done.

My personal readings have 2 features to them. They take into account these great changes in Astrology and I literally bring the Best of both the West and East to your chart and your concerns.

Secondly, I also, like to teach everyone something 'more' about their Astrology.

Ever hear the story of the fisherman? He told his son one day: "You can give a man a fish, or you can teach him how to fish. Learning how to fish is vastly more important than just filling a man's stomach for one day."

I loved this story growing up in my Christian background. It always motivated me to learn for myself. Therefore, regardless of how much you already know about your chart, in addition to addressing the questions and interests that you're coming with I will also strive to help you learn how to 'fish' more with your own Astrology.

Learning Your Own Astrology

Secondly: Learning Our Own Astrology. The other main activity of Astrology has to due with the direct experience of learning more about our own personal astrology.

Today, millions of people have embarked on this wonderful journey of self-exploration.

I whole heartily recommend to anyone that YOU too learn your chart, how it fits you and what special insights, knowledge and wisdom are there, for you!

I was very fortunate because I was deeply inspired to learn my own chart. I heard this expression when I was in India in 1988 and it so profoundly changed my life.

"You All Will Be Your Own Best Jyotishee." *

I could hardly believe that this could be true, but it motivated me to at least try! Later, in fact, it only took me about 2 years to completely learn how my chart fit me. It was shortly after that, that I realized I had indeed, Become My Own Best Astrologer!

When I work with others helping them learn their own personal Astrology, I always keep this in mind, that THEY too will be their own best astrologer! This makes my attention on them not one of being the authority or person of power or position. Instead, I've learned how to more humbly appreciate the fact that this person themself, Is that most important astrological authority.

All the courses, books and tools we're creating at "Starlight Unlimited" are there to help each person become their own best astrologer, too!

When you go to our website, under Products and Services remember all the teaching tools there have this spirit and premise at heart.

The 2 Main Aspects of Astrology

Remember, there are two main aspects of Astrology. Number one is the "Intellectual Understanding" of your Astrology how it fits and describes you, your loved ones, your friends, even strangers and even the universe itself!

Secondly, there is the "Direct Experience of Astrology, from Personal Readings and Self-Study, (which itself is a profound tool of self-discovery), which is how Astrology becomes real and alive, in our lives.

Always keep these two facets of Astrology in mind, continually, as you apply it to your life.

Even now after studying Astrology, West and East, for over 30 years I'm constantly doing Astrology, each and every day.

Though you will get to a point where you don't think formally about it any longer.

Instead Astrology than becomes this wonderful 'language' that you now know that helps you truly understand Life better!

Because we are and always will be "Astrological Beings, Living in an Astrological Universe" we will always get more insight and experience more progress and success if we use this natural language of the universe!

May you discover all of these great advantages, knowledge and wisdom for your life.

The 'Sign' that you're doing good and even great Astrology is that the Cloud of Unknowingness, the deeply frustrating state of ignorance that we got born in, begins to dissolve and then quickly goes away!

The 'Sign' that you're also growing in this great adaption of this knowledge will be that your life becomes more easy, simple and devoid of conflict, strife, troubles, stress, tensions and calamaties!

A clear 'sign' that we still could use more really good Astrology will be that any of these negatives still persist in your life and you're not enjoying as much progress and happiness as you would like!

I wish you all the best in your personal life and future lives.

May you take special advantage of this unique time as both Saturn and Jupiter, soon move into their mutual Signs of Exaltation. In 2011, Saturn leaves Virgo and moves into its Exalted Libra where it will reside for the next 2 1/2 years.

Then, in 2014 Jupiter moves into Cancer its Exalted Sign.

Jupiter & Saturn are the two primary planets of all progress and prosperity in life.

When they're strong and especially 'moving' toward or through their best Signs these represent the most important and vital times to gain great knowledge and wisdom in life.

Saturn will not return again to its Exaltation for 30 years.

Jupiter too will not return to its Exalted Cancer for another 12 years!

Good, great Jupiter Luck and God bless


Mark Kincaid

Founder Nature's Astrology
Your friend and servant.

Feel free to contact me any time at "kincaidmark@yahoo.com".

You can often find me on my Face book page where I will continue to try and demonstrate this New Astrology that is coming.

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of this New

The Astrology of the Future
Peering Through the Sky
Seeing from the 'old' to the New Astrology

Those of us who are innocently learning this new astrology are the new Pioneers of this Astrology!

There is such a difference between the Western and Eastern systems.

When you begin to see how your eastern chart fits you, you will be vibrating within that better astrology which fits people and life more accurately.

The more that people discover this astrology the more that astrology itself will rise up to be that profound force it is meant to be!

If you now know only your western chart, I highly recommend you now learn your eastern one.

If you already know your eastern chart than I highly recommend that you now look at it in terms of the positivity and opportunities of the western system.

The eastern chart has been so sorely lacking in positive and optimistic attention, that the real purpose and profundities of even the eastern system have been sorely lacking.

But, if we look at our eastern charts as our opportunities for human growth and accomplishments instead of just as our fate, we will be stepping more profoundly into that NEW Astrology which is coming!

This astrology is not coming because of individuals, or companies or otherwise mortal or human inventions or activities.

This astrology is coming from the very nature of life itself.

Astrology is changing in these exact ways. Those of us who take advantage of these great changes will in fact be the pioneers of this new astrology.

The ways in which we will Benefit from this new astrology are: 3-Fold!

Number one, as we learn how our eastern charts fit us we will be stepping into that more accurate and profoundly more satisfying astrology which is our true nature!

Number two, as we understand this chart better we will begin to see the intimate signs and meanings of our chart and especially how we're meant to become more developed within ourselves as well as more successful in life.

Astrology has long had the idea of positive and negative or benefic vs. malefic planets.

What our malefic planets mean however, is exactly where we're meant to grow and become more self-actualized. When you look at your malefic weaknesses in this way you too will see the inherent purpose of your life's birth!

As you move along the lines of the inherent self-improvement of any and all of your weaker planets you will have discovered the true purpose of your life.

As you do these two things, 1) discover your precise astrological nature and 2) self-improve it and your self you will BE that innocent Pioneer of this New Astrology, which is coming!

Do this and you will not only be happier and more successful inside your self but you will also become an instant role model for all others!

The more of us that do this the more soon will all the great benefits and boons of this New Astrology become the norm instead of the exception in life.

Having this happen to me, I'm now very excited and eager to share this knowledge and wisdom with all.

You will have the same experience.

Your first goal is to find these truths and these great benefits within your own life.

As you do, then naturally share this great wisdom with others.


Mark Kincaid

"The Map of God
Astrology is For Our Enlightenment"

Man and God 'touching
First Example of this New Astrology

This new book "Map of God - Astrology is For Our Enlightenment" is the first example of this new Astrology which is coming. Though the focus in this book is in terms of our spirituality, the lessons and insights contained within this book will help us in terms of all of our life's interests.

This book describes that new Astrology that is coming. It also contains more planetary Remedies and Remedial Measures than any previous astrology book that has ever been written.

Where we have all our best, strongest and most developed, Benefic planets we're already in-tune with ourselves and the world. In these ways we're already thinking, feeling and behaving correctly and as a result enjoying success and happiness in these positive planets.

The person who got born with a more well-developed Moon is demonstrating the virtues and profundities of that aspect of their personality.

One of my sisters got born with a Full Moon and one that was Exalted in Saturn in her chart and life. As a result she was always the most joyous, happy and wonderful person to be around, growing up.

We all have strengths within our charts. We need to know how positive strengths and utilize them as well.

We all, also have weaker planets, ones that are indicative of the less-developed sides of ourselves and exactly where we're meant to self-improve or progress.

In this book Map of God, it makes the profound point that where we have our best and most well-developed internal planets we're already the most developed spiritually.

On the other hand where we have our least strong planets, these represent exactly where we're meant to grow the most, spiritually. As we learn to do this, we will have the most profound forward progress in terms of all of our spiritual goals, finding God and enlightenment.

This first book utilizes this complete, better appreciation of this new Astrology and as a result brings out how all of one's spiritual aspirations can now be fulfilled.

The application of this new Astrology however, can also be applied to any and all other areas of the life as well.

This new Astrology can also be applied to all other areas of the life.

Who wouldn't have enjoyed their family years better if their parents had known their personal astrology and known how to help us find ourselves more quickly in this way.

Imagine then, if we'd gone to school and our teachers had known their personal astrology. They would have recognized that being a teacher was exactly what they were truly meant to be. Also, they'd have a much better ability to help us as their students, to discover what we're really all about and better prepare for our future, adult lives.

This new Astrology can also be used to help us all learn how to create wonderful and profound personal health. Those especially, that have any inherent health challenges should discover this early and re-focus their life attentions on this all-important area of health.

Our astrology can also be used to help us discover what our ideal careers and occupations should be. This is especially vital today because many people recognize now, that most of the jobs that will be available in the near future, have not even been created yet. So, we can't prepare so much for that except we can better prepare us to know what kind of work and career, suits us the best!

This new Astrology too can be intimately related to how well we create financial success in life. There are in fact, 3 main money houses which describe all our positive and negative habits surrounded around money. Once we know what area of the life we should be working in, then, we'll be better motivated to know 'how' to make more money in that chosen dharmic field!

This new astrology too can be used to help us become more successful and happy in our inter-personal relations. Astrology sees two basic features of relationships that are vital to be aware of. Number one we should be with like minded souls through the course of our lives. Secondly, we should be sure that we're competent enough in the equally as important area of Skill in relations.

Finally, the area of spirituality is the last area of the life that we can learn to be more successful in.

Though I wrote that book about this area first just because it was more lively within my chart to focus on this area first.

Here's hoping that you quickly and easily learn your complete chart and especially grow in those ways that will make your life easy, smooth and more progressive, satisfying and fulfilling.


Mark Kincaid

"Nature's Astrology
Best of West & East"

Products & Services

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Products and Services Now Available

Receiving Astrology vs. Self-Study

There are two principle ways in which we can benefit from Astrology.

#1 we can have our Astrology done for us! The traditional way in which astrology has long been done is through astrological Readings.


1) Natal Readings:

The basic natal or life-reading is the first one I'd recommend if you don't yet understand your own, personal astrology. These readings will help you understand your own personal chart better.

1a) 1 & 1/2 Hour Reading. The longest time I recommend is only about one and a half hours. After that we all get a little spaced out! The way I love to do these most basic and fundamental 'life' readings is to help YOU experience and thereby really learn more about your own chart.

This is different than many kinds of astrology readings because you will actually experience for yourself your chart! I can't tell you how often I've done people's charts who've told me they've had previous readings but they don't remember anything really, about them!

In the beginning I like to focus on your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, because these three configurations are the three most important Fundamentals of your chart! These describe your unique human, astrological personality most clearly.

I also like to touch base on your most important Benefic or Positive Planets and your most important Malefic or Weaker functioning planets.

Because all our success in life depends on these exact positive and negative planets YOU need to learn the difference between these two.

1b) One Hour reading. For those whose finances are more limited, I've also created shorter readings. These will still give us great insight and better understanding of our astrological natures, which can still change our lives!

1c) Half Hour reading. Even thirty minutes is enough to gain deep insight and better understanding.

1d) 15 minute - Questions & Answers. For those who would like especially to have 1 or 2 important questions answered, this 15 minute reading can be very profound.

1st Goal

Discover Your Benefic vs. Malefic Planets.

Since success and life depends literally on how many benefic planets we have, the first most important goal of astrology is to discover which of your planets are functioning positively and which ones are not. Where we have our malefics will be exactly where we're undermining and sabotaging our lives even especially where we don't know this.

The 'Sign' of maleficness is any struggle, difficulties, lack of success, ill-health, accidents, disagreements and unhappiness.

Wherever we have any of these more negative life experiences, these MEAN.... our Malefic planets are dominating!

Therefore, the first step in alleviating or improving this situation will be to DISCOVER which of your planets are your positives and which ones negative.

2) Reading - Receive a List of your Benefic vs. Malefic Planets.

A really good 'reading' is to ask to know which of your planets are your benefices vs. malefics. Once you know this you can forever afterward spend greater time and attention on exactly how to improve your less developed, imbalanced or negative producing planets.

Since our success in life depends on ONLY our best most positive functioning planets its crucial that we first learn the difference between these two.

Even just this greater awareness will begin helping you stop flowing in the ways of your negative malefic planets.

3) Readings - Self-Development.

For those who already know the difference between their positive and negative planets and want to know how to better self-improve any of their Malefics these Readings will focus on how we can self-transform any of our less positive functioning planets. There are readings on:

3a) Sun - Greater Self-confidence

3b) Moon - Improving one's interior Moon - emotional, intuitive nature

3c) Mercury - Improve your Mercury Clarity of Analytic mind.

3d) Venus - Improve the quality of Venus heart.

3e) Mars - Develop our Mars strength.

3f) Jupiter - How to Unfold more Jupiter Wisdom.

3g) Saturn - How to Develop greater Saturn balance and maturity.

3h) Rahu/Ketu - How to become more free from addictions or compulsions.

4) Readings - Related to Greater Success in Life.

We can also have readings that have a special focus on becoming more successful in any and all aspects of the life. Most people when they have readings have 1 or more of these areas in mind. These readings can be about:

4a) Our Family life and how to get along better with our relatives.

4b) Our Educational life and how to take greater advantage of our educational experiences.

4c) Our Health - For some learning more about health is crucial in their lives.

4d) Our Ideal Career - Or Occupational Dharma and Life Purpose.

4e) Learning how to make more money.

4f) Discovering how to attract a more ideal romantic partner.

4h) Discovering greater spiritual success in life.

Our Astrology contains profound new insights and advice as to how we can become more successful in each and every aspect of our lives.

5) Predicting the Future

Sometimes people come to hear from their Astrology what the future will be like. Astrology has two profound future predictive tools to help us. Both the Transits and Dasas can be consulted to give us a deeper insight into what our futures will be like.

These readings will give us a vision of the future and if we see any 'Dangers on the Horizon', then, prescribe important remedies for our improvement.

2nd Goal - Self Learning

Learn Your Own Astrology.

For all those who have a special interest in learning more about their own, personal Astrology, many of our self-study tools have been written. Today, more people are engaged in learning more about their own astrology than ever before!

This is great news because astrology is most especially, a profound subjective science that has the potential and the power to self-illuminate ourselves.

"You Will Be Your Own Best Jyotishee"!

One of the greatest expressions I've ever heard about astrology is related to our own self-study. I first heard this in India in 1988 and this one expression would greatly help me change my life!

It first of all inspired me to learn my own chart. Secondly, it helped me discover that level of personal self-referral where I discovered that I was my "own best astrologer"!

This is because we all, right now, are already living our own, private Astrology!

This is not something we have to grow into or become. We are already, living that basic and very precise astrological nature that defines who we are, what our personality is like and especially what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Presently, people value going to professional astrologers to receive insights and better understanding about themselves or their astrology.

In the future as this self-study aspect of astrology continues taking off, we'll begin to view this astrology as the best, #1 way of doing Astrology!

Then, we'll begin to understand that what we do when we go to see anyone else is a kind of 2nd class astrology. What we do by looking within and experiencing our own astrology is the real, quintessential REAL #1 Astrology!

The Astrological Resonnance

Learning to Experience our Own Astrology

Most people spend way too much time trying to understand astrology or themselves by studying and memorizing all the many rules and principles of astrology. This is very lengthy and depends a lot on one's ability to memorize and understand various concepts and ideas.

However, there is also a shorter, more efficient way which I call the Direct Experience way. This involves learning how to most especially, look Within and have a direct experience of your own, pure, astrological self.

For that I mostly recommend studying one's chart through the process of reading about one's Signs and Houses that one's Planets are in. Some astrology books have nice descriptions of what its like for the person who has their Sun in Gemini vs. the person whose Sun is in the Sign of Cancer.

My favorite of these books, (before I come out with my own descriptions book) is the book by Isabel Hickey called "Astrology - A Cosmic Science". This can be found on amazon.com and has the 'best' descriptions of planets in signs and houses I've ever come across.

Though this is a western astrology book, still I recommend it for its profoundly accurate planetary sign and house descriptions.


I've created a Tutorial called "The Awakening that is Astrology" which describes all the simple and yet profound ways in which one can learn to experience ones own astrology.

In this sense astrology becomes more like a profound Mirror or lens through which one can 'see' oneself more clearly.

These are the main Tutorials that are going to be soon available.

The one's that are highlighted in 'blue' are already now available.

1) "Doing Great Astrology" This one is a great beginning introduction to the entire field of astrology and will give good advice as to where to find yourself now in terms of your own personal, self-understanding and what you can then, do next!

2) "Western vs. Eastern" If you now know only your western chart I highly recommend you order this tutorial which will help you make the transition into your eastern chart.

3) "Benefices vs. Malefics" For those who are already aware of their so-called eastern mathematical chart and yet don't know which of their planets are their positive benefic strengths or negative, malefic weaknesses I highly recommend then this third tutorial. This one will easily and quickly help you circumnavigate all the various rules and principles that are there in astrology to help us discriminate between our positive and negative creating planets.

4) "Self-Development" Tutorials. Once you know which of your planets are your strengths and which ones less well-developed, you'll be ready to focus on those special remedies and prescriptions that will help you self-develop these malefic functioning planets. Soon, these Tutorial will be available for all the planets. Right now the Saturn Remedy - Tutorial is now available.

4a) Saturn Remedy Tutorial. This learning tool will help anyone both understand and become more in-tune or balanced with their all-important Saturn planet. Since this planet of too many people is definitely one of their most important malefic planets we've started with this first one. Next we'll finish the tutorials on:

4b) Sun - Self-Confidence Remedy Tutorial. Because our interior Sun self-confidence is crucial in life we'll next have this one soon available.

4c) Moon - Emotional Self-Development Tutorial. This tutorial will help anyone literally strengthen and self-improve the all-important emotional presence of mind that is there inside of us.

4d) Mercury - Greater Clarity - Remedy Tutorial. This one will help anyone discover how to improve their intellectual or rational clarity of mind.

4e) Venus - Greater Heart & Success in Relationships Tutorial. This tutorial will help you discover how to become more developed in terms of your Venus heart or self-lovingness. It will also help anyone learn how to become more successful in any and all inter-personal Venus relationships.

4f) Mars - Greater Self-development. This Tutorial will help you learn how to strengthen and self-improve any and all aspects of one's Mars strength.

4g) Jupiter - Greater Self-Wisdom and Knowledge Tutorial. This one will help anyone discover how to ideally self-improve one's all-important Jupiter purity and wisdom.

4h) Saturn - Balance & Maturity Tutorial. This tutorial will help anyone develop greater attunement with their Saturn. (It's already now available.)

4i) Rahu-Ketu Greater Development. This tutorial has the great focus on helping us learn how to make our Rahu/Ketu desires less compulsive, obsessive or addictive. This also focuses on how we can get free of any and all bad habits as well.

4j) Rising Sign Balance & Ease Tutorial. this one deals with the important issues and lessons that are sometimes contained within our Rising Signs, personalities and bodies. This tutorial focuses on all 12 of the Signs that are an intimate part of the Rising Sign and the Lord of that Sign which also has a strong influence on your all-important body, Rising Sign.

5) Predicting the Future Tutorial. For those who would like to discover how to study and understand the predictive aspects of astrology this tutorial will help. There are two tutorials that will soon be available in terms of both the Transits and the Dasas.

5a) The Transits Tutorial. This tutorial will describe the all-important influence of the stars and planets as they flow each and every day to ourselves. There already are in place some excellent Transits learning devices, books and courses which will help anyone become quite expert in these Transits of the stars and planets. (See below under Books - Tapes & Courses for descriptions of these transits.

5b) Dasas Tutorial. We'll also create a good learning tutorial tool for both understanding the Dasas better and how especially to read them for your future life.

Because all of life involves the three primary aspects of our Astrology; Planets, Transits and Dasas these two tutorials will be extremely helpful.

6) The 3 Pillars of Astrology Tutorial. This one will help anyone learn how to both understand and learn how to integrate and appreciate all three of these most important aspects of our Astrology. At every moment we are each, 1) living the unique astrological nature that we are. 2) We're also each being bombarded by the Transits or weather each and every day. And finally, 3) we're each also experiencing the positive and negative consequences of our charts coming back to us through our Dasas, every day as well!

When we learn how to read all three of these primary aspects we will become quite much more masterful in life!

The Awakening that is Astrology

Learning Your Own Astrology

For all of those who are especially interested in learning their own, personal and private astrology these tools, books and tutorials have been written.


5) The Awakening that is Astrology. This tutorial focuses on how best to circumnavigate all the various rules and principles of astrology and arrive at a greater clarity and understanding of one's complete chart.

Success All 7 Main Areas of Life

6) Success in Life

After we've learned exactly how our charts fit us we're going to then want to take that great self-appreciation to learning how to be more successful in each of the major areas of the life. Inside our charts are also that which are called Houses. These describe the exact areas of the life through which our personal planets are focused and flowing.

In addition to understanding their inherent meaning being in their unique Signs, we also can learn the significance of their placements by House. These Tutorials will help anyone discover how to be the most successful in all the 7 Main Aspects of Life. These include:

6a) Family life and how to get along better with our relatives.

6b) Educational life and how to take greater advantage of our educational experiences.

6c) Health - For some learning more about health is crucial in their lives.

6d) Ideal Career - Or Occupational Dharma and Life Purpose.

6e) Learning how to make more money.

6f) Discovering how to attract a more ideal romantic partner.

6h) Discovering greater spiritual success in life.

Books - Tapes - Courses

7) Success - All Aspects of life

In addition to Readings and Tutorials we'll also be creating profound books, tapes and courses that will help us will all aspects of our Astrology as well.

In the last 3 years we've been focusing on the Transits . These include:

7a) A 12 Month "2011 - Seasons of the Stars Transits E-Calendar" which contains 365 day descriptions of each day of the entire year. These are great ways of discovering exactly how the stars above will be influencing us each and every day.

The 5 Purposes of the Transits

#1 The Transits help us know what each day ahead will be like. There are 5-10 Favorable and 5-10 Unfavorable days of each month. There are also medium days as well. Learning how to know which days will be auspicious and which days inauspicious is a wonderful skill in life to have!

#2 These Transits also will tell us a lot about ourselves, as well. Any day where we regularly experience some roughness, or get pulled off our self is a 'sign' that this planet is also weak or malefic functioning within ourselves as well. Even 2-3 months in a row will totally confirm how you're doing with all your own personal planets.

#3 The Transits too are a great way to learn about Astrology itself. When you watch every day you too will discover just how the universe itself is literally following all the rules and principles of the Vedic astrological system.

For example, astrology describes what planets are supposed to be like when in different Signs. These ideas and descriptions are confirmed throughout the year as those planets regularly go through each of their 12 Signs.

In fact, all the planets go through all their Signs throughout the year except for Jupiter and Saturn which take much longer. Still, one can learn about all the other planets, first hand, simply by watching their Transits each month.

There are some months where they'll be going through their best signs. Other times they'll be going through their more malefic signs.

The Transits also confirm all the other rules of Astrology including conjunctions, (when planets are in the same sign) as well as aspects, (when they in other relationships like opposite to each other).

#4 The Transits can also be used as a Self-development tool. Once we discover which of our planets are weak and malefic functioning as we practice important planetary remedies, the future Transits will then tell us where we've actually improved our own personal planets. For example, if regular Moon or Saturn transits are harsh or negative for us these show us that these planets are weaker and needing self-improvement.

After we've practiced the special remedies for these planets, new future Transits of these planets can suddenly cease to be negative and their changed affects is a verification for us that we've actually made substantial progress with our personal planets.

#5 Finally, we can use these Transits to become more successful in each and every aspect of our lives, as well. For example, many of these Transits will affect the 'mood' and environments of our work and family affairs and relationships. Learning better how to take advantage or circumnavigate these positive and negative transits will help us in becoming more successful in these and all aspects of our lives, as well.

For all these reasons, every year we will have regular Transits books, tapes and courses to help us become more masterful about the Transits.

7b) A 3- Month "2011 - Seasons of the Stars Transits E-Calendar" is also available for all those who may be new to these Transits and would like to watch these over a 3-month period. The entire years ahead will each come out in 4 quarterly 3-month modules.

7c) A 1- Month "2011 - Seasons of the Stars Transits E-Calendar" will also be available for all those who'd like to especially discover what the month Ahead will be like.

There are 3 Transits Types of People.

Also I've discovered that there are three types of transits people.

#1 The A type of person is that person who is way too often negatively affected by what's going on, out there. If you discover that you're negatively affected 10 or more days of each month then definitely consider yourself a Type "A" person.

#2 The B type is someone who is only affected negatively a medium amount of time. This may happen only about 5 days in any month. Though that still is enough to pay close attention, still its helpful to know if you're relatively less negatively affected.

#3 The C type is those rare individuals who are only ever so often negative affected. These may be pulled of their center no more than 1 day in any month. These people don't need to follow the Transits so much for themselves.

Though they too can follow because many people in their lives, both at home and work WILL BE!

Coincidently, I've also found that these 3 Transits Types tend to correspond with the relative Size of each person's original birth Moons!

The Type A individuals tend to have the smaller waning or waxing Moons.

The Type B individuals tend to have more like the 1/2 Full Moon.

The C Types tend to have the more full, even Full Moons from their original charts.

* Finally, I'd like to say, even if you're an A or 'most' negatively affected Transit person you too can learn to change and improve yourself. I, too was a Type A, worst negatively affected person and regularly found myself negatively pulled off my center many days of each month.

But, after learning how to improve myself by following many of the self-improvement strategies of the planetary Remedies, I ceased being so negatively affected and over time became a B and finally a C type, myself!

So, even if you are too often negatively affected you too can strengthen and improve yourself till you too aren't so harshly affected!

Transits Courses.

Look out for regular Internet Courses that will teach us both about the Transits in general and especially about special up-coming Negative Transits that periodically come up.

Right now there is a regular 12 Month Transits Course that you can participate with. This one will describe in great depth about each day's Transits and how best to deal with them and receive maximum advantage.

This course will also be a great way to learn about all the rules of Astrology and especially how to better understand one's own chart.

This course can be taken each day for the entire year or for 30-day months at a time.

For more information you can find this course HERE!

12 Month Year Transits - Success Course

Don't forget you can take 1 month at a time throughout the year as well.

New Transits Book Coming Up

"2012 & Beyond"

By 2012 we're also going to come out with a 5-year Transits book that will define the all-important Transits of each day over a five year period from 2012 through 2016. This book will coincide with the important Mayan predictions of 2012.

Also, this book will cover the great and important News of both Saturn and Jupiter's up-coming Periods of Exaltation.

Saturn goes into Libra in November of 2011 for 2 1/2 years of Exalted behavior.

Jupiter too moves into its best Sign of Cancer, during the month of June of 2014!

It hasn't happened since 1954 that both Jupiter and Saturn were exalted during about the same time!

This means some rather and important positive news will be happening to us.

New Astrology & Spirituality Book
Coming Out Soon, too

"Map of God
Astrology if for Our Enlightenment"

Products and Services.This book is about both the NEW Astrology that is coming, the best of both the western and eastern systems and how this new perspective in astrology is giving rise to a deeper appreciation of the spiritual components of our Astrology.

Our chart describe the 5 Main aspects of our spirituality.

#1 How much of a spiritual person we are, coming in, is described in our charts.

#2 Exactly what kinds of spiritual obstacles and hurdles we will face along our paths.

#3 That exact Path of Spirituality that we're even on.

#4 What new knowledge and wisdom we need to conquer any and all of our human and spiritual challenges. And, finally....

#5 Exactly how we can get closer to God, and become more enlightened!

This is going to be a landmark book in both the fields of Astrology as well as Spirituality.

This book is also going to the publisher in the next few weeks, (April 20th, 2011) and will be available soon after that.

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New Book:
"2012 & Beyond - Surfing the Cosmic Waves"

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Armageddon or Heaven
The Future is Ours to Create

For three years now we've been doing the Seasons of the Stars Transits Calendars for each year. This next year, however, to coincide with the up-coming Mayan prophecy, we're going to be doing a new Transits book called: "2012 & Beyond - Surfing the Cosmic Waves".

This book will be a 5 year Transits book that will describe this extremely important Jupiter-Saturn Transit coming up where both of these vital planets will be found moving through their mutual Signs of Exaltation.

The last time this happened was during the mid-1950's when we had one of the most powerful periods of progress and prosperity. This will mean, then, that this up-coming period has the greatest potential for even greater human progress and success!

The details of this however, exactly how these next few years will develop, will still depend on which 'exact' Transits are going on.

This book will not only describe these precise new Transits that are coming, but especially what WE can do to take maximum advantage of this time.

See, below for a brief description of the Table of Contents of this important, now book that is coming.

Table of Contents


In the introduction there will be a very nice explanation of the whole idea of these Transits and how we can not only know what the future will be bringing but especially how we an take the greatest advantage of this great knowledge and wisdom.

Section One: "Overview of the Transits"

This briefly describes what this entire first section is all about and how it sets the stage for following and taking the greatest advantage of this entire year of up-coming Transits.

Chapter One: "How to Read This Book"

This book is very unique because many of the chapters in this book refer to future times and occurrences which are ideally meant to be 'read' around that time which will be coming up. This chapter describes how to 'read' this book with this in mind as well as the other chapters, on the general philosophy of astrology, which can be read any time.

Chapter Two: "Follow the Moon"

This chapter describes how the number one, primary astronomical body in which we should pay the closest attention to, is the Moon! The Moon waxes and wanes every month and every two and a half days is found moving through a different Sign of Astrology. This chapter recommends paying especially close attention to the Moon which will teach all!

The Moon will not only reveal what each of these 12 unique Signs of astrology are all about, but every month the Moon too will collide with all the other planets and thus, revealing too what they are like and what their individual influences will be bringing throughout the year.

Chapter Three: "The 3 Pillars of Astrology"

This chapter describes the three most important aspects of astrology which include not only these Transits but the other two equally as important Charts and Dashas. All three of these main components of astrology will help us discover the exact astrological life that we're each living.

Chapter Four: "The 3 Transits Types"

This chapter describes the three basic Transits types of individuals in the world and how we each can discover which one we are. The Transits above, like the weather can be predicted for everyone. However, exactly how we each personally get affected by the stars and planets above; depends completely on us and our charts.

Chapter Five: "The 10 Benefits of Transits"

This chapter describes the rather amazing and spectacular 10 main benefits of these Transits. This chapter will also describe how to take tremendous advantage of each of these benefits as well.

Chapter Six: "The Stars In Mid-stream"

This chapter describes how whenever we begin looking we'll be coming to the 'stream' of life, of the stars or these Transits, in mid-stream.

Chapter Seven: "2012 - The Year Ahead"

This chapter describes a brief overview of the most important Transits and goings on throughout the entire year.

Section 2: "The Transits of 2012"

This then describes what this next section of the Daily Transits is like and how one can take the greatest advantage of these, as well.

Chapter One: "The Month of Pisces"

This first chapter describes the month from the spring time of the middle of March when the Sun first moves into the Sign of Pisces.

Chapter Two: "The Month of Aries"

This second chapter describes the all-important spring month of Aries when the Sun moves through its best sign of Exalted Aries. Each new year, ideally should start with this month of each year! The winter months of January and February are not the beginning of the new year and in fact represent the strategic 'end' of each year!

Chapter Three: "The Month of Taurus"

Chapter Four: "3 Month In Review"

This chapter describes what one should have accomplished in one's first three months of watching these Transits each day. This also briefly describes the next three months that will be coming.

Chapter Five: "The Month of Gemini"

This chapter describes the Sun's movement through Gemini in June and July and all the other most important Transits going on within this month of the year.

Chapter Six: "The Month of Cancer"

Describes the Sun's movement through Cancer from the middle of July through the middle of August.

Chapter Seven: "The Month of Leo"

This chapter describes the very powerful month when the Sun moves through Leo and all the other most important Transits going on this month.

Chapter Eight: "The 6 Months in Review"

This chapter then describes what is should be like after watching closely for six months in a row.

Chapter Nine: "The Month of Virgo"

This chapter describes the month when the Sun moves through the Sign of Virgo in the middle of September to the middle of October."

Chapter Ten: "The Month of Libra"

Describes the Sun's worst month of the year when it's found moving through the equally as important Sign of Libra in October and November.

Chapter Eleven: "The Month of Scorpio"

This chapter describes the month that the Sun moves through Scorpio and all the other most important Transits going on during this month.

Chapter Twelve: "9 Months in Review"

This chapter describes what it will be like if you're able to watch closely for nine months in a row.

Chapter Thirteen: "The Month of Sagittarius"

This chapter describes the very powerful and spiritual month where the Sun is found moving through the very holy Sign of Sagittarius. This month is why all of the world's great religions have some of their most auspicious High - Holy celebrations at this time between the middle of December and the middle of next January.

Chapter Fourteen: "The Month of Capricorn"

This chapter describes the Sun's passage through Capricorn which comes between the middle of January and the middle of February, coming up.

Chapter Fifteen: "The Month of Aquarius"

Describes the final twelve month when the Sun is found moving through Aquarius.
This completes these first twelve months of these transits.

Chapter Sixteen: "12 Months in Review"

This chapter describes watching these Transits for 12 months in a row.

Section 3: "2013 & Beyond"

This section describes the most important Transits that will be coming over the next 4 years.

Chapter One: "The Transits of 2013"

This chapter describes the most important Transits of 2013.

Chapter Two: "The Transits of 2014"

This chapter describes the most important Transits of 2014.

Chapter Three: "The Transits of 2015"

This chapter describes the most important Transits of 2015.

Section 4: "The Knowledge and Wisdom of Astrology"

This section contains those most important complementary other chapters and ideas of astrology which one can add to this wisdom of these Transits.

Chapter One: "What is Astrology?"

This chapter describes not only what these Transits are all about but also especially what astrology is all about.

Chapter Two: "How Astrology Works?"

This chapter describes how astrology itself is built into the very nature of life itself.

Chapter Three: "The Astrological Chart"

This chapter describes the all-important astrological chart, which each one of us is living and the universe itself is indeed following."

Chapter Four: "The Role of Astrological Readings"

This chapter describes the important role of personal consultations and how they will help you within your own astrology.

Chapter Five: "Learning ones Own Astrology"

This chapter describes the even more important process of astrological self-learning and how this an happen.

Chapter Six: "Finding One's Positives and Negatives"

This chapter describes that all-important stage of one's astrology when one understands more clearly exactly what one's strengths and weaknesses are.

Chapter Seven: "The Philosophy of Human Self-Development"

This chapter describes the extremely vital and significant techniques of human self-improvement that one can practice when one finally discovers which of one's planets are the weakest and most symbolic of self-help!

Chapter Eight: "Predicting the Future"

This chapter describes the two main astrological techniques of predicting the future which includes these Transits and something in astrology which is called our Dashas.

Chapter Nine: "Creating Success in Life"

This chapter concludes by discussing how we can then utilize all of this astrology for becoming more successful in life, itself.

Section 5: The Future

This describes what the future will be like and what we can do to create only the best and most positive, possible future!

Chapter One: "The Future that Will Be Coming"

This chapter describes that quality of the future that is destined, is predictable and WILL be coming.

Chapter Two: "The Future that Could be Coming"

This chapter describes how we an literally change our future and through self-change, change the future of our entire world.

Chapter Three: "Creating Heaven on Earth"

This final chapter describes how we can in fact, create a heavenly world and how that is possible and what we need to do differently to create heaven, instead of anything else.

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